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Here is my pure experience whether or not is worldventures a scam. Is it a pyramid scheme or legitimate company, are your uplines tell you the whole stories about it, are the top guys really approach people the way they teach you? Lets find out below the truth about it :

Worldventures mission

Worldventures Review

WorldVentures foundersName : Worldventures
Website :
Prices : GOLD MEMBER $199.99 one time + $54.99(50 pts)/month
PLATINUM MEMBER $299.99 one time + $99.99(100 pts)/month
Business Representative $99.95 one time + $10.99/month
-prices varies in different countries-
Owners : Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent
Overall Rank : 70 out of 100


Worldventures Product Overview

Worldventures Product, DreamtripsWorldventures product is Dreamtrips with a banner “YOU SHOULD BE HERE“. It is a travel club membership that give you the ability to save money while travelling and converts it into roviabucks. When you join, you will be given a dreamtrips website which is also a travel booking website that finds the lowest airfare available in the flight industries. You can also choose to become its independent representative and refer the product to friends and families or even strangers. By doing so, you will be earn some commission if they chose to join. Below is the compensation plan video by Jefferson Santos.



Quite intriguing huh?! Well, it is not that easy. The last time I shared this to my friends, I was made fun by them. They said I was scammed and wasted my money. Well, I was ashamed though. However, I am positive of this because I have done tons of research before joining it. That’s what an enginner does 🙂 . Things that make Worldventures bad is that the business representative. The product works just fine and excellent. Only the independent representative part that make people sick and think it is a scam. The fact that it is just difficult to promote for a newbie. It takes time and good mentality to become a seller although they insist to call it as “sharing” and who have time for it right?

Below is my real story how I get to know Worldventures. You can skip it if you want 🙂


How Did I Get Involved with Worldventures

Before knowing a thing about worldventures, I am still a college student majoring in Mechanical Engineering. That time I was on my way home and saw a blind old man had a difficulty trying to cross the road. As I was taught to help an old people, I helped him crossing the road. After helping him, he introduced himself and asked what I do. I replied that I’m a student. He then asked me whether or not I would be interested to work part-time. I said I will consider it later. The old man instead chose to give me his e-business card from his electronic device. In his e-business card, he had 3 websites, 1 for genesis-pure [supplement company] and another 2 are travelling website with and I then went home and said bye to him.

I had nothing to do as I get home and prefer to call that old man. He arranged a coffee meeting for me at a food court about 3 km near my place. After arriving there, I was introduced to another person which is the 3rd party. At first I thought they owned a travel company or something, but as they explain more, I was a little bit interested. So I decided to follow them to an office. Actually I did follow them to a seminar for both offers. It was an experience that I was new to it. So I end-up meeting with them for 4-5 times.

In one meeting we head up to Worldventures’ representative office under F6Global, in there they provide trainings, business opportunity, and customer services. I was then enter the seminar room and watch the presentation about Worldventures product which is Dreamtrips. It shows many enticing videos and all the fun they have. I was triggered. But I was a student and I dont have the fund yet. It took me twice to finally purchase Worldventures product.


The Good

  • Worldventures trainingThe product we buy is converted to points. So, not a bad deal at all. Lets say we choose Gold membership for $199.99, we will be granted 200 points and it can be applied directly to our next trip with a year of maturity. (basically, we are saving for our next trip with Dreamtrips)
  • Worldventures provides some trainings that is good for self-development.
  • Rovia price pledge that pays you 150% of the price difference if you can find a cheaper airfare/hotel/cruise in the same day.
  • RateShrinker automatically helps you find a lower price & refunds the savings to your credit card.
  • They actually do have money back guaranteed of 14 days depending on the each country policy.
  • Give us opportunity to travel and earn money at the same time.


The Bad

  • worldventures top marketers secretThey make it seems to be easy doing its business, but the fact that it is not.
  • There are actually many cheaper deals compare to dreamtrips offer. (You can’t ask for the refund easily)
  • The trainings are old way method on approaching prospect.
  • We chase friends, family and strangers (you know the feeling of being rejected).
  • The uplines or top guys never teach the whole story of building a successful business.
  • It is a nightmare to follow their trainings that can have less than 10% of success chances.


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Who is Worldventures for?

having fun with dreamtripsIt is for someone that love to travel with a group of people and networking with them. It is the best especially for professional markerter. If you noticed those who are making serious money in this company, they have marketing background before joining Worldventures. I bet they are using online marketing techniques to achieve their position now not merely just by approaching people.

It is definitely not for someone who wants to get rich quick with its business system. Moreover, they will never teach you step-by-step on how to build a successful business system. All they do is to make you believe that hard work will result some day. Well, it is time to work smart NOT work hard. There are many easy approach to prospect than what you think is possible.


