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edy chandra


I am Edy, the Founder of MySuccessOnlineMarketing

And here is my #1 Recommendation for Online Marketing course.

Before you read it, I just want to let you know that I had personally run through many opportunities to make passive income online in the past.


One thing is common from all of them. False Promise! They claim that you can generate thousands of dollars with little effort.

The reality? I didn’t make a dime, and spent more than I could imagine.

To be honest, I felt like a loser!

You have probably experienced the same story as mine. I’m glad that you have made it all the way to this page.

My recommendation platform should be a turning point where you can make passive income online.



And most importantly, achieve financial freedom that would allow you:

  • Take Vacation whenever you want.
  • Spend more time with your love ones.
  • Help people who are in need.
  • Or perhaps, firing your boss!


Can all of these become a reality?

YES it can!



You see. There is ONE secret that most “gurus” don’t want you to know.

And that is a complete training with great guidance.

Most of them only reveal tiny bit of their knowledge. And worst, the support sucks.


That’s why. I have carefully picked the best Online Marketing platform that teaches EVERYTHING you need to start earning Passive Income online.

Not only you get step-by-step training, but you also get Tools along with 24/7 Live Chat support by REAL Experts in this industry.

So there is no way you could fail.


Now let me give some information & share my experience about this platform..



Introducing Wealthy Affiliate

Name : Wealthy Affiliatewealthy affiliate review

Overall Rating : 98 out of 100

Price : $0  – for Starter Member
$49/month – for Premium Member (only if you like it)

Owners : Kyle and Carson

Who is it for : Newbie – Expert




What is Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle and Carson Wealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliate is a high quality online education platform created by Kyle & Carson.

These two gentlemen have a total of over 28 years Online Marketing experience.

Their missions are to help people building a strong online business foundation and grow it to earn secondary to primary passive income at home.


They will guide you from zero experience all the way to making serious money online! From choosing your interest, build a website, get rankings and visitors, to eventually make money with it.

Here is WA motto “Turn Your Passion into Successful Online Marketing Business”.

steps to make money online for teens


My Personal Achievements

I am just like YOU, an individual that wanted to see how things work. I had tried many programs before that teach people how to make money using the internet BUT found no success.

I am glad to bump into Wealthy Affiliate. The training is learn and apply method, so you will definitely see tremendous progress. 🙂


I myself have made my first dollars $$ because of the genuine help from WA community. It proves that this business is working. Here’s a sneak peek to one of my earnings recently.


Nov 2015


Just to be clear, this is not a “get rich quick”.

More people are buying stuff from the internet! Obviously, there are over 3 billions online users that might have the same interest as yours. So you can attract them, and promote things. (Again, this is simple & will be taught in details)


Today, start your first lesson. Setup an account and tell a bit about yourself.







Pros & Cons


One thing I love about Wealthy Affiliate, is that the owners are actually present within the platform and welcome you. I don’t see this genuine help with other places.

Check out the screenshot below, one of the owners -Kyle is helping other members and engaging in 24/7 Live Chat :


WealthyAffiliate Live Chat Reply

The second benefit about this platform is the support they provide. One community that supports each other. It will be 3 types of helps that one can ask for.

  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Discussions or Comment Section
  • and Private Message
  • Plus Q&A for Weekly live video classes.


Most importantly, there are NO hidden Upsells like many platforms out there which have more than 3 confusing upsells and downsells.

Wealthy Affiliate is also an excellent platform that provides necessary tools to assist individuals run their own business for the long term revenue.


Click Here to Create Your FREE Account!



The cons for WA platform is that sometime it is too detailed. You can easily get overwhelmed if you are new and try to move fast.

So make sure to take a break when you need it. Think like a baby. Start crawling, walking, then running. Most people want to jump into water without learning how to swim.


Who is it For?

Wealthy Affiliate is intended for most of the following individuals :

  • how bad do you want it for freedomSomeone who wants to make decent to full-time passive income.
  • Someone who has been to others platform before and the support system sucks.
  • Someone who has spent lots of money and haven’t make any money online.
  • Someone who is tired of the online scams.
  • Employee that hates the job and want to escape the rat race.
  • Someone who are serious to build a solid online business system at home.
  • Most importantly, someone that really want to achieve Financial FREEDOM!


It is possible for everyone to earn passive income in daily basis in the long run.

-newbies to experts- are welcome!

Wealthy Affiliate’ systems are constructed to certain phases, and  it is not just theory. You will apply what you’ve learnt and ask questions when you’re stuck.

