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  1. Hi Edy,

    Excellent reviews. I like the objectivity and the validity of the report. I have seen first hand where site owners sometimes pay persons to give positive reviews when indeed they are scammers.

    I was told of Wealthy Affiliate and I just did not take the person’s word for it. I took the necessary steps and did my due diligence.
    Having satisfied my curiosity, I was convinced that it is legitimate.

    I am now a proud member and spreading the good news to others.

    • Hi Ingrid,

      There are indeed plenty of misguided programs all over the web. Most of them implement MLM structure to earn the most out of the new comers. As for Traffic Authority, I heard that they have modified the compensation plan, but still I don’t think it is a good platform. Their Cost Per Click Traffic packages are very expensive. It is very hard to convert your referral and make sales especially if you are a newbie.

      I would rather recommend Wealthy Affiliate where people can build a solid online business based on their passion instead of promoting the same damn thing in Traffic Authority. All in all, my #1 recommendation is much better in term of trainings, support, network, and price. Besides, too good to be true promise reflect a scam which no one would believe anymore.

  2. Wow, the claims that Traffic Authority make are unbelieveable. Who in there with rightful mind would spend that much money to buy a program before promoting it themselves!

    Plus they are not asking for small amounts of money either. To some people this is a huge amount of money and for others hard earned money towards the retirement fund.

    It is good that sites like your are bringing these unscrupulous programs into the light so that people can avoid them.

    All the best and keep up the great work you are doing.


    • Hello Lis,

      I myself don’t like the sound of MLM opportunity because I had been there before. It is nearly impossible for beginners to make good money without spending a lot of hard-earned cash. At the end of the day, you might be losing more instead of profiting from the system. What is even odd, your income would also depend on a team. This usually takes years to make a good revenue.

      If we look at the Infinite Leverage marketing plan, it seems to be awesome. But the reality would far from the hype trust me! Just think about it. What would happen to the people at the very bottom? They might suffer the most from the unethical system. Besides, there is NO REAL value provided in Traffic Authority but a bunch of exaggerated claim.

  3. LOL, you got NONE of this correct. LOL The claims are NOT exaggerated. There ARE NO purchase requirements except a $20 license fee. You don’t have to pay ANYTHING BEFORE you can promote it. You can create a FREE account at anytime and begin making sales.
    As for products, you’re an idiot and clearly don’t do any marketing online if you have not used the products they sell. You’ve never heard of constant contact, GetResponse, Aweber, ?

    You couldn’t be more wrong in your review.

    • Thanks for you comment Dave. First of all, you don’t have to pay a dime to join Traffic Authority. And I clearly mentioned that you only need to purchase products from Infinate leverage first before promoting it. Without the products, this is merely a Pyramid Scheme. And if you said I was wrong, then you are just a donkey that pray to get rich by doing nothing. The second sales video of Traffic Authority explains in details that you HAVE TO PAY for the products before making money out of it, OR you promote the product for your uplines three times then afterwards will be yours. Go ahead and join the program, I never force anybody to believe my insights here. See how far you can go with its system.

      Yes I know those three providers. GetResponse and Aweber are e-mail autoresponders, and Leadpages is a landing page provider. What’s the point mentioning them? Are they relevant to this? I don’t think so!

        • Scam has a lot of meaning. It doesn’t mean they take your money and run away.
          Just think about it! The opportunity itself is based on theoritical and what you will learn is not a long term value.
          Of course you can make money with Traffic Auhority. Heck, you can make a lot of money with it if you are a professional Online Marketer. But at the end of the day, you want to give VALUE to your audience, not simply directing them into a repeated pyramid scheme cycle!
          If you want this type of scheme, I have hundreds of them. Here the new one I just reviewed => Commission Check Club This program offer 7 different products that you can earn money without putting an effort, all in autopilot. Feel free to join them as well. See how you like it?

          • They must have made a lot of changes since you did this review. Because I just watched the video on the website because I was extremely interested. Then they said for $97/a month. But if you’re the “first 500” it would be for a discount of “$47/month”. So now they are charging .. And on top of that you have to pay for their products. I’ll pass. Thank you for your review !!

          • Hi Tee,
            That’s a bad sign. If they change the comp plan in the future, many members can be at disadvantage. This is a common problem in MLM opportunity, nothing last forever except real skills taught by ethical program. 🙂

  4. OMG, Vincent Ortega Jr just spent 2 hours on a Weiner trying to sell this thing. This is a sheme for the rich to make the Rich Richer. It is an mlm setup, and you do have to Recruit and
    Sell to make money. Sickening how Vincent was desperately trying to convince otherwise. Acting like he did not care if you join. BULL. looks like it’s not going to be bid like they promoted. Shut up then, if you don’t Need member like you say, getting scared? Yep. People started dropping out because they are not stupid in falling for this scam. If you don’t buy diamond level, you are not making money.

    • Hi Greg,
      The scheme doesn’t make sense at all. Especially when the product itself is a combination of MLM and traffic generation. This is completely unethical if it’s a true system. All of the members will be taught to get traffic only, but there is NO real value in teaching proper marketing technique. In order to build trust with your prospects, you need to give them value!

      What I see in Traffic Authority, hype after hype are bombarded to you. Besides, the packages are way expensive on average of $1 per click. You’d rather go to BingAds and get laser targeted lead with few cents only. At the end of the day, this type of opportunity doesn’t work for people who are just jumping into the world of Online Marketing. I really advice folks out there to avoid the gimmicks.

  5. Thank you Edy for your review on this company. Someone just recently sent me a message through Facebook wanting me to join this company. I looked at a couple of videos that the person forwarded and I told her I had to do some research. That is how I stumbled across this review of the company. Needless to say, thanks to your review I am running as fast as I can away from this company. Thanks again. Keep up the good work in making the public aware of companies like this one.

