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Find out No Cost Income Stream 2.0 Review here and determine whether it is a scam or legit program to make money online. As what they claim, you can make money online without spending money. Are they telling you the truth? Or it is just BS? You will soon know the reality!


No Cost Income Stream 2.0 Review

No cost income Stream 2.0 ProductName : NCIS – No Cost Income Stream 2.0

Website :

Price : $37 + upsells

Owners : Eric Holmlund

Overall Rank : 66 out of 100



NCIS 2.0 Product Overview

Eric Holmlund has been doing online business since 1999 and went full time in 2003. In his NCIS 2.0 Product, he is claiming that you can make money online without spending money. Little that you know, this is actually not his first product launched. Previously he had NCIS with only 39 videos training and 1 system.

With a new released product of No Cost Income stream 2.0, he has added 50 more videos and 4 more proven systems. So now he has created 89 training videos and 5 proven system to make money using the power of internet.


The Good & The Bad

The Good

Let’s check out the things that might considered good here and benefit you:

  • He gathered all the free source to make money online.
  • No domain & hosting cost required
  • Free autoresponder service
  • You will 3 Bonuses at the end


The Bad

  • He’s claiming too many free service that can be potentially low quality and hurt your business moving forward.
  • In his previous product of NCIS, there are some upsells you will be facing. Not something that you expect huh?
  • The product itself is listed on Clickbank which is typical low-quality product.
  • One video slide that I caught him as “SCAM BUSTED”
    Take a look at the screenshot below:

No Cost Income Stream Busted video slide

This image has been taken by me on his video sale. Here what you might notice. If his system can send buyers to your affiliate links and subscribers to your list, WHY wouldn’t he do it by himself? Busted! 

Not only that. The entire video sale is cheesy and make no sense at all. Most importantly, the price itself just $37. Do you feel something strange there? Yes! You are going to be bombarded with upsells my friend! I have been to this kind of stuff before.


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Who is No Cost Income Stream 2.0 for?

This NCIS is suitable for someone that is desperate spending money to make money online. Guess what? You will spend more if you opt-in to this program. Hope you can see the trap there. Why would I know? Because I have seen this thing for many times. I have even faced thousand of dollar upsells by paying less than $50 of initial payment.


Tools & Training

The videos training consist of 5 strategies as follow:

Strategy #1 Zero Cost Product Lauches

This is where you are given sales copy template and swipes code and assemble them together.

Strategy #2 Zero Cost Freelancing

In this system, you’ll asjed to learn quickly get ahead of everyone else and increase the transaction value of all your customers.

Strategy #3 Zero Cost Video Marketing

You will be taught to create simple videos and drive traffic to them by using promotion technique on the largest video sharing site in the world.

Strategy #4 Zero Cost List Building

Here you will be given free squeeze pages and email autoresponder. You are going to get free traffic methods and gain subscribers from them. You are also required to email your list frequently.

Strategy #5 Zero Cost Affiliate Marketing

This is where you will be leveraging affiliate marketing to start making money online. What you do is go outside and find free affiliate program and promote to your list done from strategy #4.

Fiuuhh..Those strategies are insanely packed for free. But wait..How about the quality? You might get into trouble with all the free approaches given by Eric Holmlund. This means that your audience will not be that responsive to your offer. A big no-no sign to implement the strategies.



The support system is terrible! If you need assistance you need to open ticket for Eric’s customer support e-mail. This is why I say that the program is low quality!



A nice little price with only $37 initial payment. Join the program and you will see the upsells bombard you again and again. Guaranteed!


My Final Opinion of NCIS 2.0

This is an okay program, but not suitable for someone is looking for high quality online business that really make you money online. The strategies taught in NCIS are hardcore and not that easy to follow. Moreover, you hardly get helped when you’re stuck.


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Due to its exaggerated information about making money online without to invest money into building a business. I’d finalized NCIS 2.0 as a SCAM BUSTED!

Scam busted NCIS 2.0


I hope you can take this No Cost Income Stream 2.0 review and determine whether it is a scam or legit program. Feel free to share this information and comment below. I’d love to hear from your opinion as well 🙂

Your friend,

Edy Chandra




No Cost Income Stream 2.0 Review – Is it a Scam? — 8 Comments

  1. As I can see from your review of No Cost Income Stream the program is not bad but as always has some major flaws. The fact that they throw upsells on you and have terrible support is alone enough to stay away from the program, especially when you know of the existence of such a program like one you’re mentioning here, i.e. Wealthy Affiliate. All I can say is that the program is the real deal and definitely recommended.

    • Definitely Rufat!
      NCIS 2.0 is not viable to many people. The product itself is created on Clickbank which is not a good rating.
      Moreover, the excessive free claims are too cheesy.
      Wealthy Affiliate however, provides way better quality and it is FREE to taste. Highly recommend this as it has 24/7 support around the clock from the members. WA owners are also there to help newbie step-by-step to build online business. A huge benefit compare to No Cost Income Stream 2.0!

  2. This looks like a salami trap… they will catch you with very attractive offer on day one, but then every time they’ll try to pull you just a little bit more, just 10 more bucks, just more $25, and so on until pretty quick you’ll look back and you’ve hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
    THERE IS NO REVENUE WITHOUT INVESTMENT – and anybody who say so is a liar to me – if there was, they would keep it to themselves

    • Absolutely Eli. No Cost Income Stream 2.0 is too good to be true. I have no idea why they say everything is FREE. It will still be time consuming. Time is money. There no such free thing in the world. You need to put something in order to get something.

  3. Seriously edy, I have never heard of NCIS before. This is really getting interesting. These are bunch of companies with over hyped products. Thank you for revealing their operations man.

  4. I am very glad that I came into this review. I bought most of their offerings, and almost a month now, they really have not told me where and how to start. I sent an e mail with my concerns and with a list of what I purchased and over a week now I never got a reply. Today, I sent an email again, and threatened to cancel. I also signed up for their coaching, and reading what this coaching is about, seems like they will have weekly webinars and will send me to archive library on my own. To me this is not coaching.So tomorrow I will decide to cancel the whole “shibang”. Really appreciated your review. And yes,support, I agree is awful.Thanks,

    • No problem Rory. Glad that you make an adequate decision to leave No Cost Income Stream 2.0 program. I would do the same if I know that the support system is aweful. Good luck to you my friend! 🙂

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