I can’t stress enough how amazing this is compare to other platforms. I have been to many platforms, and trust me..the training are totally hard to follow. Not for this one, you can be completely newbie to Online Marketing, Wealthy Affiliate will hold your hand to achieve your goals.



  • wealthy affiliate membershipLive Weekly Training Classes
  • Question and Answer Periods
  • Organized Classroom ( on specific topics)
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Video Trainings, Tutorial Trainings
  • Task Based Courses
  • 24/7 Live Chat within WA community
  • Free 2 websites for starter member




Support is the key to success here. Most platforms are lacked of this critical aspect. We help each other within WA community and provide necessary insight for the beginners. However for the free account, it will be limited to 7 days.

You can go Premium if you want to continue getting helped plus enjoy the full training offered by Wealthy Affliate. There is NO other membership beyond Premium, and you can take my words for that!




Starter Membership $0 ( join here )


*not available for these following countries:

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Egypt
  3. India
  4. Nigeria
  5. Pakistan
  6. Phillippines
  7. Vietnam


For those who are from the countries mentioned above, you can go Premium directly if you are really serious in this business. Believe me, it is worth the investment as long as you commit yourself to learn and apply Wealthy Affiliate trainings. 🙂

Premium Membership $49 per month / $359 per year ( join here )

(so there is only 2 types of membership, starter and premium) That’s it! No more product inside WealthyAffiliate. $0 seems too good to be true, but that statement would be completely wrong…and I will explain why.

When you join Starter, you are going to be granted instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate community. This includes access to 24/7 live chat, over 500 training modules, 12 classrooms, networking, commenting, 2 free websites, and access to the keyword tool. On and on and on.

This is fair to you, you have 7 days to try the platform and make use of it without paying a dime. Remember, No Credit Card required! You can leave whenever you want. Zero Risk and full advantage. Nothing out there can be more comfortable than Wealthy Affiliate. (period)


My Final Opinion + Special BONUS!

Join starter membership for $0 (no credit card required). If there is any reason you don’t like it, come back to my website and throw as many nasty words as you can.

If you like it, and decided to go premium within 7 days, I will give you a special bonus in fact bonuses :

[1]. You are going to get a 59% discount on your first month Premium membership (only $19).
[2]. I am going to be giving you a “Diamond Traffic Program” which includes (The Traffic Explosion 3.0, Traffic Diamond Ultra Keywords, and Low Hanging Fruit Keywords)
[3]. You are going to get personal and private access to me! If you ever have questions or need help with your campaigns, I will be there.

Just take a look at the REAL people I have helped:



Want a video Testimonial? No problem.

Here is one of many Testimonials from WA members in 2014:



Since you can create free account to further try the training program, and 24/7 Live Chat support is provided. Then the verdict of Wealthy Affiliate is TOTALLY LEGIT!

Legitimate company


Create Your FREE Account Now and Join Wealthy Affiliate Successful Community!



My Recommendation — 146 Comments

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is the program I tried and can vouch for it. This program is the choice of those who are wise and understand that the only way to succeed online is through doing things right and joining the right program

  2. hey edy, great review. I like how you broke down what wealthy Affiliate is and who its for. Wealthy Affiliate has changed my mindset on how to do online business, and I know it can change others as well. Good work.

    • hi quitebat, thanks for your feedback 🙂 Wealthy Affiliate makes the concept of making money online really simple.

  3. I am a Wealthy Affiliate member also and can say it is legit 100%
    A person can remain free member and run two websites as long as they want no catch there.
    Anyone can google WA and no one says anything bad about Wealthy Affiliate only positive experiences. When you get inside WA you will experience support from the owners and community. The training is excellent and some of the tools are cutting edge in affiliate marketing! No one will let you fail.

    All the best in success!

    • Hello Brandon,
      I totally agree with you. I personally have been to many other platforms that were bombarding me with false promises and upsells. As I get to Wealthy Affiliate, its environment is unique in term of training, support, and prices. To be very honest, this is the only platform that doesnt have any hidden upsells and exaggerating pitch saying that “oh if you buy this you can make 6-7 figures income and so on”. As for those who have been to other platforms before, will know exactly which one is the best. It is Wealthy Affiliate!

    • I can also vouch for Wealthy Affiliate those guys are awesome and the WA community are a great bunch of people to chat with and they are willing to help you.

      • Hi Timothy,
        My first impressions about WA was the same too. Most programs out there are not responsive and difficult to get support. That’s why Wealthy Affiliate stands out amongst the crowd. 🙂

  4. Hi Edy,

    Anyone reading this review should definitely join Wealthy affiliate as it is free to get started. You should not wait until you fall to other scams. Other scams are hunting you my friend.

