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Within this Moneybot Review, you will know whether is it a scam or legitimate binary option for you to invest in. I stumbled upon this opportunity and found it quite interesting, but there is something missing. So bare with me as I am going to show you the reason WHY you might want to avoid this sort of trading stuff!


Moneybot Review

moneybot review is it a scamPlatform Name : Moneybot

Website :

Owner : Unkown (in partner with Utrader)

Price : FREE ($300 minimum Investment)

Overall Ranking : 30 Out of 100


What is Moneybot?

This so called automated trading robot promised you to earn on financial market automatically by using its complicated machine. This automation tool is expected to put together analyzing hundreds of assets, signals and trends with a user-friendly interface that lets you watch your profits to come in by just clicking a few buttons. Is it even real? NO!

what is moneybotThe problem with this opportunity is that you don’t even know whether the system works or not. You let your emotion controls you to believe it exists and getting rich quick with no effort is possible.

Believe me, it will never happen. Otherwise, I would be laying down on the beach drinking coconut water. Fortunately, there is a way to earn passive income online, however NOT with those risky binary options trading platforms which have exaggerate claim. Well before that, let’s talk more about Moneybot.


The Good & The Bad

The Good

There are few things that I like about Moneybot binary option platform:

  • Less hype compare to other platforms.
  • You can earn up to 85% of profitable trades.


The Bad

And some aspects that I don’t like:

  • No Live Support.
  • You don’t know the person behind its platform.
  • They never show you how to use the tool within the sale video.
  • There is also no minimum investment mentioned there. Every trading platform has it!
  • The video information is too simple and not clear.


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What Moneybot Failed to Tell You

Despite whatever nonsense hype they bombard you, binary options always involve high risk of losing money. You cannot expect to win most of the time. You can, but you need to educate yourself first. When they say no experience or knowledge required, that is half true. Someone still need to learn the basic, financial management, and other analysis. Can a tool automate all of these? If there is one, they will not promote it to you. Just think about it!

Now if you assume that I just making up things. I will show you a screenshot of Moneybot risk disclosure. And just to let you know that every binary options trading has this in the bottom of the page. Click on the image to enlarge:

moneybot risk disclosureIt says  “Investing into Binary Options carries high risk of loosing a part of investments or of the whole budget.” Do you know how they try to make things deceitful? Yes!  A small warning in the bottom which totally different from the claim.


How Much You Need to Deposit

You should already know that Moneybot is partnering with Utrader. This is like a cross marketing where they send you to other places. Now, when you sign up for the account. You need to at least deposit $300 for the broker before start trading. Here is Utrader Account Types:

utrader account type

How do you like that? Once you give your phone number information, get ready to be called by the brokers! Trust me, they will never stop until you deposit at the minimum of $300. It happens to me before, and I am sure it will do the same to you.



With limited information on how to trade properly, I would urge you to AVOID Moneybot!


My Advice

I really encourage you to forget about trading or binary option If you are completely new to it. It is risky! Don’t put your hard-earned cash on the line alright. As being someone that had been in your shoe, I highly recommend you to learn about online marketing. This opportunity is much safer and steady. But you need to get rid of “get rich quick” mindset. Again, it NEVER exists.

Doing online marketing however is a process to make money online without to have an existing business. You can always generate decent to full time passive income just by working at home. Now, you can learn all about this from absolute zero to perhaps hero. I suggest you to check out my FREE online marketing platform that teaches everything in it. The free trial is worth to try. Read more about it within my #1 recommendation platform review.


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That’s all I have for Moneybot review. I hope you can determine whether it is a scam or legit. But I advice you to avoid it. Anyway, please share this information if it helps, and comment below for your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you 🙂


Your friend,

Edy Chandra



Moneybot Review: Is it A Scam or Legitimate Binary Option? — 6 Comments

  1. well if it smells and looks like a scam, it probably is a scam! and this moneybot program for sure looks shady! The fact that you cannot know who is behind it, have to invest money (which they don’t seem to be upfront about) and the very tiny warning that you might lose that money, are all warning signs. I certainly would not invest anything in Moneybot. Thanks for your great review

    • That’s right Emily!
      Too many binary option trading out there that gives no value other than misleading claim to financial success. They make things seem to be automated and require little to no work. The reality is you have to risk your money with them. A big red flag to sign up for its opportunity.

  2. Very well done review. I like how you put everything. Very easy to read. I am currently with WA now but this look like something I may do later so we shall see. Thanks for this.


    • That’s great AJ!
      You can always try new things and see how it goes.
      You will never know if you don’t even try 🙂

  3. Moneybot seems way too good to be true. I don’t trust any automated trading software, however, I do believe there is opportunity for profit in the markets. Like you mentioned above, you have to educate yourself in order to make winning trades most of the time. This way, you at least have control over your investments instead of leaving it in the hands of some complicated software like Moneybot.

    Instead of taking a shortcut like this and probably losing money with it, I’d suggest that people educate themselves on proven investment strategies. None are foolproof. Even expert traders lose on trades from time to time. But you have to educate yourself and be disciplined to profit from the markets – shortcuts don’t work. Take care!

    • You are absolutely right Matt!
      People often fall into the get rich quick scheme where the income is automated. The truth that it never exists nor it will. Although it’s true that some people make a lot of money doing binary option, but if you look at their past experience, those winners learn hard and face a lot of failure as well. The point is, you have to learn, apply, make mistakes, adjust, and improve. When someone say there is a tool to make you money without those skills, it is definitely a SCAM.

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