    • You are most welcome Zakiya!
      I had been through your situation before, so helping others really satisfy me a lot. There are indeed many deceitful programs that unethically promise easy money without putting some effort to do. The brutal truth is, Success requires hard work and dedication. You can’t simply wait traffic to pour in front of your business. You need to perform proper strategy to earn them, and build trust with your potential customers is critical. I am glad that you did some research before consider joining Traffic Auhority, sure your action will save your money and time. 🙂

      • Hi edy,

        Thanku for being so helpful, i was just about to enroll with these scams… But thanks to you… Now i am out of their RADAR… However… You mentioned Wealthy affiliate… Do u think they are actually genuine… Because I really wish to earn online, because i have lots of time… i do tech support from india, so don’t have money to invest on products or tools, but certainly have a lot of time and internet access, I even opened up my bing accounts and google adwords accounts, but could not reach far…… So if you could help me… that would really help me in a big way…

        • Hi Sunny.
          Never trust on something that is too good to be true.
          As for Wealthy Affiliate, unfortunately you can’t create free account to taste it since you are from India. But if you can commit $50/month (which includes domain name, web hosting, training, tool and support), then you are good to go. When I first started, my budget was $50 a month until I make my first sale within 4 months. I don’t know anything cheaper than that amount per month, unless you sign up for programs that doesn’t work. One thing I want to warn you, many platforms out there draw people with low start-up cost, then they bombard their members with expensive upsells. I just want you to be careful. Take Care~

    • This is NOT an unbiased review, this site is all about promoting Wealthy Affiliate… Note, I am NOT even involved with Traffic Authority either so not defending that program.. I could care less.

      • Hi Troy,
        I don’t blindly write content here and hard selling people to Wealthy Affiliate. I did a research on Traffic Authority and the program is predictable for someone like me. So why not recommending my readers something is more ethical, cheaper, and consist of supportive members? Traffic Authority is way too hard on their products. Only innocents who fall victim, and only people who wants money but provide no value that are willing to promote their Traffic products.

  6. You claim that everything else out there is a scam except of what you promote? What makes you an expert to review companies and products that you haven’t tested?
    What you do is unethical and can really cause you a lot of trouble. If you want to play fair and do an honest review then you should talk more about the company, the owners, the comp plan, the product and tell everyone about the pros and cons.
    Until you do that your blog is the worst place to read anything.
    Maybe you should rename it to

    • Hi Evan,
      What’s the point of mentioning pros and cons if the program is just a bait website? There are plenty of them out there that promise you easy money. Why don’t try each and everyone of them? I had been through many education platforms and I certainly know which one is being honest or bs. I appreciate your comment here, and good luck promoting a product that might flush your money down to the drain!

  7. Something funny about (and clearly a sign that they are, indeed, a scam) is that they mentioned repetitively in their videos and materials that they’ve been around for years (at one point for as long as 7 years), but if you check out their WHOIS data you’ll find out their domain name was only registered less than two months ago! This is ridiculous.

    • Hi Max!
      I want to personally welcome you to the world of Making Money online, where 95% of programs out there are scams. 🙂
      It doesn’t necessary they take your money, but the problem is, you are given misleading information and gimmicks about the truth of making money process. Deceitful marketers perfectly make things as innocent as possible. The only way you realize the whole scheme doesn’t work, is when you get stuck on their incredible expensive upsells.
      Anyway, you are very good. Thanks for the information, hope it will enlighten other folks here.

  8. Mr Edy, i read all your reply concerning the so called traffic authority. i have interest before but after reading all your comment i lost interest in joying the team. is there any site out there that is not a scam, or how can you know that this one is the right one?

    • Hi Dannie,
      It’s okay. I would never force you to join anything. I personally don’t believe what others say until I tried myself.
      If you want to learn how to make money online that works and ethical, I suggest to go for Chris Farrell Membership, Affilorama, or Wealthy Affiliate. These top 3 sites are teaching how to build a business based on your passion, not merely promoting the same product. But I prefer Wealthy Affiliate because they don’t bombard you with expensive upsells. The support is also excellent. Plus, the owners are active within the membership area engaging with new comers. You can try other platforms, I have no problem with that. It’s what works for me, and I had been to quite a number of deceitful programs, so I difintely know what I am talking about here. 🙂

  9. Hi Edy,

    Thanks for the helpful post.

    I wish i could have seen post before joining Traffic Authority.
    Now i realized that its Super fake.
    I’ve asked them for refund as per the 30Days refund policy. They told raise a support ticket, we’ll refund your money. Already did that, but no response from their side till now.
    Please tell me what to do.

    • Hi Rocky,
      I would be glad to provide you an insight of deceitful programs out there as I had tasted them before.
      As for your request, I would advice you to ask for assistance from your related bank account if they take too long to response.
      Tell them that you are not satisfied with the product, and show the proof of 30 days money back guarantee from Traffic Authority site. Hope it helps! 🙂

  10. I notice at this very bias report that the main objective is to GET YOU TO CLICK on his link to his SCAM I guess if that what we are call business oportunity these days ===> Find Out More About Wealthy Affiliate Platform Here! <=== Now that's my report .

    Must be compatishion I guess.

    Pretty Good Bull Shit artical!

