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Marketing and Networking University Review – Is it Worth? — 10 Comments

  1. What $99/mth for crappy support and mediocre training? I can get 100 times faster and better support, and 100 times better step-by-step training for half the price. The place I am talking about is Wealthy Affiliate, like you have recommended. It is actually nice to see that you have done your homework before recommending people.

    Great Job!!! Keep it up!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    • Hello Jack,
      MNU sure has far lower quality compare to Wealthy Affiliate. In the online marketing industry, support is the most important aspect and this is only available in my recommended platform. Too many often I see great platform but lack of this, WA has everything in one place and it has NO hidden upsell.

  2. Hi, Edy!

    Thanks for the great review.
    I agree I do not like upsells myself and that is a very big turn off.
    Keep the reviews coming!


    • Hi Shawn,
      Yes we all hate upsells. Many gurus out there leverage this sort of strategy, but forget the BIG picture here. It is to provide VALUE to people, not just wanting their money. That’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as it genuinely helps people make money online without confusing upsells strategy.

  3. That looks like a whole lot of upsells! Any program with that money upsells especially those annoying hidden ones are downright scams because that shows that the owner is more interested in your money rather than actually helping you to succeed. A disgrace for the name university since its not very newbie-friendly at all. Great review Edy, keep it up!

    • It has been a tough time comparing online marketing platform after another one. Discover that this MNU not that newbie-friendly. It might work for experience marketer, but it won’t sustain that long with low quality training inside there.

  4. Just been reading through these reviews and have to say that I don’t quite understand the point about not being newbie friendly.. We have a quick start guide and a beginners section which we have numerous positive reviews for. We have a free membership for anyone to share their own training in whatever subject they choose.. Are main products are Marketing tools and we have clearly stated what they are and what level they can be found on.. We do have currently 2 paid memberships offering different levels of value. We also are working on a 3rd level and this is well documented and is shown in the compensation plan on the site and is not hidden as suggested. People can choose to come onto our platform and utilise the tools and we offer a refund policy for those that are not satisfied. We have manu extremely happy members and it might be worth my while showing them this site to leave their reviews on..

    • Hi Steve,
      It is just my opinion as a beginner. Everyone has the right to judge MNU.
      As I said, it is risk FREE. By all means people can give it a try.
      However, I am just suggesting others to give my recommendation a shot too 🙂
      NO bad intention here to your Platform. In fact, I like the advanced tools inside MNU.


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