    Join the winning team before you are made the prey!

    • You are right Anthony, there is nothing wrong joining Wealthy Affiliate for FREE. You can leave whenever you want if it doesn’t suit you.
      One of the biggest different between WA and other platforms, is when we are making decision. WA will NOT pitch you with false promises and get rich quick scheme. It is truly an online business that requires hard work. We SHOULD make our decision based on reason, not emotion!
      There are tons of scam artists out there that make you join their programs based on emotion instead of reason.

  5. Dear Edy,

    This is a very thorough well thought out review about WA. 🙂 Very nicely done. :)Wishing you all the best with your online success at WA. 😀


  6. Great and informative review! Your review on Wealthy Affiliate is spot on and I hope this will encourage others to give Wealthy Affiliate a try. I completely concur on the awesomeness of Wealthy Affiliate. It was given me great success and I hope it will do the same for you.

    • Hello Johnathan,
      Thanks for visiting my WA review here. I am sure it will save many folks out there from misleading program. I personally had the experience where I got trapped deeper into buying cycles where thousands of dollar products bombarding me. I will NOT let others fall to it like I did!

  7. just want to ask,can this affliate thing be really trusted and does it actually work.and if does is there any proof? Thak you

    • Your question completely makes sense. I asked the same question when I first get started. Here you can learn the concept on how to make money online which MOST fake gurus out there teach you the WRONG method. You can join the free memberships which will give you 10 free lessons about the foundation of online marketing. Bare in mind that this is a real business. There is no get rich quick scheme (it doesn’t exist), If you put in the effort, yes you can go full-time just by spending 3-4 hours a day.

      Anyway, you have nothing to lose really. No credit card required. Go into the environment inside and see whether it is worth investing your money in IF you are serious in build a successful online business based on your PASSION!

      As for the proof, people could lie to you. Just ask this, where did you come from? If you came from Google, that means I have successfully reached my audience. Imagine this applies to your passionate topic as well. Then, you have the opportunity to refer your readers to whatever offer you have. And as the result, you make commissions when they purchase your product/service. 🙂

      Hope it clears up. You may read the process of online marketing here.

  8. Hi there, so im from Malaysia, can i still be a part of the team? And what is the “stuffs” that WA does? Never heard anything about it here in Malaysia. Can it still be done with a very least of money as a start ?

    • Hi Hamdi,
      Yes you can be a part of the community. I have some friends from Malaysia too. WA will teach you the proper way to build an online business based on your passion. You can create a FREE account to taste the training and support. For me personally, I spend only $50/month. It is enough to have your own website up and running which will generate revenue for you in the long run!

    • Hi Marshal Hembram,
      I’m sorry, free starter membership is not available in India. But if you are serious to grow an Online Business, you can join Premium. But it’s totally up to you. 🙂

  9. Hi Edy
    I really like this website you have.It gives people the opportunity to comment and ask questions. Will I be able to put together a website like this in W.A.? Thank you for all you do to help people to be informed. Can you do an review on National Wealth Center. I and many others have joined though either and Your review would be really be appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi Eric,
      I would be glad to help. And YES you can do this too!
      As for National Wealth Center, I actually did a review about it here. I don’t think the program is good and ethical. But I could be wrong. Anyway, you will know the truth sooner or later. 🙂
      Hope that my review helps.

  10. I like the idea of your own website. What type of products would i be selling and how would i find the products to sell as well as get the products to the people. Confused.

    • Hi Pamela,
      There are video trainings inside Wealthy Affiliate that will walk you through the entire process. It is actually simple. You can join any affiliate program and promote anything you like. From there, you will be given your own “unique affiliate link”. When people join the program through your link, then you get commission. Depending on the product you choose, sometime it can be up to 75% on each sale.

      Let’s say you want to sell Acne Product that cost $100. What you can do next is promoting this inside your website. Once people buy through your unique link, then you can earn $75 per sale. When 10 active people around the world purchase through your site a week, you can earn $750 in revenue a week. That’s $3000 a month. And of course, you are not limited to just one business, you can promote other stuff that interest you. However, I suggest to start with one specific product first. Then scale up anytime in the future! 🙂

  11. Hi

    I read your blog but its a problem in this system when i create a account the system said its not free account available in your location you will please get premium account $47

    its not good thing

    • Hi Sanjay,
      It means you fall in one of 7 countries that requires to sign up as a premium member directly.
      You can try it if you are serious in this opportunity. 🙂

  12. I love the program but the premium is quite expensive for a beginner like me. I am from Nigeria and my country is not listed for the free version. Apart from the teachings I would receive, do they have products I can sell on my blog for a commission?

