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Is ZNZ a Scam? Read My ZipNadaZilch Full Review — 15 Comments

  1. Hi Ady, I really appreciate all the helpful info here. It’s good to get the honest truth. I went onto ZipNadaZlich’s website because I’m really serious about making money online and their website looks professional… but I’ve been scammed so many times I thought I would a little research before doing anything – and that’s how I got here and I’m glad I did!

    ZNZ sounds like I have to spam all of my friends and family on Facebook just to try and scrape my money back – no thanks.

    I don’t understand why there are so many scammers and con artists – it’s really hard to know who to trust.

    I’ve just read your full review of Wealthy Affiliate and I really like the fact the idea that I can try it first without paying anything. It looks like there’s lots of training there but can it actually help you to make any money online? I am looking to stop my call centre job and work online full-time if possible…

    Many thanks, appreciate your help.

    • Hello Simon,
      I’m sorry for your experience within ZNZ. There are many folks ended up same as you did. I myself was pitched with thousands of dollar program. We need to be smart and adapt to online environment in order to succeed. I know it’s tough, but you have to persevere!

      As for Wealthy Affiliate, it works! Absolutely. I have researched about it and many of the members are making full time income online. Just follow the training and ask questions if you have doubt. A real business will take time to grow, but it will pay off later. BUT make sure you stick with your plan, do NOT get distracted. Just focus on building your website, sure it will attract people that have the same interest as yours.
      Good Luck to you.

      Let me know if you have anything to ask. I’d love to help you as much as I can 🙂

  2. Hi Edy, this is a very useful information you provide here about ZipNadaZilch. I am sure you will save many people from trouble with this text. I myself find it nicely written. Many thanks for posting it. Jovo

    • Hi Jovo,
      This kind of opportunity is not suitable for building an online business and generate full-time income. People are often led to misleading approach in making money online. Sadly, they keep falling to the same hole again and again.
      I am glad that you find article nice written. Thank you for the feedback!

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for the very useful information on this post. There are so many scams when it comes to make money online, and sometimes it is too difficult to spot them.

    Great to have sites like yours to help us spot the scams and save us not only time, but money.

    • Hello Alma Kulmala,
      You are right, there are tons of scam outside. I would not say ZNZ is one of them, because it will depend on individuals on how they look at it and benefit from it. However, there are a better option to build a real online income and support us financially.

  4. I am really glad to see this review, saved me some money mate, Thank you very much. I will see your other articles, and I will also recommend this site to my money making friends.

    • Sure Lyubomir.
      I will keep reviewing bad online education platform to you and my readers. I am happy to help them move forward and succeed eventually.

  5. As soon as I saw your ranking of 20 out of 100 I knew what was to come. And every word I read after was just sad. Why are there such companies out there? Thank you for unveiling another scam! I mean, they want your credit card information when it is free? Really? Nothing about this sounds legit.

    • Yes Sarah. Not the best way to make money online with ZilchNadaZilch. Too cheesy and not professional. The training is no good for beginners. I would highly recommend them to Wealthy Affiliate and start the real online business that can set them financially free!

    • The Znz capture system has nothing to do with BTW, is not a scam. It is an Incentivized Freebie Website, short “IFW”. as well as other networks were created as a home biz opp to supplement your income and designed around the activity that most people do daily which is to shop online.

      The idea behind it is that you first sign up with and choose any of their subsites. Once you do this you are to Try out an offer or product that you “GENUINELY LIKE”! MEANING, you are going to complete a trial offer or buy a product because you actually want this product and because you a trying to Scam the Offer companies. has never asked anyone to Cancel a product.

      Naturally common sense dictates if something is wrong with the product you do Cancel but you are not to sign up to the Zipnadazilch IFW network to commit Fraud.

      You see IFW Networks are the Equivalent to “Commercial Advertising”. In commercial Advertising they have a few seconds to get your attention though at the same time this Ad is mass distributed Nationwide if Not Worldwide, this Equates to a large sum of real customers and it justifies the cost of those expensive commercials.

      Well in the early 2000’s a more cost effective and budget proof idea was born to create “Massive Referrals” for “Businesses”.

      The introduction of an Incentive Rewarding System called “Incentivized Freebie Websites aka “IFW’s” ensured Businesses the Guarantee of Qualified Genuine Leads that would Buy or Try their product.

      This Clever effort and platform not only satisfied their respective clients and drummed up great revenue for themselves but at the Same time they Implemented a Work at home business opportunity for customers who bought or tried a product/offer. We see landing pages everyday of completing offers, especially via file upload websites and they have you fill out offers just for the sake of downloading a file or watching a Video.

      The Incentivized Freebie Websites has Afforded the average person to make a great income from home. This system is genuine and works “WHEN PEOPLE ARE NOT SCAMMING”.


      Capture page systems marketing systems, funnel systems, all in one systems “Are individually owned and created to catapult the amount of referrals the private individual who bought the system gets which by the way is clever for the referral to do but by the same token a lot of people who are buying into these funnel systems have no clue about why and how the idea of incentivized freebie networks came about and they are creating all of these videos telling people to cancel.

