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Find out the truth here whether is Skillpay a scam from my review. I stumbled upon it on the internet and I’m going to analyze their offers within this article and hope you can make a wise decision afterward.


SkillPay Review

Is SkillPay a scam? My reviewName : SkillPay
Website : (used to be
Price : FREE + $67/mo + over $10,000 1-on-1 coaching
Owners : Kevin Blue & Darin Blue
Overall Rank : 66 out of 100


SkillPay Service Overview

Skillpay is an online marketing education platform created by Kevin and Darin Blue. This so called Blue’s Brothers has put things up together a series of 7 years internet marketing experience into an online training platform that helps other people to achieve success and escaping the 9-5 job.

With this Blue’s Brothers education and marketing training platform, it is dedicated to teaching aspiring online business owners and internet marketing professionals proper and effective marketing strategies in any niche they want to enter.


The Good & The Bad

Let’s look at the pros and cons of SkillPay and determine whether it suits your preference or just for specific people.

The Good

  • It has a free-trial account without any credit card required.
  • The platform has a simple navigation to follow. Where you are to

1. Identify your passion

2. Build a community

3. Master Fundamentals

4. Monetize your Market

  • They have also created a keyword idea that can be handy
  • Library of useful related videos for online marketing


The Bad

  • The Premium price is a little overprice (I personally prefer to spend below $50 for the first mo) – since they have 30 days money guaranteed, so it’s okay.
  • Their are not having some excellent tool with those $67/mo (I have a better recommendation for that later).
  • This SkillPay was formally Internet Income University(IIU) which has a bad record for their upsells!
  • They have a Facebook group, which means that the platform itself cannot sustain a community within it.
  • They also has an over $10,000 1-on-1 coaching application? What in the world is that! Bad signal for you as a beginner. Can you imagine to face this at your 3rd or 4th month?
1-on-1 skillpay coaching

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Who is SkillPay for?

It is for someone who wants to learn how to make money online and people who are sicked of ordinary 9-5 job and want to start their own business at home. It is also for people that are already have little or more experienced in online marketing.

Video Library _ SkillPay review

Tools & Training

The tool that I notice is only Keyword Evolution. This helps you to find keywords ideas within any niche and export to CSV. Even without SkillPay tool, you can easily go to (free keyword tool) for that one as well.

Another low quality tool they have is Google Keyword Planner which they simply link to google adword page. Many online marketers don’t use Google keyword planner anymore simply it is not specific and accurate. Now you can see how this platform is rated low quality!

You can actually find more advanced trainings easily for lower cost or even free on Google.



The support is based on three ways of Email + Live Chat + Voicemail. Not a bad one, but still there is more better way to achieve full support in Wealthy Affiliate Community platform.


Here is the pricing of SkillPay:

SkillPay Pricing

My Final Opinion of SkillPay

SkillPay is an okay platform to learn making money online, however there are many great platforms compare to this one. The pricing is also not suitable for beginners who starts venturing to online world. Moreover, the support system will be not as responsive as it is when more and more people join the platform.



Although the Blue’s Brothers had a bad record for giving upsells according to some complaints, this new platform seemed to be legit and hopefully be useful to pick up some new internet marketing skills.

Legitimate company


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That’s all what I think about SkillPay. Please share this if it helps you and comment below about this particular platform. I’d be happy to hear from your opinion 🙂



Is SkillPay a Scam? – Read My Review Here — 2 Comments

  1. Great post Edy! I reviewed Internet Income University known as SkillPay now a year ago and I gave it legit verdict too. I can’t agree with some people that label this program as scam because in my opinion it’s not true. The program is not a scam and I agree with you and appreciate your honest opinion. But though SkillPay is not a scam it’s by far not the best program out there and there are much better alternatives, such as Wealthy Affiliate and without any hidden costs or upsells. I tried it and recommend it to anyone looking for a legit money making training.

    • Absolutely Rufat 🙂
      Wealthy Affiliate is way better compare to SkillPay. Those Blue’s Brothers have only 7 years of internet marketing experience. Whereas, the owner of WA Kyle & Carson have a combined of 26 years of experience. They also has created a powerful platform with everything in place for someone who are serious to succeed building an online business.
      Can’t stress enough how amazing WA is.
      Recommended especially for beginners and mid-experienced marketers!

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