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Find out the truth about Social Media Marketing Agency by Tai Lopez within my review. I am going to reveal everything you need to know about this product.

So please bear with me until the very end.


Social Media Marketing Agency Review

Social Media Agency reviewName: Social Media Marketing Agency

Website: Tailopez.com

Owner: Tai Lopez

Price: $697

Overall Rating: 87 Out of 100



What is Social Media Marketing Agency

Social Media Marketing Agency is basically you becoming an agent, and manage other people’s social media accounts.

It can be small startups, or big businesses. These companies has sufficient budget to pay you monthly income for taking care of their accounts. (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

Some of them might pay you up to $10K/month, depending on how many much the business grow because of your help.


Now this sounds simple. But, it is not easy.

You will have hard time pitching those potential clients especially if you are new.

That’s why Tai Lopez created his course to give his own method of getting trust by your clients.

YOU will learn exactly how he has taught his past students that are making between $1K ~ $10K a month by helping other companies managing their social media accounts.



The Good & The Bad

There might be some advantages & disadvantages about the whole product. I wanted to be fair, and give you my perspective about it.

So here are what I thought about Social Media Agency by Tai Lopez:


The Good

  • You get to learn step-by-step from zero to making serious income online.
  • The support is good unlike other programs that I’ve reviewed.
  • Although I am not a fan of Tai, he really knows about Social Media Marketing. So you are sure to get information from an expert.
  • There is no hidden upsells.



The Bad

  • The price might be a little bit expensive for some people. But I personally think it is worth the investment if you are serious about this opportunity.



My Final Thoughts

All in all, Social Media Marketing Agency by Tai Lopez is a great program.

You can make good money with it.



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That’s it for my Social Media Agency review. I hope you can make an informed decision.



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