    • Hi Christopher,
      $47/month might be expensive for some folks. But for me personally it is worth because there are 24/7 Live Chat + robust hosting platform available. You can also get the most updated trainings from over 26 years Online Marketing experience owners. If you join other program, it will cost at least $97/month to experience the same quality offered within Premium membership. I myself did a lot of comparison before joining WA in the past. I am sure that you can save a price of 1 L milk a day to invest into your business. I did a lot of savings too! It will pay off eventually. 🙂

      Yes they do. You can promote the training itself if you want. There is also Keyword Research Tool that you can add to your revenue stream. However, I would suggest promoting things that you are passionate about. It will be much easier that way.

  13. Hi Edy,

    How are you doing?

    Thank you for this review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    We have an important question please:
    “What traffic sources (free and paid) are discussed within Wealthy Affiliate”

    Thank you.

    • Hi Tony and Claudia,
      The owners would focus on SEO at first then jump into PPC. You don’t want to risk your money without knowing your conversion rate with free traffic method in the beginning. And once you understand this, any paid campaign going forward can be profitable.

  14. hey it was a good review. i live in Ethiopia. can i be part of WA??? Abd also what is the payment method?? paypal doesn’t work in Ethiopia.

  15. So is it Kyle and Carson, or Karl and Carson? Cause I have to tell you. The name change doesn’t make me feel confident at all…

    • Hi Bridgett,
      Thank you for bringing this up. I am sure it’s Kyle not Karl. The name changed might be caused by spelling checker where Karl is most common instead of Kyle. Don’t worry, I have corrected this misspelled word. 🙂

  16. Hey I’m from Bangladesh.But I have my PayPal account and an international Master card.I’m willing to do this WA business.I can pay for the premium from the beginning. So can I start a premium account and start earning???
    Looking forward to hear an honest reply….

    • Hello Shakir,
      The honest answer is based on your effort and creativity. A true legitimate business requires these aspects, but it can be done through practice!
      Some people can start earning on their first month, while others take longer. To share you my personal achievement, it takes me 3 – 4 months to make my first sale, and the rest follow naturally.

      You see. This business requires you to learn and set up the system first. Once you have done them, money will flow by itself. For me, in 6 months mark, I start to earn near $500 a month in commissions. And of course this number varies from one to another. But if you take a lot of action on WA training, I can assure you that success is possible! (even for ordinary people)

  17. Hi all – does this involve having to create a public persona via facebook, twitter, instagram, etc in order to drive traffic to the website, or is there another way of driving traffic to the website without the social media aspect?

    Pls advise, many thanks,

    • Hi Lisa,
      You certainly don’t have to do Social Media marketing on your website. Although it might help, having the strategy in ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and bing can drive high quality traffic already.

  18. So how do we know that this isn’t just one more big scam? you set up a site claiming to be independently reviewing systems. All of which are ‘scams’ accept this promoted one.

    I am uneasy about the closeness and attachment of your answers. Their tone seems to be one of insider involvement whilst talking in the third person?

    Or am I now just too immune to everything?!

    • Hi Neil,
      First of all, not all products that I review here are scams. There are legit ones of course!
      I actually wondered the same question as you do at this moment. However, there is a FREE trial for you to try. See it yourself and compare. That’s the best way to know. 🙂

  19. Hi Edy,
    I notice, that this review (WA) on your site, seems to be one of the products that you are promoting in your online business, and it is fine, as you mentioned that its also possible to sell the training for others. And for each pereson that subscribe to the premium account to WA, you earn a commission.

    So if any of us newbies don´t find any other product to sell online, could promote WA, Right?

    Do you Have any other products to promote or sell some consummer products from factories or companies as well?

    • Hi Fello.
      Yes of course. As I have mentioned on the top. The training program focuses on selling any passionate product you want. As long as you are comfotable with that. Then go for it. I am personally reaching Internet Marketing audience. You might want to choose other topic you like such as skin problem, weight loss, muscle building, or retail store products.

      WA trains their member to become an affiliate. Our job is to promote other people’s product and earn commissions. IF you want to promote this education program, it is optional. But I recommend to focus on the things you enjoy. Not for the money.

