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Is Profit Academy A Scam? – