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is UserTesting Legit? 2018 Review – Don’t Waste Your Time! — 3 Comments

  1. Hello
    Usertesting .com seems to be a complete waste of time.
    I wonder why people would spend their precious time on something that doesn’t give a return.
    I agree with that the best way to learn about creating an online income is with affiliate marketing.
    I started learning about this method 5 years ago and now work full time from home. Perfect.
    Thanks for head up about Usertesting.

    • Hi Jackie,

      Indeed a waste of time. You are better off creating a long lasting Affiliate Marketing business rather than getting paid a few bucks from UserTesting.

      With your own Affiliate site, you control how much you want to earn. Some affiliate (including myself) can even make $100 per day. This is huge compare to survey sites or any other testing products site.

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