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Take Surveys For Cash Scam Review: Is it Legit or Just a BS? — 30 Comments

  1. Hi Edy,

    This was a brilliantly timed article – I’ve actually run across this product myself recently, and was wondering how on earth anyone could be making THAT much money doing surveys. Like you, I’ve done online surveys before, and even the $5 ones are few and far between – I can’t imagine getting paid $450 for one (for market research, on the other hand, it’s possible). Thanks for illustrating how it’s a scam (although I’m confused about why you even gave it a 15/100).

    • Hi Dominic,
      Those people are just trying to turn a peanut into an apple. There is NO WAY you can earn that much cash just by giving your opinion.
      As for the Overall Ranking. I gave it 15/100 because the claim is still fine. I have seen some survey platforms promise even crazier misleading information than Take Survey For Cash.

  2. Hey Edy,

    I’ve seen a lot of products like Take Surveys For Cash over the last few years.

    As you mentioned they’re giving out a lot of false information when it comes to taking surveys and how much you can actually earn.

    I take surveys and refer people to survey sites, but you have to make it clear that it isn’t a huge income opportunity.

    Great review of this scam, but are there any other survey sites that you highly recommend?

    • That’s right Brok!

      People are often time misled by the information. I personally think that Take Surveys For Cash is trying to deceive innocent folks into their sales funnel. Just think about it. How can doing surveys lead to over $3,500 a month.

      Although there are legit surveys platform like Clixsense. The amount of cash you get is pratically low. This is not how you get freedom in life. That’s WHY I highly recommend people to find out my #1 recommendation platform and learn how to build online business from scratch 🙂

  3. a great article which lifts the lid on what surely must be a scam. Well done for revealing it in a great-looking article.

    • Hi Nicola,
      It is my pleasure to help folks out there to stay away from something that is NOT working for their online success!

  4. Hey Edy,

    These survey scams have been around for a long time. And it’s the lure of easy money that sucks people in.

    But what they don’t realize and you mentioned this. Is a lot of time this is just a gateway to more expensive products in front you.

    I don’t care what any survey company promises you, there is no way you can make a fulltime income just doing surveys. Sure if you want to do for fun and make a few extra bucks, that’s fine.

    But if you’re thinking you’re going to make thousands and thousands of dollars each month you’re sadly mistaken.

    Thanks for the heads up on this survey scam


    • Hey Leo,
      I couldn’t agree more with you.
      Doing sureveys will never generate fulltime income. It is just a bait toward more rubbish products within the members area. People won’t get benefited from the value of those upsells. In fact, they might be spending a lot more than they could earn.

  5. Wow I came across this bunch a few months ago and then run for the hills! Making $3500 through surveys in a lifetime is going to be hard enough let alone in a month! There are legit survey earning opportunities online but I’m afraid they are far too boring for me…
    In your opinion, what is the best opportunity to earn online these days ( keeping in mind that I’m a newbie! )

    • Hi Chris,

      I agree with you. Doing a survey is freaking boring. One survey can take up to 30-45 minutes just to get $5 (this is rare reward). I’d better spend my time do something else.

      For me, the best opportunity is doing online marketing. This is the best way way to make decent to full-time revenue online. If you are a newbie, then my #1 recommendation platform is perfect for you! You can learn everything step-by-step and apply it to your website.

  6. Hey, back for yet another article! This guy really knows his stuff! I had mixed opinions on the topic of taking surveys and he cleared up my confusion perfectly. Great Stuff, keep it up!

    • Hello Hagop,
      I am glad that you come back to read my scam review article. Hope it teaches you some lessons here 🙂
      Anyway, I will do my best to help folks out there and avoid trashy program that will lead to NO success.

  7. This has all the hall marks of a scam. I realised this after about the first paragraph of your post. There are so many of these so called survery scams out there that are tapping in to peoples belief that they can make a fast buck online. Unfortunately they are falling for them everytime. Thanks for picking this one out. It is a shame that more people do not go for things such as wealthy affiliate which are a free way to start learning the right way to make money online.

    • Hello Andyg,
      You spot it right! From the first paragraph we as someone that have been through online scams KNOW it is just a BS. Sadly for innocent people who don’t know this, get trapped and spend more than they could imagine.

  8. Thank you Edy for sharing your research about this Take Survey’s for Cash scam. I have run across some surveys for cash programs and I have never seen any surveys that pay you more than $7. Anything over $2 is rare. I can’t understand how these scam artist can stay in business. I would assume Mother Google would blacklist these sites so that they’re claim to bringing legitimate and quality content with their search results would remain the truth.
    I am going the Bookmark your site for future reference to your quality reviews.

