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Is Worldventures A Scam — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you for choice number 3! Worldventures is too expensive in my eyes. Wealthy Affiliate was the better choice for me and I really enjoy the training there. Besides that the community is so nice and everyone helps you!

    Again, thank you for your honest review and thank you for your tip number three.


    • Hello Pierre, yes indeed. Worldventures is suitable for those traveller that are looking for more fun stuff in group tours. But for me, it is a great experience and service as I get stressed out and need a vacation :P. Another awesome service that I agree is Wealthy Affiliate online marketing platform which teaches us step-by-step skills to market effectively with no cost to start. Awesome stuff there! When I first joined, I get the atmosphere right to my stomach and decided to stay 🙂 Supportive community, Great trainings and Tools that none can compare!

  2. Thanks for explaining how WorldVentures is not a scam. I particularly appreciate how you lay out the pros and cons and can see where the product itself is helpful for people who like to travel. However, the marketing concept sure seems off-putting. At least it is for me. Also, like someone else mentioned here, WorldVentures seems a bit on the pricey side.

    • Hello Gary,
      Well, Worldventures is not a scam, but some of their representatives are, in the way they explain the business opportunity. This is where things get escalated badly. The product is awesome to enjoy, but not the buiness. The business is not easy to promote as its compensation plan look like pyramid scheme. Through tons of research, I concluded that Worldventures is a great platform for providing tourism quality to its customers not its business.

  3. Im with worldventures for 3weeks n dnt hve anyone tht signed in. I need to pay the loan n membership fee. Wat do i do? I dnt wana quit

    • Hi Suvashna Chetty,
      Sure you find Worldventures has a good product.
      Here if you want to promote it to people who are interested in travelling, you might want to learn about online marketing. This will help you reach your audience, and offer your related product/service. But bare in mind, that this should benefit them.

      You can take a look at my #1 recommendation platform where you can master everything you need to build a successful online business based on your passion 🙂

        • Hello Suvashna,
          Network Marketing is a tough business. You can hardly succeed without proper guidance.
          So make sure to seek mentor for help.
          Alternatively, you can join my #1 recommendation platform to learn HOW to promote your network marketing opportunity. It has free-trial, so don’t worry 🙂

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