  20. Hi Edy. I am interested to achieve online success like you do as I cannot afford to work as I need to take care of my aged, paralysed parents (may Allah bless them). However, as I just came out from school, I have no money whatsoever (okay, maybe just $100) to start something from home. Reading your review on WA, I am very much excited if I would be provided the same opportunity to your success! Therefore, I would greatly appreciate your kind help in guiding me to make some decent money to feed my parents and pay the bills. Thanks a million in advance, Edy!

    • I feel sorry for your situation Miikaail..
      May god bless them.
      You should be efficient with this venture. It might take some time for you to see results as I did. Make sure to have a steady income flow first before jumping to online business.

  21. Hi Edy,

    I Just signed up WA for 1 week. I have gone through the beginner course. When come to building my website and need to write the content myself, i got stuck. I don’t know what to write. In this case can i outsource someone to write a content for me?

    • Hi Max,
      When it comes to content creation, you need to express yourself in writing. That’s why you are encouraged to choose the topic of your interest. A little trick I do for myself, is that I type as I am communicating with my friend 1-on-1. It shouldn’t be difficult. Just get into the habit of writing. I know it might take some time to get used to it.

      As for outsourcing, YES you can. However, you need a clear instruction to the writer whom you are going to employ. If you don’t know what kind of writing style you like or can bring in money, I don’t recommend outsourcing at first.

  22. Hi,
    I have read all the comments here and read everything on this site. I have not been able to listen to any of the videos yet because I am at work right now. I work at a doctors office, been here for 5 1/2 years and have not had a raise. I actually get physically sick every morning that I have to come in to this job. I have been looking for a job to work from home and like many others I don’t know if they are scams or not. I don’t have any money, as it takes all I have to pay my bills on $10 an hour. My husband recently left me after 31 yrs of marriage for another woman. So, I literally go 2 days sometimes without eating just to have a roof over my head. My question here is….what if you don’t have a product to sell/promote? Of course, with no money I don’t have any products to sell/promote…and I’m totally confused when it comes to making a website. But I sure would love to make some good money from home in my p.j.’s. There are some days, right now, that I’m so depressed from everything happening in my life that I don’t even want to get out of bed, especially to come to a job where I do not feel appreciated and can barely pay my bills. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks so much

    • Hi Teressa,

      You don’t have to own a product in order to make money on the internet. You can simply refer someone to other’s people product, and earn commissions when they buy.

      As for building a website, it is not complicated because the technology takes the heavy lifting for you. Simply follow a step-by-step video tutorial, it can be built within 10 minutes. All you have to know is basic typing. If you can type which I think you do from the comment, then you are well qualified already. It is really like writing an email where you can add images, bold the text, and so on.

      Here’s my advice:
      The first thing you must change is your “mindset”. Get back to where you were and be grateful. It is almost impossible for someone who are not confident to make money online, will succeed. Get over your past, and MOVE ON! I know life sometime sucks, but think for the future. Do not get dragged into a miserable hole. It is time to climb UP.

      The more you think that you cannot, the more apparent it will become. Adopt a mindset that “nothing is impossible”. And I can confidently say that you can be very successful on the Internet Marketing world. You are not alone, there will be many folks inside Wealthy Affiliate that will guide you through 24/7 around the clock.

      When I got first started, I had no investment in this venture. So what I did was saving a bit of pocket money every single day so at the end of the month, I got around $50 – $80. I literally force myself not to get tempted eating expensive food fot the sake of my bright future doing online business.

      What you should do now is making a plan. Ask yourself these following:
      1). How much money can you set aside every month?
      2). Are there any unnecessary expenses, can I cut it down?
      3). How long can I keep continuing to invest on this venture before making the money back? 6 months – a year?
      4). If you fail, what’s the worst case scenario?

      Answer those 4 questions yourself. And make adequate decision from there. It works for me in the past, and it should work for you too! 🙂

  23. please dear sir i have been following ur track record for sumtime now and the moment i saw wealthy affiliate i knew this is it but there is a problem which u said it is not available for my country (Nigeria) and if i am serious i can sign up with premeir membership. So nw that i am ready for that ur system has refuse me from signin up that my country is not supported what do i do nw sir i really need to change d status of my life thanks

  24. Sir I followed d link u posted nd after filling my details it ends up saying did same thing dat my country is nyt supported nd I send a complaint to d admin as u suggested still waiting for their reply

  25. Hi Edy: Have looked at WA – looks interesting. Can you compare it with GVO with all of its features? Thanks!!
    PS Been seeking to get into online marketing for quite a while.

    • Hi Gordon,

      I am not sure about GVO. It seems to be only a web hosting. In comparison to WA, they don’t have Online Marketing training that is suitable for absolutely everyone.

