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No Cost Income Stream 2.0 Review – Is it a Scam? — 8 Comments

  1. As I can see from your review of No Cost Income Stream the program is not bad but as always has some major flaws. The fact that they throw upsells on you and have terrible support is alone enough to stay away from the program, especially when you know of the existence of such a program like one you’re mentioning here, i.e. Wealthy Affiliate. All I can say is that the program is the real deal and definitely recommended.

    • Definitely Rufat!
      NCIS 2.0 is not viable to many people. The product itself is created on Clickbank which is not a good rating.
      Moreover, the excessive free claims are too cheesy.
      Wealthy Affiliate however, provides way better quality and it is FREE to taste. Highly recommend this as it has 24/7 support around the clock from the members. WA owners are also there to help newbie step-by-step to build online business. A huge benefit compare to No Cost Income Stream 2.0!

  2. This looks like a salami trap… they will catch you with very attractive offer on day one, but then every time they’ll try to pull you just a little bit more, just 10 more bucks, just more $25, and so on until pretty quick you’ll look back and you’ve hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
    THERE IS NO REVENUE WITHOUT INVESTMENT – and anybody who say so is a liar to me – if there was, they would keep it to themselves

    • Absolutely Eli. No Cost Income Stream 2.0 is too good to be true. I have no idea why they say everything is FREE. It will still be time consuming. Time is money. There no such free thing in the world. You need to put something in order to get something.

  3. Seriously edy, I have never heard of NCIS before. This is really getting interesting. These are bunch of companies with over hyped products. Thank you for revealing their operations man.

  4. I am very glad that I came into this review. I bought most of their offerings, and almost a month now, they really have not told me where and how to start. I sent an e mail with my concerns and with a list of what I purchased and over a week now I never got a reply. Today, I sent an email again, and threatened to cancel. I also signed up for their coaching, and reading what this coaching is about, seems like they will have weekly webinars and will send me to archive library on my own. To me this is not coaching.So tomorrow I will decide to cancel the whole “shibang”. Really appreciated your review. And yes,support, I agree is awful.Thanks,

    • No problem Rory. Glad that you make an adequate decision to leave No Cost Income Stream 2.0 program. I would do the same if I know that the support system is aweful. Good luck to you my friend! 🙂

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