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The Viral Cash Machine Review – A Total SCAM or Not? — 10 Comments

  1. Edy,This is a very professional review !
    I mean, its not long, straight to the point, very easy to understand, I liked it.
    Great job!
    And I just want to add that these kinds of products are illegal, because its clearly a pyramid scheme, where you only get paid for recrutting people under you, and you dont have any real product.
    People should know the differences.
    Have a great day,

    • Hi Alexey,
      Yes it is almost like a Pyramid Scheme. Although the owner gives the so-called system as a product, I think it would not that valuable to the members. In addition, you get limited information on how to actually benefit from the program. Besides, the payment method has shown a red flag already.

  2. Hi Edy,

    Thanks for the full review of this bad opportunity. For the fact it is rated 20 out of 100 is enough to tell any one to close the front door.

    I m glad you took the time to review it here in such a good format.

    Thanks again for sharing and best of luck in the future.


  3. The information you wrote is totally false and I assume fabricated to reach your own objective. #1 there are no up sells as you indicate. Really, I don’t know we’re you get your information but it’s a lie.

    • Hi Brian, glad that you are here!
      I used the word “suspect”. Besides, the All in one Profits is considered one already. Anyway, You are a good guy but I don’t think the system works in the long run. People should get real skills and you need to give them more information on your training program. One more thing, please use Paypal because it is SAFE too. Who use MoneyGram nowadays?..

  4. I have heard of this program. Your review made it clear that this definitely not a legit program to waste your money on. Do they have a free trial period? I cannot stand programs that are not thorough. Most programs that have limited information are scams. How about their training and support? Can you contact the owners?

    • Hi Stephanie,
      Yes I think you can contact the owner. But the response time might be slow because it is a single handed person. I personally would not bother paying $100 to know more about the system. Nothing good really. Much prefer to find a real program that provide free-trial so you are not in hussle. 🙂

    • Sure Brian, why not?
      I always like people to make an adequate decision before joining any program online. 🙂
      I myself didn’t believe in Wealthy Affiliate too. It took me 4 months to see REAL results. There are a tons of members that have successful stories promoting other products NOT just WA. And here’s just one of them :

      You see! The technique learnt can be used widely on the market. This is clearly mentioned that you are encourage to choose any passionate topic when it comes to internet marketing. There is going to be hardwork and time needed. Anyone who is thinking of “get rich quick“, I will point them to your product. And see how successful they can be.

      The only problem with making money online opportunity is that the owner often makes bald claim where the members will generate a tons of money doing little effort. But Wealthy Affilaite has never misled the members with exaggerated hype. They genuinely educate you to bring value to people, help them, then point to the right product that WORKS. Then earn commission legitimately. That’s what I called a REAL BUSINESS my friend.

      It always comes from the idea to HELP, REACH, then RICH.. And your product seems to work in the opposite direction. Anyway, people will make their own choice. Which path they go, it doesn’t matter. We are here to present opportunity. That’s it..

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