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Is SkillPay a Scam? – Read My Review Here — 2 Comments

  1. Great post Edy! I reviewed Internet Income University known as SkillPay now a year ago and I gave it legit verdict too. I can’t agree with some people that label this program as scam because in my opinion it’s not true. The program is not a scam and I agree with you and appreciate your honest opinion. But though SkillPay is not a scam it’s by far not the best program out there and there are much better alternatives, such as Wealthy Affiliate and without any hidden costs or upsells. I tried it and recommend it to anyone looking for a legit money making training.

    • Absolutely Rufat 🙂
      Wealthy Affiliate is way better compare to SkillPay. Those Blue’s Brothers have only 7 years of internet marketing experience. Whereas, the owner of WA Kyle & Carson have a combined of 26 years of experience. They also has created a powerful platform with everything in place for someone who are serious to succeed building an online business.
      Can’t stress enough how amazing WA is.
      Recommended especially for beginners and mid-experienced marketers!

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