    • Hi Charles,
      I do refer people to Wealthy Affiliate BECAUSE it WORKS! And it doesn’t consist of misleading information inside Traffic Authority. There are many programs all over the web that pitch with you their gimmicks. If you are someone who expect to become successful without putting the work, feel free to join each and everyone of them. I would more than happy to see you swimming in the pool full of cash. 🙂

  11. Hi Edy,

    I am left out of words in saying thanks to you with so much of efforts you have put replying every positive and negative feedbacks on the overall messages. Here s what I have to say, MLM or Internetmarketing at most times is masterminded by expert scammers. All the big cheaters get together and plot a complicated non achievable task involving huge funds. Their game is very simple lets take an example of an illusionist, its very easy for them to convince common people with what they do. The same tactics is used here. My suggestion is one needs to have sufficient funds to afford to loose them as 95% of sites these days are scams. Dont worry guys where there is a hell of loss there is some relief too. Try you would never regret making your dreams come true. I have been earning since the past 3 months. Its simple the funds does not go the the biggest fraud who designs the programs, I am referring to, its a big same, you get the creeps of complication when anyone even visits the site. I have been approached a number of times, but I thank god for keeping such satanic sites affecting to convince me. All the best and yes I have seen a number of guys taking up for I have something to say Balls to

    • Hello Neil,
      There are indeed many deceitful programs all over the web. It doesn’t matter what one thinks about. The best way to find out is to TRY IT YOURSELF! Finding a free one would be great as your credit card would not be in danger. Anyway, glad to see you found something works for you. At the end of the day, it will boil down to YOUR EFFORT!

  12. The biggest scam here is your manipulation of people. Do you think your “model” here is new? Create an seo site to bash other programs in order to direct them to your offer. Incite emotions with the use of heated propaganda words like “scam” to attract the naive, uninformed, inexperienced or uneducated…

    …and sell them your offer instead. Bait and switch. You’re unethical and immoral right from the start… and you want to talk about what is a “scam” or not? Too easy.

    And the people who follow you will be taught similar “skills” of unethical marketing under the guise of being a “consumer advocate” and they will try to trick people in the same way you’re doing this now.

    This is nothing new. This “method” has been taught since the early 2000s and before.

    You’re just another hypocrit… and worse… you’re spamming people via fb messages to get them here.


    • Hi Franco,
      I am sorry to say that I never sell anything. Anyone knows what Traffic Auhority is, and if they don’t like my review, they can move on to others. I prefer to show people a REAL opportunity to grow a proper online business rather than scamming their hard earned cash. I give people VALUE not hype. Feel free to give yourself a try, but don’t blame me if you are not getting any good results.
      Thank you for the comment. I appreciate your time to do it. 🙂

      • I just signed up with Traffic Authority and haven’t heard anything or gotten any information from them since they took my money. I don’t even know how to get a refund.

        • Hey Doris,

          I am sorry to hear that.

          You can either open a dispute from your Bank, or Paypal if you used it to make a purchase.

  13. Hi Edy,

    Here is how nutty the CEO of Traffic Authority is.. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL… I email the CEO Greg P. Chambers two questions…

    Question #1
    Watching the Tuesday Night Update… and Adam’s earnings was at $86,819.00… but he said MACK was the top earner… at $50K… are there two different commission leader boards? One inside the company which is private… and one that is public? That’s odd? You company talks about begin Transparent on every video?

    Question #2
    We have two back offices… why?


    Here’s a message from me personal as an owner here.. DON’T EVER EMAIL AGAIN WITH THIS TONE ———EVER!

    Being a member of Traffic Authority is a privilege. I have banned many from our FB group and terminated for TA for having the wrong attitude.

    We don’t need negative people. They fail 100% of the time….which has nothing to with companies they work with it has everything to do with them being unable to achieve a result from the their own efforts. Chose now because I don’t have time to waste.

    We are 100% transparent.

    I would recommend you focus on building your team and income which we both know is your main problem.

    Get to work!

    In your service,

    Greg P. Chambers
    Traffic Authority


    WOW…CRAZY TALK FOR A CEO… SO I DID A CHARGE BACK AND GOT MY $$$$ BACK ASAP…. I have been marketing products for over 15 years online.. and never had an experience like this.


    Then he sends me another email… here it is…

    Hi Jeff,

    You are a small thinker and unable to perform. We both know that’s your problem.

    Your correspondence to me had an unacceptable tone, and I told you exactly that. I don’t regret a single word. However, knowing that I would not change a single word in my message to you and I would have no problem discussing my comments about you with anyone.

    Traffic Authority is not for everyone. It is clearly not for you.

    With all your problems Jeff, I wish you well. Perhaps someday you’ll understand you’re responsible for your own behavior, results, and actions.

    In you service,

    Greg P. Chambers
    Traffic Authority



    • Hi Jeff,
      I understand your situation. Some companies are very rude toward their mediocre products. Just by looking at their traffic packages, you should know that those people are crazy. You are better off to perform PPC campaign with Google Adwords, BingAds or Facebook to get laser targeted traffic to your business. From the start I already don’t recommend this Traffic Authority. Too good to be true, and the services seem to have no manner from what you have written here. I hope you get your money back.
      Thanks for sharing your story. Let other members read and make adequate decision!

  14. Hello, I just wanted to say a few things .I read your review and I don’t agree with what you have to say about the owners or the company.I don’t know what happened between you and Greg but obviously you had a falling out of some kind and it’s a might thin slice of ham that doesn’t have two sides to it . So what I would tell anyone that want’s to do this type of business first all your going to get some bad and some good period it is up to you and you alone to find that stuff out.Now I would believe you that Franco was wrong if you didn’t promote anything, you just where giving a review and review I would like to see your proof that these things don’t work.Have you even bought traffic from them.(NO)It is not uncommon to see those type of prices for good traffic believe me their not the only game in town. I started in this business broke and knowing nothing,now I know something.People should learn seo,social,forum,paid and all the other ways to get Traffic. It takes time you need to find a person to follow and do what they do.I have listened to those calls and for the guy that’s all upset because Greg mispoke about two different peoples earnings well that happens.Stay as a free member sell 3 of each of the products you want to qualify for and then you can say it’s a scam if you can’t make any money it’s probably because you don’t know how. Until then your doing nobody any favors bashing others people businesses that is rule #1
    for me.Finally there will always be suckers to get money from but if you want to last in this business then your reputation is critical.So if you really have people best interest in mind tell them what you have and how you can help solve their problem.Don’t scare people into believing you to join your whatever it is you do.
    I just hope people are smart enough to know that when you have a huge successful business a few people will always hate on it.Your scam is fear Edy. Everbody’s doing it!