      No, no, no “You are supposed to buy or try a product Because you want it, need it or are genuinely interested to Buy it”!!!

      Let me explain something this is the reason why atleast 200+ IFW Networks “Closed their Doors 3-7 years ago because too many people were scamming the IFW Networks.

      You see the IFW Networks have an obligation with their Clients “The Businesses” and they in turn “Share their profits with you for participating in the Home Business Opportunity and Bringing in “Legitimate Referrals”.

      This opportunity is not for everyone and the only reason that it is targeted towards young and new to the biz people is because as an added measure to prevent fraud “You are not allowed to complete the same offer twice only 1 Time”.

      The reason it is targeted at low income people is the obvious “People with money would more than likely start a business with a storefront, cafe, restaurant, boutique and the list goes on.

      The IFW Networks have STRICT guidelines and Rules to be adhered and the sad part is that most people coming from those capture systems have no clue and won’t take the time to read through the network because they’ve been taught what to do by some “non-expert portraying to be one”. This leads to a lot of frustrated referrals who complete offers and then they don’t get credited for it because they did it wrong and or didn’t follow proper protocol.


      …and a few others that I can’t remember right now “Have NOTHING to do with the Funnel systems that people sign up to and then have to sign up to other business opps and pay monthly Fees.

      Extremely Important: The reason Zipnadazilch says it is completely Free to Join, is because it is “Completely Free to Join their networks and Similar ones as well”.

      I want readers to understand that in joining these IFW Networks what you are doing is going through them to find a better deal on a product you like, want or would like to try and at the same time you are giving yourself the opportunity to make supplemental income by referring others to these IFW Networks through your own personal link that you will get once the offers that you have completed has been approved. Note: No IFW Network will tell you which offers to try because that would be a Business suicide, they are interested in people who want to genuinely check out the “Offers on their Site”.

      So we can agree that it would not be productive for them which leads me to the next thing, it is considered fraud for someone to tell you which offer to try.

      You don’t have to chase down your family or friends to enjoy the benefits of this industry, you just have to get creative with how you promote it.

      Especially now a days where people are constantly bashing these networks and it’s sad because more and more IFW networks are closing their Doors due to Fraud and also all of the unjust negative publicity.

      While I have a good idea about wealthy affiliate and believe it to be worthy of evaluation and joining…

      I’m also an experienced mentor who’s worked with IFW networks back in the day where there were 200-500 of them, I have seen my favorite networks close their doors. Back in the day we had so many offers that we could choose to try and many, many of them were free trial offers. I remember there would be 7-10 pages with 60 -80 offers on each page BUT Scammers and Fraudsters put an “End to all of that and caused many Businesses to PULL their offers from the Networks”.

      This in turn caused networks to shut their doors, they didn’t want to deal with all the stink that other networks have had to endure because people are quick to point fingers and have not realized that “Thousands of families have been able to make it through the bad economics times because of this amazing platform that IFW Networks created. It is truly sad that people don’t really take the time to evaluate the Freebie Industry. When I started I came in through a popular program that was free if you completed offers but I didn’t want to go through all of that because I wanted to learn right away and I paid the $39.99.

      They teach you the history of how IFW Networks came to be and How the work from home opportunity was created and the benefits for the individual wanting to work at home. The last thing I want to mention is that the reason you get paid daily is because when you first join and complete the requirements for the particular network you chose and then get approved, you will receive your own referral link.

      The opportunity is intended for people who are interested and take action everyday, so if you have say “Tom” going online and creating multiple ways of self-promotion daily then once people sign up under his link successfully, Tom will see daily payments but of course we all know that not everyone is committed to their goals.

      You will find that in any endevour that you do, if you do not learn about, get the tools for it, the resources and or the product and marketing plan “you will lose”.

      PS “Sorry for the long post and thank you for reading”,

      • Hi Ivonne,
        Thanks for explaining the process of ZNZ platform and sharing your personal experience.
        Inevitably, there is always pros and cons of something. People often time are misled to the opportunity. The platform itself may not be a scam, but the referral however, try to give false promises on the vitcims. This is absolutely NOT right. I really encourage others to double check the product & service before joining. Don’t get fooled by the fake claims.

        • Thank you Edy, my advice to anyone interested in IFW’s is to go through a mentor because capture page systems are designed to create an unlimited stream of interested referrals and the learning steps are already pre-written so that everything is automated which is why Referrals are not getting the Proper help, tutorial and guidance.

          Most of these systems are designed to enable the buyer of that system to add multiple streams of income, this may look good to the buyer but to me it’s an over kill and leaves people uninformed and frustrated.

          Don’t get me wrong I believe these capture systems “WORK for Everyone INVOLVED’ if and only when they STICK to One thing and most of ALL, “Maintain COMMUNICATION w THE person signing into your Downline.

          Well Edy, I wish you the best and thanks for letting me post…

    • “Attention please I apologize the third paragraph was corrected, please read below”…

      MEANING, you are going to complete a trial offer or buy a product because you actually want this product and because you are NOT trying to Scam the Offer companies. has never asked anyone to Cancel a product.

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