  26. Hello Edy,

    I am currently trying to sign up for am account but it keeps saying that I already have an account but I don’t then it sends me to the member sign in page but when I try to enter the information I used to log in it says there is no user by that name. How do I fix this? I do not have an account.

  27. Ran into great reviews about Wealthy Affiate in a few other places as well. Yours was most helpful. I will be signing up through your link, however, quick question:

    Can this be worked through a mobile device or does it require a computer?

    I don’t currently have home internet because I may have to move before the 2 year contract is up and do not want an early termination fee. Would hate to waste a 7 day free trial if I cannot work through a mobile device.

    • Sorry for the late reply Gary as I was away on vacation.

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate is mobile-compatible. It is actually not 7 days free trial since no credit card required. You can still remain a starter member as long as you want. You upgrade only if you are ready to take things into the next level. 🙂

  28. I have read the entire page here. I find it to be quite interesting. I was considering “My Internet Success Coach Systems” and decided to research it prior to signing up for it. In researching it I came across you and your advice. Once a part of W A would I have to pay a price to make a commission sending traffic to someone else’s site? Is it realistic to expect to make $3,000 a month in let’s say 2 months? Is it unheard of to make $1,000 per month after only a month. I have no previous experience in this field. I am dedicated but I want to be realistic and sure of what to expect. Thanks for your sincerity. I am a single mom with a very sick daughter that I must provide for.

    • Hi Virginia,

      To answer your 3 questions:
      1). WA is a training program that have tools, support and community, and you need to pay for the membership fee for taking its full advantage. As for making commissions, you don’t need to pay anything in order to promote somebody else’s product. (you will learn the basics inside Wealthy Affiliate without credit card required)

      2). $3,000 a month in 2 months is not realistic if you have no experience before in this Internet Marketing world. It might take a year or two for ordinary folks to reach that amount. Even big marketers out there take years to earn 6 – 7 figures.

      3). It is heard only in a shady opportunity where they give you empty promises instead of real education.

      Hope they answer your questions. Feel free to clear your doubts by contacting me at anytime. I would be glad to assist you! 🙂

  29. Hi Edy,

    Here is my situation:

    I’m in Canada (Montreal)and I have 2 new opportunities starting here:

    1)Jeunesse Global – where I’m already promoting products locally and it goes well but I want to find more leads and expand the business.

    2)Keller Williams – I’am a real estate agent too and I want to recruit more agents for the local market place in order to benefit the profit sharing system offered by the company.

    Both of the opportunities involve recruiting.

    Is Wealthy Affiliate the right system for me to develop two (2)websites, generate leads and have a decent traffic on my websites?

    Thank you very much !
    Best regards

    • Yes Sergiu, Wealthy Affiliate can definitely help you with that!

      Apart from the training, you get powerful tools, 24/7 Live Chat support, and a community. I personally had done recruiting in the past. It can be challenging where you spend a lot of time finding the right prospect. But with the technology today, reaching warmer leads is achieavable. You will understand once you go through basic training inside for free. 🙂

  30. Hi, I was wondering if I pick the starter member, can you make some money in starter member, if so then how do you get money out? So I could pay something using that money? So how do you take it out as you said no credit card require… Thanks!

    • Hi Ziggy,
      This Wealthy Affiliate platform is an education program. Basically, you are taught to promote things you want. Let’s say Amazon products. Then your payment will be received from there.

      However, if you want to make money from Wealthy Affiliate itself, then you can choose to promote it instead. The way you get paid is through Paypal. Simply give your Paypal Email address. Once you’ve made a commission, your money will be sent directly to your Paypal. 🙂

      Free Account can help you make money. But the tools would be limited. It is hard to see results without an investment. But it is possible if you are a hardworking & creative individual.

  31. dear sir,
    i’ve been searching for online jobs to increase my income as i’m a student and i don’t have the time to have a second job. my question is not about wealthy affiliate as i was googling it since a while and haven’t found any complaints about it. so my question is: i started an online job lately with Pet Protector as an independent distributor; at first they said it’s free but after the enrollment, i was notified that i should pay a monthly fee as well as at least $90/month to generate leads ( the company claims that she sends clients to a distributor site automatically after that). i’m very confused here, i’m a student and i do need every cent so if i’m going to invest, i have to be sure that at least i didn’t pay for a scam!! Please,i need your advice; i googled them but couldn’t find any feedback about their business opportunity. Thank you in advance!