    • Hi Billy,
      Yes we must weight both good and bad about one particular product. There is no such thing as perfection in life. Many people have misinterpreted what the word called “SCAM” here. I want to clarify that everything mentioned in Traffic Authority is exaggerated and NOT appropriate for some folks. Yes the business does work, in fact I had been to a few MLM companies before. So I understand how the comp plan works. If you are someone who knows what you do, being successful in any program is possible.

      The reason WHY I think Traffic Authority is an unethical program, is because the gimmicks they bombarded to their members. It is way too much. So nothing wrong if you want to promote the product. It’s your decision, I am giving people a better alternative available that I know works! It is UP TO THE READERS to listen or not. I don’t force anyone here. 🙂

  15. This is nothing more than an over hyped pitch to get people to recruit other people into their “so called” traffic packages. I have yet to find anyone who can provide me with 100% proof that anyone is making money with their other offers EXCEPT Traffic Authority. The only proofs I see is fake testimonies, fake screenshots and NO proof that traffic is real or not to the other offers.

    Someone show me real proof (other then signing up more TA reps) that this traffic system “actually works” for other offers.

    • Hi John,
      Traffic Authority has indeed no proof. Most of their information is based on theory and I doubt that they were being honest. Besides, who want to pay for the expensive traffic packages? Only naive people do. It would be better to optimize getting clicks from search engines such as BingAds and Google Adwords rather than paying for shady products from TA.

  16. Greg Chambers – CEO of Traffic Authority said on August 28th in a email that…

    Vincent Ortega Jr., an affiliate for Traffic Authority made so far $43,780… then 72 hours later, he said he made over $100,000.. and he did all of this in his first 7 days in the business! So he was making around.. $14,000 a day? INTERESTING?

    And these affiliates made…
    Mack Zidan: $90,000 +
    Ankur Agarwal: $40,000 +
    Eric Bechtold: $40,000 +
    in 7 days too?

    Then I found out online, that Vincent Ortega Jr., Mack Zidan, Ankur Agarwal and Eric Bechtold are all best friends with the CEO Greg Chambers… and have been working this program under another company name for months… THESE GUYS ARE ALL IN ON THIS!!!

    This is… immoral, wrong, improper, unfair, shady, dishonest, unscrupulous, under-the-table, unprofessional, disreputable, underhand, unprincipled and dishonourable…

    Their Fictitious Name Is: TRAFFIC AUTHORITY < that is the name they go by according to the state of Florida.

    But this is the company behind the scam…

    • Hello JB,
      It is obvious that the program has NO VALUE at all. The sales videos bombard a lot of misleading information to the potential buyers so that they believe the traffic packages work. But unfortunately, the reality is FAR from the hype. I am sure most of Traffic Authority’s subscribers receive exaggerated claims and be placed in SPAM BOX. They try to hard-selling something that repeats itself in a cycle of people & money game without actual value. Although traffic is very important in any online business, but having to reject TA mediocre products will not be the end of the world. I really hate people promoting something that don’t benefit the consumers and only hoping to rip off their hard-earned cash. Those marketers exist all over the web. So it is better to be mindful of every decision you make!
      Anyway, only time will tell who’s right. 🙂

  17. I will start by saying I have never left a comment on anyone’s site. But a friend of mine told me to check this out…

    The things you are saying are crazy. You say “Traffic Authority is a scam”

    I’m sorry but I have made money with this program. It has changed my life.

    And to really think about it. Most other programs are dumb you pay all kinds of money for someone to teach you how to get traffic. Then you have to go out and put in work to get the traffic or buy solo ads or do PPC and so on Right?

    And you do those things only to make one sale per person right?

    Then you have to do it again to make more money right?

    With Traffic Authority the product is the traffic you will need anyway to make money…

    To me Traffic Authority is the answer to most people that’s were they fail is getting the right traffic to their business.

    Now when I first join this company I want to see if the traffic was fake so I didn’t do any other promotions for it I just bought a traffic package. And what happen was I started getting sales and would you believe that one of the first people to join me has been making all kinds of sales.

    So to answer your question is the traffic real it’s the best traffic I found online.

    And for the lady talking about the site is new yes it is that don’t mean the owners are…

    When I first join I put my last into this program and I am glad I did. This is the first program that will help anyone that believes and really try’s.

    You call programs Scams to get people here so you can offer them your so called great opportunity. Your the scam for talking about something you have not tried. just to get people here to join you in your program.

    I will leave you with this Traffic Authority for LIFE!!!!!!!!

    • Hi David,
      That’s great if you find the system works. Good for you! I am glad to see people spend a lot of money on things that they can actually get twice cheaper on other sides. Excellent!:)

  18. I was part of Traffic Authority when it was just in Beta. Upon Joining, the conversion was great. It was the first time I received big commissions in the mail. Now that the redid everything,it’s 10x better. You actually have a daily radio show where you can call in and talk to Gregg,Joe and Everybody. They host webinars directly 8 hours or so after the radio show. They put a lot of time into developing this company. This is the kind of business any newbie or intermediate entrepreneur need for your business. Training to grow your lists,training on how to master free and paid marketing and earning commissions off of traffic like a traffic broker or solo ad provider. I was gearing to create my own solo ad business till I found this. Maybe down the line I will but for now this opportunity is all I need and the solutions to many people problem when it comes to earning a living online.


  19. Traffic Authority is promoting that you buy their traffic (which is over $1 per click.. which is INSANE… to promote their opportunity/landing pages.. according to FTC guidelines.. that is ILLEGAL..BIG TIME‼ There are already complaints file with the FTC about their marketing and advertising tactics.

