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Within The Timing System Scam Review, you will find out why you might want to avoid this opportunity altogether. Can you really make money by just copying other people move and depending solely on their tactics? Is it going to be profitable all the time? See what I have to say here!


The Timing System Review

the timing system scam reviewName :
The Timing System
Website : www.thetimingsystem.com
Owner : David Williams
Price : free ($100-$200 minimum invesment)
Overall Ranking : 50 Out of 100


What is The Timing System?

It is a system built by David Williams to promote his technique on doing trading. If you have visited his site, he walked you through How he trades using the Trading Sentiment Tool. This tool is giving you information about how many people are currently choosing to CALL or PUT. Let’s see the example below:

the timing system sentiment tool

Now, based on the Sentiment Tool, you are advice to go along with the crowd where people predict EUR/USD is going UP. Thus, you need to choose CALL. So, if you put $100 and it is correct, then you are going to get 77% profit which is $177. Pretty Cool huh? But..Can you trust the tool? I personally don’t.

stockpairIf you want to start trading, you need to invest at least $200 into the Stock Pair. This is where you need to create an account for binary option trading.

You won’t believe the amount of education that you really need to learn inside there! For me it is time consuming. Well, don’t worry because I have another alternative for you beside trading. So please read until the end alright 🙂


The Good & The Bad

The Good

There are few good things that I like about this platform. Here they are:

  • You get quick response on the Live Chat. Check Out a screenshot I took:

the timing system live chat

  • The video gives you the overview of trading tool. So you have some idea of what to do.
  • You are instructed step-by-step.


The Bad

There are also some bad things that I don’t like:

  • The person behind the system has multiple websites to promote the opportunity. I stumbled upon the exact page, just with a different title.
  • It is not really free afterall right? You still need to invest some money, and yeah it is RISKY!
  • I personally don’t believe the sentiment tool can help you that much. How can you tell those people will be more right than wrong?
  • Do you even see the happy face of David Williams? NO! He’s hiding somewhere.


What You Should Know

the timing system trading involves high riskI am going to tell you that I was personally intrigued to all of this quick money stuff by doing trading. But one thing most deceiful system owners forget to tell you, is that trading involves high risk of losing money, espacially if you are new!

I wasn’t aware of this. Last time when I gave my contact number, I was stalked very often. Well, it stopped when I changed a new phone number. Trust me, once you give your information, they will start calling you to invest with them.

One little thing that you also might not know, is that the brokers still make money whether you win or lose a trade. Everything is on you buddy.

If you really want to become a trader, you need to train your mindset the right way first and analyze unstable data. There is no guarantee you can make money. Heck, you can even lose all the investment you put into your account! A good trading platform will always warn you about this. Unfortunately, you can’t see this as it is written in very small wordings at the bottom of the page. Here’s Stock Pair risk disclosure:

pair option risk disclosure

Click to Enlarge The Image

There we go. Most trading platfroms try to make everything seems to be legal, but it is kind of deceitful. I would not say it is a scam. So, the conclusion for pair stock is LEGIT. As for The Timing System? I doubt the sentiment tool can make any different.


Here is My Advice

If you want to make money online without involving high risk and make steady passive income, I would suggest you to learn about building home based business. This is a skill of online markting where you can promote your own product or others to over 3 billions internet users.

Now imagine you go out there and promote Mr.A service on how to lose weight fast. Then when someone buy from you, you get $10 commission. Do you think that 3 billions online users at least 1% of them want to lose weight? Of course! It is possbile to generate full-time passive income, just by sitting at home!

There are tons of program out there that teaches how to learn all of this from zero, but as you know there are scams as well. Here I have come out with my Top #1 recommendation and legit platfrom where the owners are friendly and active within the membership area. This is something that I can’t find anywhere else.

You can have a read on my #1 recommendation review to know more, the program has free trial and no credit card required. A fair way to make a decision, give it a try and decide 🙂


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That’s all about The Timing System Scam Review. Please share this information if it helps you make an educated decision, and comment below for your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!


Your friend,

Edy Chandra



The Timing System Scam Review: Should You Become a Trader? — 6 Comments

  1. This sounds a lot like the dodgy Binary Options softwares/systems that are sold on a regular basis. The only person who makes money here is the broker at the end of the day ( and the product owner who receives that golden commission! ). Thanks for this review – I will be staying away from this product!

    • That’s right Chris Evans!
      They will not be giving something for free unless there is a catch. People often time get trapped and have no idea what to do. It is really no one to blame but the excessive claim from mysterious people.

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