Tools & Trainings

worldventures tools and trainingsWorldventures provide tools like apps, videos presentation, and seminars that help you monetize your prospects. As for training, some of the them are costly in my opinion, simply because I am still a student. It is great though to join the trainings, we can meet different people with unique background. Overall, the trainings are good when we are there and immerse with its atmosphere. However, it turns out to be fading once we leave the training. We get back to normal activity which I think is a waste of time.



worldventures supportThe support is okay. One of the support desk is CTS (Call to Action). Again, they dont tell you the whole story of how you can expand your business.  As many people think that Worldventures is a Pyramid Scheme, the fact that it is not. It is completely normal to refer other people to its product [Dreamtrips]. It is called Pyramid Scheme only when there is no product to promote and you just simply recruit new people. I was shocked that all of the company including educational section like schools also use the same structure of referring. This is how marketing system works and apply to all sectors of life. Just ask yourself this, does your employers get paid when they refer you to work with the company? It is a mini-pyramid scheme 🙂 Seriously, it is just the structure looks like pyramid. The only illegal pyramid structure is when we refer someone and we dont give them a value. (period)



dreamtrips pricesPrices for Worldventures will depend on your desire to use it. If you travel more than twice a year, Platinum will be great. If you are travelling at least once a year, then Gold is fine too. I DO NOT advice people to join just because wanted to make money easily.  Most people spend thosands of dollar with the hope to get rich quick with joining every single training Worldventures has to offer. That’s insane! Trust me, it will never happen. It takes years.



Worldventures has a legitamate product that worth to give a try for those travel seeker. However, it will take some time to do the business as it can be very intimidating.

Legitimate company


My Suggestion

verdictI will be giving you 3 choices below :

#1. You can forget about Worldventures and continue what you are doing as usual 🙂

#2. If you are new to it and love to travel at least once a year with fun people, then Worldventures would be great for you as it has an awesome product. You can have fun with other travellers and improves life quality. You can become a member and enjoy the product.

#3. If you are already into it and want to build a successful business out of it. I will recommend a platform that hopefully can help you expand it.

Either way, life will be more beautiful to live with more information and truth towards something. We need a whole picture to decide our direction and enjoy the ride eventually. I hope you get to decide whether is Worldventure a scam. Feel free to hit the share buttons and drop a comment below as it will give more information to other folks 🙂  All the best to your successful future!


Your friend,

Edy Chandra




Is Worldventures A Scam — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you for choice number 3! Worldventures is too expensive in my eyes. Wealthy Affiliate was the better choice for me and I really enjoy the training there. Besides that the community is so nice and everyone helps you!

    Again, thank you for your honest review and thank you for your tip number three.


    • Hello Pierre, yes indeed. Worldventures is suitable for those traveller that are looking for more fun stuff in group tours. But for me, it is a great experience and service as I get stressed out and need a vacation :P. Another awesome service that I agree is Wealthy Affiliate online marketing platform which teaches us step-by-step skills to market effectively with no cost to start. Awesome stuff there! When I first joined, I get the atmosphere right to my stomach and decided to stay 🙂 Supportive community, Great trainings and Tools that none can compare!

  2. Thanks for explaining how WorldVentures is not a scam. I particularly appreciate how you lay out the pros and cons and can see where the product itself is helpful for people who like to travel. However, the marketing concept sure seems off-putting. At least it is for me. Also, like someone else mentioned here, WorldVentures seems a bit on the pricey side.

    • Hello Gary,
      Well, Worldventures is not a scam, but some of their representatives are, in the way they explain the business opportunity. This is where things get escalated badly. The product is awesome to enjoy, but not the buiness. The business is not easy to promote as its compensation plan look like pyramid scheme. Through tons of research, I concluded that Worldventures is a great platform for providing tourism quality to its customers not its business.

  3. Im with worldventures for 3weeks n dnt hve anyone tht signed in. I need to pay the loan n membership fee. Wat do i do? I dnt wana quit

    • Hi Suvashna Chetty,
      Sure you find Worldventures has a good product.
      Here if you want to promote it to people who are interested in travelling, you might want to learn about online marketing. This will help you reach your audience, and offer your related product/service. But bare in mind, that this should benefit them.

      You can take a look at my #1 recommendation platform where you can master everything you need to build a successful online business based on your passion 🙂

        • Hello Suvashna,
          Network Marketing is a tough business. You can hardly succeed without proper guidance.
          So make sure to seek mentor for help.
          Alternatively, you can join my #1 recommendation platform to learn HOW to promote your network marketing opportunity. It has free-trial, so don’t worry 🙂

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