    • Yes indeed. Not worth the investment! If we look at the mindset of the traffic packages we bought, the conversion would be much lower because they were not looking for a solution. Most of them might be “click happy” visitors, or in some cases bot generated. On the other hand, when we use Search Engine Advertising Platform such as BingAds and Google Adwords, the results are much better. Besides, BingAds provides lower cost to get a click to your online business if you know the technique ~ which is RELEVANCY!

  20. Thanks soooo much for saving all of us from wasting precious time and money on a SCAMSTERS FUNNEL PROGRAM that only pays and provides the owners all the benefits…

    We need more folks like you EDY that are willing to state the truth about this scamsters program :-)(-:

    • You’re welcome Sonia!
      I would be glad to assist people who had been to my shoes before and warn them about some unethical systems out there. Hope you can make an adequate decision of whether or not to join Traffic Authority. 🙂

  21. I purchased this and right away saw that it was just like the worst of all MLMs. I asked for my money back and to cancel and never got an email back from them. I joined at the $47 a month level. They made you want to pay for the $97 level right away so you could earn higher commissions. Hopefully their program will fail before more people are fooled by the easy money.

    • Hi Denise,
      I didn’t know that they have that kind of funnel system. Yeah, it is normal to see those gimmicks from unethical program. They won’t hesitate to mislead innocents with some mediocre trainings. Please stay away from any product that pitch hype after hype instead of giving you real value and result toward your future.

  22. Traffic Authority DOES NOT EVEN HAVE A HOME PAGE for their company ?? redirects to…

    ✔Their is NO About Us Page
    ✔Their is NO Contact Us Page
    ✔Their is NO Product Page

    They just want you to join asap.

    They have some text on the bottom of their site… BUT THEY DIM THE TEXT OUT…WHY??

    • Hi Jeff,
      This is obviously a bait website to promote Infinite Leverage. The company focuses more in getting downlines instead of providing real values to the customers. PLUS.. they bombard innocents with exaggerated hype in order to make them promoting the system. If you notice the dimmed text below, they reveal to you that most of the claims are just hype.

  23. HiEdy,

    I liked your post and the way you shared your opinion in the comments section. I just checked out Traffic Authority because someone said it was a great thing, and I had similar feelings to you about it after joining for free and listening to their sales videos.

    I don’t know about the legitimacy of their traffic, but the whole concept does seem like a big scam to take as much money as possible from anyone who’s willing to buy into it.

    I personally wouldn’t feel good about promoting it for at least a few good reasons.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion.

    • Hi Sye,
      If we have been in Internet Marketing for sometime, this exaggerated claim will never work to us. Most online MLM companies are focusing in recruiting people instead giving value, that’s why their products won’t sell. I hope people out there can make an adequate decision before buying any of the (expensive) traffic packages.

  24. I am leary and confused..I do know that in fine print under refunds or commissions…it states that@Traffic Authority if you do cancel within time (30 days) and have made any commissions you will have to pay traffic Authority back said comissions and they will take it from your private account u provided on weekly maybe monthly doesn’t matte r any money earned before attempting opt out and request not yours and you have no choice but to pay back money you earned,collected during affiliation
    With this co. What that is crazy..I am afraid because I have never heard of having to pay back money earned

    • My Advice to you Miky, is clearing up your doubts. Contact them and ask for clarification. Don’t join something that are too complicated as they might cheat your hard work, money and time investment.

  25. I am a member of traffic Authority and it is not a scam.

    First off there are daily live webcasts 6 days a week for about
    1 hour. Anyone can call in live and everything is transparent and up
    front. Many call in every day and anything is up for discussion, why don’t you call in? You can also direct email owners.

    Like your $49 product, Traffic Authority has a comparable $47 product, with
    similar commissions. You are not required to buy the traffic packages.

    The difference is that once there are 3 sales through you of the various traffic packages, then you are qualified to collect commission from those packages up to $4,000.

    With your system no matter how many sales you make of your small commission products, you will never even have any chance of large commissions like that.

    The people that run Traffic Authority have been doing it even longer than your owners and have the respect of top marketers.

    • Hi Les Perkins,
      This is 2015 and beyond. The word “scam” doesn’t mean they take your money and run. Thieves have evolved as the technology gets stronger, they learn from mistakes which create a system that misleads folks. It is almost impossible to detect them in the first place, but soon you will know the true color of it. Eventually, you make your own decision. IF you think this system works for you, then GO for it. 🙂 No restriction here or whatsoever, I have given things that I know and taste before. I perfer to look at the VALUE instead of exaggerated claim to make money online. A true legitimate opportunity will never bombard you with too many thoeritical results but real education as to how you can improve the business in a wide range of options. Anyway, be sure to experiment things yourself if you don’t want to hear from other people’s opinion.

  26. Thanks for your comments on the Traffic Authority System. I know that Wealthy Affiliate is a good system, and I am presently involved in it. However, I am having a problem trying to complete my first website and would like to know if there are other systems that you might recommend.

    • Hi Dan,
      Wealthy Affiliate is perhaps the best one for beginners because you can get step-by-step training plus 24/7 support from the members themselves. If you want more basic system, I would recommend Chris Farrell Membership. You will learn ABC of internet Marketing. Beyond that, I don’t think there are any good opportunity other than fake or expensive program.

  27. Income Disclaimer found on Traffic Authority.

    “The average participant in this business earns between $500 and $2,000 per year. Some earn less while some earn much more.

  28. Hey Edy

    Thanks for a nice review, one of my friend sent me a link via facebook to join TA, but after visiting the site,its too expensive and I was like doubting it. Thaanks I just get this yua review

    • You’re welcome Godwin!
      Yes it is expensive. I would never step foot on this system as no real value learnt but merely hype after hype.

