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Is Profit Maximizer a Scam? – Read My Shocking Review Here! — 17 Comments

  1. Edy, there are so many scams and people trying to rip others off, it really makes your site a very valuable resource for people to avoid being taken advantage of. Thanks for posting!

    • Yup Kevin. Many bad platforms out there trying to pull innocent people with a hype video. Little do they know, things aren’t that easy and profitable. It will boil down to hard work and great training!

  2. I have tried my hand at stock brokerage online but never spent my own money. Every time I want broke so I never invested my own money. Honestly forex requires some learning but really it is gambling. Great article.

    • Yes Derek, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it is a gambling. Trading takes time to learn. It would not be simple. When brokers tell you that it is, they are lying to you and just wanted you to invest for them.

  3. That timer thing is totally scammy and manipulative! It’s not just up-sell, it’s force-sell. I fell for a similar tactic once and learned my lesson well. If I see a timer again, I would exit the page immediately. No second thoughts.

    • You are right Carthy. It is a decietful technique to pull innocent people into the hole. I personally have encountered this a lot of time and get used to it 🙂 I am glad that you’ve learnt your lesson as well.

  4. Edy,this is a great review. I learnt more tricks of spammy products. I had made irrational decisions before because of those timmers but thank you,I now know better.

    • Great Jude,
      It is tough online world out there! Be smart by learning our mistake and try to avoid it for the second time.

  5. Really great review Edy! This information will really help so many people avoid a waste of their time and money.
    I hope anyone else reading your review of Profit Maximizer will also see that there ARE legitimate ways of building a passive income and be successful at it through the Wealthy Affiliate program.

    • Yes Linda Rosche. There are legitimately ways to earn money online, but it takes time to build. If anyone saying that you can be rich overnight or in just a month, it is a complete fantasy.
      Doing online marketing is a nice way to start, it is affordable and low risk involved. As long as you work on it, sure you can be successful in the long run 🙂

  6. Edy I really appreciate your help on exposing the truth.
    Is there a possibility you could contact me on my email to ask you a few questions?

  7. I kind of gave in to the rush of the timer and god I feel stupid, anyone know how to get out? I’m fucking 17 and me and my family aint too rich so I felt a real rush while knowing in my head its bullshit but the idea of my family not having to struggle for money got the better of me. Help

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