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The Millionaires Maker Review – is it A Scam or Legit? — 5 Comments

  1. Kudos to you for scoping out the truth behind the testimonials. I have seen so many testimonials that I simply ignore them. There are so many ways to make fake testimonials these days. My thought is if they have to provide videos and promise a lot of money alarm bells should go off!

    Great review with proof. Thanks!

    • Hi Melody,
      It is better to ignore the testimonials indeed. They are very exaggerated and fake anyway. Glad that you can adequately make decision to avoid any of The Millionaires Maker’s bald claim.

  2. Thanks to providing such a great information, how people are blaming like this innocent people.they are playing with feeling,anyway i have created an account in i contacted to costumer care they said deposit first 250$ usd dollars in account, when you’ll get minnimum payout traget then you can withdraw to your bank account.It’s real or not i don’t know but i have lost already 250 usd in is also scam.
    Finally i have find out one legit site.Here is the link

    its totally free and at first you’ll earn small amount but after some ammount target reached you can earn per day 50$ usd.
    It’s true.

  3. Thanks for providing such information… keep it on… and save money and time of people who are really disappointed many times with the scam sites. Jassi. If any one want to learn English with Hindi texture for the examination of govt. job in India. go to my blog created for the learners without any cost….

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