  29. Oooops!! Thanks for the review. I almost joined today, then decided to check out what people think of it first. I owe you a drink lol

  30. Why does every wealthy affiiliate say that everything is a scam EXCEPT Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t care what the product is. Whether Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc, requires a skill set. If you don’t have the skill set or refuse to invest in yourself to learn than you can even say that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam as well. The thing about blog posts like this is that it misguides the readers saying that everything is a scam and that Weaktly Affiliate can solve their problems. Which it can once the skill set is learned just like with any other vehicle.

    PS No value was givin so what makes me want to join somebody blabbing about a scam. I would thing WA is a scam too and these posts makes our industry look like crap and everything is a scam. Anybody can pay somebody to get back links, seo and rank a blog post etc. Do your passion and bridge them over.

    • PSS I’m not affiliated with TA. I just heard about it because a friend sent me an invite to a webinar and I googled it to see what it was.

    • Hi Daniel,
      The truth to be told that scam industry has evolved. They don’t necessary take your money and run away. It will boil down to the value you receieve from the actual program. If you only get tons of hype, what’s the point staying? I myself would do a comparison and make adequate decision. No one is forced here. Feel free to go any direction you want! 🙂

    • Hello

      I have been a FREE member of wealthy affiliate for a few month the trainning is the best even as a free member, but as a free member you are very limited it is obvious because you are not paying anythting. Now a days if you do not upgrade to paying member if you have made any site they will send you and email saying that WA are for people who are commited to this type of bussiness and they WILL erase your site or sites if you remain for a free member to long they have erase me twot ites that cost me a lot of time. My advice is upgrade or they will take away all your work you have done. The trainning is a honest trainning, but you wont see results(money) for a few monnths or years this type of bussiness will make you money if you are a great writter, know to do internet marketing etc. very dificul you will have to spend dollars at the beginning and there is no guaranteed that you will make money. and have foun great free site that teach what WA teach for free.

      • Hi Antonio,
        First, I have never heard anything about Wealthy Affiliate erasing their member’s website. In fact, they do archive them which I discover that some old members are still having active sites. Even if they did erase your free website, you should have a backup (this is taught within the training).

        Second, you don’t have to acquire strong marketing skills in order to make money online. It’s just common sense. Of course you will learn them along the way. But the result will depend on the work you put into your business. Of course you won’t make any good income if you do nothing.

  31. Hey thanks for the report..Really appreciate the heads up. I even noticed someone stated that the first 500 would get a discount and her comment was posted almost 2weeks ago…lol act now huh! So they still haven’t got 500 to sign up since two weeks ago? That is a tactic they are using to try to get you to hurry and sign up, to make you feel as if you are missing out. Thanks again for the info…they won’t be making money off of me.


    • You are right Terrance!
      That’s a classic method to get people sign up using their emotion instead of reason. I don’t think you can succeed with the program since many people say that the support is lame. Anyway, glad that my post helps you make an adequate decision.

  32. Traffic Authority by Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens, and Chad Stalvey. Some big players and some impressive testimonials from Guru IMers that I have respect for. However, please do not fall for the $1 Million dollar Sales page and other fancy tactics.

    I didn’t buy any targeted traffic packages so cannot comment on that aspect of their business, however, I became a reseller a month ago. I tried promoting it but just couldn’t get any sales for one month. As a reseller, I paid $20 per month by credit card. I received no receipt, no response to my customer service queries from one month ago and sent 10 messages to Support to cancel my monthly subscription. No response from the Company whatsoever. Now that’s not a good sign when they treat people like dirt. I gave them 10 chances but no response whatsoever so now forced to do a chargeback with my credit card company. I have all my evidence against this company.

    It’s been a nightmare writing so many messages to Support. Please don’t go through the same nightmare I’m going through. As I said I haven’t tested their Traffic so won’t lie and say that’s bad but that Reseller Program and Support are total scam.

    Is there any thing I can do to get the $20 back with their 30 day money back guarantee and cancel the monthly sub? Support just doesn’t exist. Also could you please recommend any good programs for your blog readers. We trust you Edy. Respect!


    • Hello Ross,
      That’s the problem with most MLM companies, the owners set it up for the sake of profit not giving actual value to their customers. Only little survive, and they all have happy members. From what I can see in Traffic Authority, you are bombarded with many exaggerated claims. This is a classic sign that the program can be hard to promote.

      If their support system doesn’t respond, I would suggest opening a dispute with your bank. But $20 can be a good lesson. Just let it go. I myself had fallen to a few bad programs out there and lost few hundreds dollars. So forget about it and move on! 🙂

  33. Edy, You couldn’t be more wrong calling Traffic Authority a scam… I spent $660 on traffic and in return made $1420…. thats a 115.15% ROI ( return on investment ) I don’t see how you could call this a scam other than not being able to earn on the expensive packages unless you have bought it once or sold it a few times to qualify… yeah it sucks that you have to pay to qualify or lose a few commissions to qualify but hey that’s MLM for you. Many say MLM’s are scams but they are only scams to people who think they can put in zero effort and make money and get rich quick…. nowhere can you do basically no work to make money period. That being said great job with the SEO of this page it really got you to the top of google making false claims to ultimately promote your own program! haha.

    • Hi BigTex,
      As far as MLM is concern, people don’t get as much hype as Traffic Authority offers. OF course it doesn’t necessary mean a scam, but the whole system is not focusing on value but merely a scheme that recruits other people. And the cycle repeat itself. It is up to the consumer whether to stay or not. Just by looking on the sales videos, I can tell that the opportunity won’t last long.

  34. The point is Edy, Vincent promotes himself as a Christian on his Webinars and by doing so he is giving the whole world the impression that he is an ethical guy however, if he is promoting a scam and if he already knew the owners and did a secret deal with them then, this puts a big question mark over his character – don’t you agree?