    • Not sure about that my friend. But I can tell you their business model is a bit suspicious. Why would a Pet Protector have a monthly fee for their distributors. In addition, this fee is for generating leads? It sounds that they are making money from distributors instead of providing real value to the customers themselves. My advice is to stay away from it!

  32. Hi Edy. Happen to browse WA web and no doubt your advice is as genuine as I can see. You give great advice to newbies. I am not a member yet but will try the starter and see how things goes. Have done some CPA stuffs with some networks and even CB using paid traffic and now trying to source for something else because I have not yet got a web which I though will be a better learning foundation too.
    What is the best way to promote the web page and how is it possible to sell products in a web page and of course your web must be “visible” to the world or at least targeted.
    Also what does WA provides for being a subscriber?
    Keep up the good work, and hope this web last for a very log years to come.

    • Hi Razali,

      WA will guide you to do Keyword Research and rank on search terms people are typing generally. This is very handy since you are not spending a single cent on advertising, but the time required to get ranked may take a few months. You can go through the basic course and understand the process much better. 🙂

  33. Hi, Edy

    I’m a stay at home mother and cannot afford the scams. I just want to make some great money while I’m at home. How do I know that this isn’t a scam? I would rather do work off line simply because its more convenient for me, so how can I trust you wont rip money away from me.

    • Hi Newmommy,
      You can try it without credit card required and see how you like the trainings. There is no risk really. So don’t worry about being scammed by this program.

  34. Hello, it’s been 6 months since the last comment. Has anyone that was skeptical about the website have any success???

    • Hello Kim,
      Yes there are some success stories inside Wealthy Affiliate. You can check them out inside, it is really free of charge. You won’t need credit card just to taste the training program and its excellent support. 🙂

      • I’m seriously broke. I understand that the training is free, but is there anything you can get started selling without having to pay to get started? I don’t want to get excited if I can’t actually do anything with the information.

        • Yes Darci. You can join for free and remain as starter membership as long as you want.
          You might find awesome tutorial there to make money online using free strategy like Youtube marketing etc.

  35. Okay, I wish I spot this long ago but again, I am a newbie. I recently join one of the marketing company. Can I still learn in those free training trails for 7 days? Is there anyone I can talk private with on email?

    Please respond back. Thank you.

    • Hi Ramadhan,

      The IP Address of Egypt is blocked from Free Account. So you need to change it by surfing Google for the solution on “How to Change IP address”.

      Alternatively, you need to go Premium directly.


  36. I will definitely be trying this starting the end of this week. I’m not procrastinating. I’m 71 years old and formerly reasonably successful,but have had MS for quite a few years and can’t drive so at home work is required. Should only be out of action for 2 days and ready to work. We all know it’s impossible to live on most pensions these days so this is not a hobby.

  37. Hi Edy,
    I’m from Singapore. After I filled up the details on WA sign-up page and click Create a Free Account, nothing happens. Please advice.

  38. Is so painful when ever I come across site telling me I can’t benefit because am from Nigeria. Hope I can still be a part through the premium pack. And I will love a private chat with you. Thanksy

  39. Hi Edy,

    I am bit confused. I thought I was dealing with you directly. I see many other people and their videos. Can I deal with you directly ? Thanks, Mohamed Karim

    • Sure Mohamed.
      You can contact me inside WA too.
      Most people reach out when they have specific question on the training provided by Kyle & Carson.


  40. Hi. I am from Nigeria. I have been trying to register as free membership. But i was told not eligible for my country. What do i do?
    I decided to use VPN and gain access as a free member. If i make some money using VPN to gain access, will i be able to withdraw my money if i make some cool cash at wealth affiliate?
    What other affiliate marketing platform that’s genuine and eligible for Nigeria?

  41. Hi Edy,

    Thanks MUCH for your email. I am kind of new, do not know too much. Kyle & Carson’s info shows only 7 days free trial but I see you are saying I can enroll free as long as I want. Please educate me.
    My whole intention is to be paid member down the road but for now, I want to just try free service and go from there.. Please HELP me. Also, how do I find you in WA ? Again, I am new! Thanks,… Mohamed

    • Hi Jay..
      It is possible, but challenging without proper guidance and tools that can accelerate your success.
      And they cost a little bit of investment.

  42. I can vouch also for this program. I joined last year and although I’m not exactly where I want to be, the training and guidance as helped significantly.

  43. Hey Edy
    I am a new mother which is what makes me want to find a way to make money online so that I can spend time and stay at home with my daughter. I have learned about affiliate marketing loosely so I understand the concept. My question to you is on this site and platform that you are suggesting is it possible to really make money on the free trail basis that will count as a sustainable income?

