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The Importance of Having a Website for Any Business — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Edy , interesting subject you chose.A lot of people believe that they can promote products or services just by leaving their affiliate links on social media and forums.Some other build landing pages with no other content inside and they think they can generate sales this way.

    But that techniques are not working anymore.Indeed , a website , is the top priority of any entrepreneur that want s to make a living online.A website filled with great content , that can engage with the audience and help people find information or solve their problems.

    Then with the appropriate rankings and the upcoming traffic you can monetize this site in various ways.

    It is a great online era , where everyone should take advantage of this huge opportunity.No more $100,000 investments are necessary to buy or build a business.The costs of having a website are equal to nothing and there are almost no risks.

    Very good recommendations as always , enjoyed it.

    • Hi Tasos,

      The world has indeed changed! Now we are either controlling technology, or being controlled. I personally used to spend my free time playing online games, but at one moment I realize that this is not right. Then I start venturing into Internet Marketing where many people make full-time revenue doing what they love. This simply turned on the light build inside my head. I wanted the lifestyle of mobility.

      With the power of internet, we are able to reach global audience. This is so fantastic to think about. Especially when your website stands between the traffic and offer. Getting our hands on a a fraction of active online users, we are almost guarantee to generate unlimited amout of passive income. When it happens, travelling the world is my next step. But don’t be wrong, it takes some time to learn the skills, implementation and improvements. At the end of the day, the reward is much higher than the risk. Why not take it right? I am sure many folks want to escape having a boring job and start to build an online business based on their passion. 🙂

  2. I definitely agree that having a solid website is by far the best way to make money online. You’re building an asset that will continue to generate cash for years, and the best part about it is that you don’t have to invest a whole lot of money to do it (unless you use paid traffic).

    It’s possible to make money online without a website but, as you said, it’s difficult.

    Great info!

    • Hello Paul,

      Websites are like real estates. They will go up in value as we keep producing qualit content regularly, and attract organic traffic from search engines. Although it may take months to see the result start to climb up, but when this breakthrough happens, good money will pouring into your bank account. So having a business is really different than a job. We don’t get paid for doing something, instead we invest it for future passive revenue (which later we don’t have to work on it anymore).

      Without a website, it’s hard to capture your data. You should not send the traffic directly into the company and expect things to work on your way. As an online business owner, we MUST track the conversion rate, and improve it accordingly! This is HOW we scale up the business into 7 figures a year!

  3. Hi Edy

    I found your statement very true. I did almost every form of internet marketing including PPC and SEO and both of them require a you to have a website.

    Websites are crucial for any form of marketing as it gives you total control. Even a landing page for PPC is considered a website.

    One business model that I am willing to invest is content marketing and this can turn your website into a passive income machine.

    • Hi Viljoen,

      Yes, having a website is like the foundation of your tall building (successful online business). Far too often I see newbies make mistakes which they send the traffic straight to the vendor’s site. This will not be as profitable as you keep your potential buyers’ email addresses. But depending on the business model you are doing, some you can send directly to the offer. At the end of the day, with your personal website, you can monitor your conversion rate and improve accordingly. 🙂

      Content Marketing has been so powerful until now. Those who did this consistently few years back are now making a lot of passive income. It’s time to join the movement and live the lifestyle as Internet Entrepreneur!

  4. Hey there, out of all the elements composing a website business, I agree totally that traffic is number one.

    Without traffic. you have a dead zone with absolutely no revenue generation.

    Creating quality content, valuable information about your business and contact info is crucial. I find with my site the trouble solely resides in my ability to direct traffic my way. Great tips!

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