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Moneybot Review: Is it A Scam or Legitimate Binary Option? — 8 Comments

  1. well if it smells and looks like a scam, it probably is a scam! and this moneybot program for sure looks shady! The fact that you cannot know who is behind it, have to invest money (which they don’t seem to be upfront about) and the very tiny warning that you might lose that money, are all warning signs. I certainly would not invest anything in Moneybot. Thanks for your great review

    • That’s right Emily!
      Too many binary option trading out there that gives no value other than misleading claim to financial success. They make things seem to be automated and require little to no work. The reality is you have to risk your money with them. A big red flag to sign up for its opportunity.

  2. Very well done review. I like how you put everything. Very easy to read. I am currently with WA now but this look like something I may do later so we shall see. Thanks for this.


    • That’s great AJ!
      You can always try new things and see how it goes.
      You will never know if you don’t even try 🙂

  3. Moneybot seems way too good to be true. I don’t trust any automated trading software, however, I do believe there is opportunity for profit in the markets. Like you mentioned above, you have to educate yourself in order to make winning trades most of the time. This way, you at least have control over your investments instead of leaving it in the hands of some complicated software like Moneybot.

    Instead of taking a shortcut like this and probably losing money with it, I’d suggest that people educate themselves on proven investment strategies. None are foolproof. Even expert traders lose on trades from time to time. But you have to educate yourself and be disciplined to profit from the markets – shortcuts don’t work. Take care!

    • You are absolutely right Matt!
      People often fall into the get rich quick scheme where the income is automated. The truth that it never exists nor it will. Although it’s true that some people make a lot of money doing binary option, but if you look at their past experience, those winners learn hard and face a lot of failure as well. The point is, you have to learn, apply, make mistakes, adjust, and improve. When someone say there is a tool to make you money without those skills, it is definitely a SCAM.

  4. on of the best ways people can trush yall on line moneybot is to let people gain access for free an then take the money ..the deposit out as ya make some money ..that will be nice

  5. I believe everyone and anyone could be victims of online fraudsters,

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