  35. Hey Edy, you come under the guise of “enlightening” people on what a scam Traffic Authority is, and in the process make yourself and your opportunity the hero. But unfortunately for the people who are listening to you, you don’t know what you are talking about when it comes to Traffic Authority. Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but you should not trash a company with your own fortune telling saying things like “Just by looking on the sales videos, I can tell that the opportunity won’t last long.” Come on, really?

    There’s a saying that goes “Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shine any brighter.”

    The fact of the matter is that in almost ANY opportunity out there, you will get out whatever amount of work you put in with patience, persistence and hard work. I have been in many companies and opportunities, and the truth is I failed because I didn’t stick it out. I wanted a quick fix and when it didn’t happen I gave up. Most people don’t like to fess up to that. In every single opportunity I was in, I knew of people who DID make money in it ethically but it was because they were hungry enough to go for it and didn’t give up.

    Traffic Authority is no different in that respect. You WILL lose money if you go all in and get the top membership and highest traffic package…and Do Nothing with it. You WILL lose money if you just get the $20 Reseller License and Do Nothing with it.

    I have been on a couple of Vincent Ortega’s webinars and he clearly states that the reason he made so much money right away is because he has a list of hundreds of thousands of people that he’s built over the years. And he’s said don’t expect to make what I made in 30 days, but what if you make $100 or $200 or $1000?

    I know people in it who have gotten the higher memberships and traffic packages and made money immediately. Then there are those like me, who went in with a smaller traffic package. I didn’t build my list or make money overnight like some did. But I HAVE gotten quality leads and have begun building my list faster than I ever did with PPV and solo ads on my own. I have already begun making sales. And the commissions only go 2 tiers deep so you don’t have to have a super deep “downline” to make money. You don’t even have to have a downline at all. If you just want to sell a retail package to customers you can do that to your hearts content knowing you’re giving your customers a good product because the traffic really IS quality. What this company has done really is brilliant–they’ve taken the best of affiliate marketing and the best of mlm and combined it to eliminate most if not all of the cons.

    By the way, there WERE lots of problems during the launch so it’s too bad some people had bad experiences, but this is typical of any product launch. And they did constantly tell people they were having issues and asked folks to bear with them while they worked out the kinks. Too bad they didn’t stick it out, because they’ve worked them out.

    It’s a universal law, if you don’t believe and you don’t follow the directions of the people who are doing it and showing you how, and you don’t work hard, you will have horrible results. If you do believe and you refuse to let the Negative Nellies kill your belief and you work hard and persist, you will make it. Period.

    It’s too bad you feel like you have to bash other companies in order to make yourself and yours look better. It’s sad.

    • Hi Ellie,
      I know what you are talking about here because I myself had been through many MLM opportunities before. Some of them are indeed unethical bashing you with hype after hype, that’s the real problem. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot make money with Traffic Authority nor they take your money and run away. The company is of course real, but the way they present their system turned me off and many folks.

      It is up to them to join the program, and as I said clearly that this is my opinion based on my experience + observation. Beginners are set up to failure and chase things that are created on theory NOT reality! Depending on individual goal toward this program, feel free to taste the products and repurchase it if you are very confident. Only time will tell whether it works or NOT.

      Thanks for your long comment. I really appreciate that you take the time to express your thoughts. 🙂

  36. hey did I get this right? to make money with them I have to buy their so called traffic that costs me over 1$ per click? and after that I have to promote them and convince other people to do the same so I get the commission? but if nobody else would want that traffic so expensive and don’t have time to promote and get people who would spend their money on it I won’t get any commission either? if that right I don’t really understand this company other than a another form of ponzi scheme but even worse as with ponzi scheme you get paid until there is new investments and sales of the program witch is advertising itself, but with traffic authority I am the one to advertise them and sell their insane priced products to get commission? I know some really God traffic sites where for 1$ I get traffic of 50 to my website why would anyone want traffic of 1$ per click and that click might be automated or bought from the ptc sites I mentioned lol I rather advertise my site trough Google or Facebook where I get much more views for few $ lol that about the product but of course the money they talked about is from commissions and yes they are telling true about it you will get that commissions of course but hey will you find that many people to buy their product? or to be like you reseller? I doubt I would find anyone dumb enough around me, I have seen many much better that kind of opportunities with only 5$ needed and it worked the same way this 5 $ where shared to your up lines and company and then you needed to find other to pay these 5$ to get your commission from them and like it goes… but if you don’t find these 50 or more people to sign under you and buy these traffic packs that TA tells you 20 of those who pay 47 sounds more likely but where will you get someone to spend 8k for that diamond sell or whatever to get your 4k commission lol


    • That’s right Linas!
      For us who have experience in MLM companies before, know exectly how this system will bring their members into. It is NOT a good idea for beginners promoting TA products because their traffic packages are overpriced. Besides, you don’t know where they got the clicks from. It would be much better to do Search Engine advertising or Facebook Ads and get laser targeted leads instead of the uncertainty from Traffic Authority itself. Only naive people bought into the hype really. But don’t make mistake, it can be a good experience. Who knows miracle happened for those that believe it. But this is a REAL business with real situation unfortunately.

  37. After stumbling across this blog post and reading through the comments about Vincent Ortega I decided I’d chime in. He may come across as respectful, ethical or even religious but personally I would never be involved in any company he’s involved with. A year ago I went hard promoting his company ILN (which I believe is shut down and he left by the way) and it was miserable. I put in many hours on top of a full time job and raising a family and always felt a little skeptical. For example I would track my traffic through everything I was doing and I was insanely successful directing traffic to my blog and affiliate links. But I learned very quickly all I was doing was directing leads to Vincent Ortega’s list not mine. I even had friends contact me concerned because they signed up with ILN through my blog but said they were on a different team. After I left I saw snippets of his speech to ILN members sharing with them about his next venture into Veema where he took his massive ILN list and blasted that one. I see that he conviently left Veema before their issues and is now with TA. Again he probably is a good dude and all and hats off to him for being smart and savvy. But I would advise anyone to check twice before joining any business opportunity he’s promoting.