    • Hi Kenneth,

      You are right! Anything above $2 is rare reward of online survey. This Take Survey For Cash program is an obvious scam. Too many misleading information on the site. People should really avoid it because no success will come if they do.

  9. Dude… Great review… and I second you, just by going to the landing page, this reeks of SCAM all over it.

    Couple things I noted before even going through your review.
    1. Video that auto plays on landing page – Big tell for SCAMMY products.
    2. They are going to give you $50.00 to sign up… how desperate are they… Yet another typical scam gimmick
    3. That oh so obvious… Wait, This is a scam…. pop up as you try to leave. This is such a big tell for scams.

    best of all, 2 of the 3 listed above are not permitted by most legitimate affiliate products or email managing systems.

    So, I then read your review. Awesome content and opened my eyes to a few more tells that I will have to keep in mind going forward.

    Thanks again for the info.

    Also had a look ate your no. 1 recommended product. I am already part of the community and will second your recommendation!

    The WA community really opened my eyes to a long term successful online career!

    Wishing you and your readers a safe and prosperous online journey.

    See you in the community.

    • Hello Marc,

      I am glad that you have the knowledge to spot a scam product. When we first started to find making money online opportunity, we are usually bought into the scams. BUT as soon as we get the hang of it, those deceitful programs can be spotted easily.

  10. Great review and I totally agree! Any survey company that you have to pay is in my mind already a scam. Who pays to work, if you go for a job interview they don’t ask you to bring $78 when you start. The whole idea is crazy.
    Plus then having to purchase more things afterwards. Anyway like you say I have also done surveys and there is no way you can earn $3500 per month. Impossible!

    • Hi Lynne,

      That’s an obvious trap for newbies to believe that the whole surveys idea is possible to make a full-time income. But the reality is FAR away from the claim!

      I hope people don’t get scammed by this exaggerated offer which leads to nothing but a waste of time and money as well. Doing surveys can’t be a full-time career anyway. Besides, no company will ever pay you above $10 each survey! That’s insane.

  11. Good Lord, this is horrendous. Thanks so much for pointing out the traps in Take Surveys for Cash.

    It looks like it’s one upsell after another until you’re complete wrung out and broke. I don’t know why anyone would bother with such a scam.

    You’re #1 Recommendation is the only legitimate make money online program I’ve found and I recommend it too.

    • Hi G.C. Horton,

      Taking Surveys can never lead to full-time revenue. If it does, everyone would be doing them already. Unfortunately, some people out there are trying to deceive innocents telling that there is such opportunity. But the reality is far from the hype.

  12. Hi Edy,

    I can just agree on your opinion. There is no way to earn so much money for making surveys in a legal way. I have also done it some time ago and yes it’s a few more bucks, but nothing you could have a great life with.

    It’s unbelievable how anybody can tell such lies. total scam in my eyes.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Don,

      It is indeed ridiculous that one company would pay you so much money for just an opinion. I believe that the opportunity cannot lead to financial satisfaction. However, for those who wanted to make few bucks and waste a lot of their precious time, then go ahead to take surveys online. Soon they will realize that things are not as good as promised in the sales page.

  13. I came across Take Survey for Cash a while back and am a little embarrassed to say I almost decided to try it out.

    Thinking back, how much Jason White claims he’s making from these surveys is ridiculous. Usually companies pay very little for these surveys. Sometimes these programs can lure some less informed people in. But thinking straight, you’d realize that if there is really surveys like this, Jason will not be the only one knowing them and it would have been spread all across the internet.

    I have a question about Jason’s $50 promise. Does he really give it to you or how does he go around it with the funnel?


    • That’s right my friend!

      Surveys cannot be a good opportunity to make full-time revenue at home. Besides, you are not supposed to pay for taking surveys. Jason White is just wanting to deceive innocents and make money from them. It’s better to stay away from his program.

  14. Great review Edy,
    Long time no see, how are you? I’ve been having my eye on Take Surveys for Cash for a while now and wanted to do a review on it, you beat me to it 😀

    Glad I found your review though, you confirmed my suspicions. When I saw those arrows and dollar flashes, I just knew something must be wrong. Awesome work as usual, I’ve always enjoyed reading your articles. Keep up the good work, cheers!

  15. I must admit every time I see paid survey or cash for surveys a huge scam alert signal goes off in my head. Yet for one reason on another the cash for survey industry just keep on going, it is alive just now as it was in the early 2000’s

    • Hi Derek,

      Many bad marketers are wanting to benefit from taking surveys industry. They will use up front fee to charge you. But the reality is, you are the one who get paid, not the other way around.

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