    • It is possible with the free trial.
      But this can be tough since you don’t get the full details training and support.
      Apart from that, you still need web hostings for your website.

      In my opinion, the very least amount to invest into online business is $50/mo (includes Training, Support, Domain name, Web hosting, Tools). No matter where you learn on the internet, you need real money for doing a real business. 🙂

      Me personally, I spend less dollars on food daily, and at the end of the month, I would have extra cash to re-invest to my business.

  44. Hi Edy,

    For the WA, I believe there would be still more cost to run online business than $49 per month. For example, webtools such as name cheap, mail chimp, aweber, click funnel, etc. I am not sure if those are necessary tools are included in $49 package. And I noticed quite a few people, who promoting WA, would like to recruit other people to WA. If they do, they would get commission from WA as 4% Group does? I am just curious.

    • Initially, you only need web hosting and domain name. As you start making sales, you can reinvest into more robust tools.

      Yes they do get commission which is around 45% I believe. Only the one you directly refer.

      • Hi Edy again,
        Thank you for your response. So does WA membership cover those necessary basic tools(domain, hosting and maybe auto responder?)so that I get started as I would get training on a ongoing basis?


        • Hi Elijah,
          WA covers Training, Web Hosting, Keyword Tool and 24/7 support. As for Domain name & Auto Responder, they are separate pricing outside of WA. I personally get my Domain name with Namecheap, and Autoresponder with GetResponse.

  45. In the WA,Is there any adđitional cost and if so,how much and can you please reveal me what are they ? Thsnks you

    • Hi Tran Nguyen,
      It is only Premium inside WA, I have been a member for over 2 years, and I NEVER see any upsell.

      Sure there are other external options like domain name, keyword tool, autoresponder etc.. But I think you will only need a domain name, web hosting, training, & support to start making serious income doing Affiliate Marketing.

      Because WA gives you training, hosting, and support, You only need domain name which is $12/year. That’s all to it.

      All the best,

  46. Hey Edy,

    I’ll be honest I want to try the program but I’m a little scared that it might be too complex for me as I’m not a huge computer person. I am eager to find something to work from home but i’m just not sure.

    • Hi Tom,

      If you are comfortable with typing, then it should be any problem. Everything can be learnt anyway. 🙂

  47. Hey Edy

    I am interested in starting an online business. Do WA have any products that they can reccomend in the Men’s Helath, Nutrition, weight loss. Niche. I am looking to create 3 reneue streams passive, medium ticket, hi ticket affiliate programs.

  48. Hello Edy,

    I am from Pakistan. How can i get 59% discount in premium offer and what payment method used by the wealthy affiliate to paid people in Pakistan?

  49. Hi edy is it real? Would you mind to meet up? Saya di Singapore. Orang indo. Berapa besar target income per bulan bisa Kita capai.. saya ada ide Bagus for tapping into this online. Do you think will work?

  50. Hi edy, am from Philippines and you said that starter is not available in my country so i would go for premium. I am interested to join WA. And also you said that we can also make money from WA by promoting it. So how we can promote WA, is their any registration for it? Please send me also your link in my email provided for my registration at WA.

    Thanks and more power.

  51. Hi Eddie,
    If I apply for the Free 7 days thingy, will I be able to see exactly how it works and possibly make money already? Is it a good thing to start even for someone who has no experience at all?

  52. Hi Edy,

    I’m Francis from Ghana, West Africa. I read your preview on Fred Lam’s iproacademy and decided to give Wealthy Affiliate a try.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to enroll with the free starter package even though my country Ghana isn’t on your blacklist of nations not permitted.

    Kinda disappointed. Any reasons?

  53. Hi Edy,

    I’m from India. I read your article and came to know about the members of the listed countries that cannot start a free membership but can start a premium one. I scrolled through the comments and happened upon a guy from Nigeria who couldn’t start a premium membership because he was from the listed countries. But you mentioned members from those countries can become a premium member. Has that issue been resolved for the guy “jonathan on November 4, 2015” ? Will I be allowed for a premium membership?

  54. do Google,You Tube & Facebook reviews have to be a video when you are an Amazon affiliate? I have done over 100 reviews for Amazon, other sites not Amazon I’ve posted reviews on social media & was not required to video. If I do have to, which I can, does my face have to be in it?

  55. I do not understand. You told Maria on sept 14, 2107 this would require hard work. But if this is pass Ve income then why is there a lot of hard work involved? I’m looking for additional MSI’s but I need passive streams of income…not more streams that require my attention.

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