    • Thanks for sharing Dom!
      It is indeed best to think twice before joining any program out there. Look on the value you will be getting inside the program. If the owners bombard too many exaggerated claims, it indicates that he/she cares only about one thing and that is “making money”. The internet world has changed over time, the old method of pitching didn’t work as well as today. People tend to join those who are genuine about their product. ~ I’m just saying..

  38. You lose tons of credibility with your bait and switch to wealthy affiliates nonsense. That’s the program where 99% of the people who join never make a red cent.

    Got the guts to publish this?

    • Why should I be afraid of your threat here?
      I don’t mislead people with exaggerated claims nor forcing them to join anything. Besides, Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a scheme like Traffic Authority. You learn real skills that last forever.

      If you are making money leading people to believe that such scheme works, then I CAN SAY that you have lost your credibility! Think about it my friend..

  39. Hi
    Thank you for your review on Traffic Authority as I was very tempted to sign up! But stopped in time.
    I am also a starter member of WA. Just want to check if you had reviewed
    Thank you.


    • Hello Don,
      Effortless CPA Arbitrage looks fine to me.
      You can definitely learn some Internet Marketing skills in there.
      But I suggest to stay focus on ONE thing at a time. Most people fail because they got distracted before seeing good results from previous effort.

  40. I love these guys who climb out from under a slimy rock to sell yet another pile of shit… and you debate this. Douche bags stealing money from people who don’t know any better. Buying clicks WTF if their traffic was worth a shit they would sell them shit themselves. Oh but this post will never make it because the douche bags who read it will say… hey this prick is honest… we are douche bags.

    • Exactly Ron!
      If you are sure to deliver quality traffic, why wouldn’t you do it yourself right.. The fact is, you must do your own creatives in getting laser targeted visitors instead of handing over to other people.

      You should really know your niche better, and adjust the campaign accordingly. There are lots of money to be saved this way.

      People promoting TA are blind with $$$ sign on their eyes. They wish to make high ticket commissions by selling the traffic packages.

  41. Hi,
    I am testing TrafficAuthority as well and made my first commissions and I’m already positioned for the “Bronze-Level” WITHOUT any payments for the Traffic packages!!!

    How did it work for me?
    I have only the Reseller License for $20/month and I promote it without paid traffic. I have had already my e-mail list and use this mainly for promoting.
    New subscribers do I find on Facebook by talking and connecting with people who are interested in this business. On that way you can find endless hot leads….

    Ok, back to TrafficAuthority….
    I made some sales of Reseller License what brings me an residual income of $10 each….
    Some of them bought traffic packages…
    I got positioned for the Bronze-Level, because I made sales about $1.400…..
    To get positioned and qualified you need to sell 3 times the amount of the package (3x $440 = $1.320). Thats it to get qualified !!!

    I am “in” since 3 month now, that means I paid $60 to get my Bronze-Level……

    As I told you I never used the Traffic from them, but I can see in my downline that it works for them.

    With first few it seems that the Traffic is expensive, but you get not only the Traffic, you get the License to make your commissions as well…..

    I think I will try out the traffic later…..

  42. Hi,

I am in Online Marketing since beginning of 2015. I would say I am an experienced Newbie 😉 .
I tried out different things in the beginning and wasted some money, like most of us did. But I was the lucky one that I met a community, where they help and teach how to do this business.
I signed up for that „system“ they use and after 3 month of consistently work, I had have an residual income about $900.
Sure, sounds not that much, but my investment was less than $50 / month.
Ok, there were some fees for autoresponder and for building Landing pages, but that are the costs we all have to invest in this business…

Then I came a long TrafficAuthority….
I gave it a try with a $20 reseller license. I used my list to promote it and all the good promoting stuff inside the backoffice….
(Advice : If you like to use the e-mail swipes, make some changing and improve them with your own words, tell little story about yourself….. – otherwise this mails got blocked as spam, because to much people are using exactly same mail)

Ok, Lets go on….
I made my first TrafficOptimizer Sales….
Then I did upgrade to TO, and after a few weeks my income was already bigger than my investment :-)
Then I started to promote it more and more (I use only free traffic)
It takes 6 weeks till I made my first TrafficPackage Sale. I got no commission for it, because I wasn’t qualified….

BUT, you can get qualified by your Sales….

To get qualified for the commissions, you need to make 3x the amount of the package price….

Now I am qualified for the Basic Package without paying a penny….

I am in contact with my downline and some of them are highly interested in buying more traffic….

    • Hi DirWil, I read your review about TA, you said you make $900 in residuals.
      I’m very interested to hear more about this, as I am a firm believer, if you don’t have a marketing system, in place first, you can’t sell anything online! Enough said…LOL

  43. 12/28/15
    Great Review on the Traffic Authority. My advice to your readers (and everyone else trying to make money genuinely) is to consider the Law on Compensation (as explained by Earl Nightingale and Bob Proctor respectively): the amount of compensation (Money) one receives for his or her service or product should be in direct ratio for the NEED for the service/product, your ABILITY to provide the product/service and the DIFFICULTY in replacing you. Many of the “scams” out there violate one or more of these principles.

  44. I also have issues with the whole Traffic Authority thing if they have solo ad providers within their system that will promote it for you (for up to $4300). Solo ad traffic is so sketchy, and is such a total crapshoot.

    • Yes indeed.
      Solo Ad traffic is not high quality. At most, the conversion rate is 1 – 3% for generating sales.
      You can improve it by capturing leads & providing value to your list overtime.

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