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Lets define what is marketing strategy. Marketing strategy is simply a set of plans on how to perform certain actions to achieve the results we want. 

So how the strategy looks like? Here are some examples of Marketing Strategy :

1. Prospecting Strategy. This type of strategy is to learn how we convey our potential customers about our products that we offer. In order to perform this strategy, we have to be familiar with our own products first. When we know the details of our products, it will be easy to prospect our potential customers. It always comes to 3 steps : learn the products, learn how to tackle objectives from potential customers, and we are ready to give information to our potential customers about the products.

2. Pricing Strategy. It is important to understand the pricings of our own products. Make sure we understand how to exaggerate the price and make it looks very affordable prices to buy on our prospects eyes. Example : Hello Tonny, I want to sell you a $200 shoe for just $129. The original price of the shoe is $99, but we make our propects think $129 is a good deal since I told him its a $200 shoe. Now I have $30 profit for that shoe alone. This is a critical strategy to succeed in marketing industries!

3. Closing Strategy. The crucial one and most determining strategy. Make sure you practice on how to close a prospect. If you have performed strategy 1 and 2 but fail in 3. The prospects will not buy from you. In this third strategy, we have to tell the complaint of our problem before having our product and tell them the benefits after we use the products. Example : Before I bought this shoe, I used to have issue with my old one, My feet are just not comfortable. But after I buy this shoe, man..I feel like running all the time. Its just fit with my feet, and everytime I step out of my house, I use this shoe. You should buy this. I am sure you will love it.

4. Online Strategy. Nowadays, there are more and more marketers shift to online marketing. It is true and most effective + efficient to market to billions of people through internet. People are making 6-7 figures income just doing it part-time at home. Just think of it like this : Tonny wants to sell his $99 shoes for $129 online. As we know, one sale = $30 profit. Imagine he sells just 100 of them. He will earn $3000 in profits just doing it at home. And remember, he is selling to people who are online. There are billions of people that are using internet now.

You can sell anything online and earn profits!

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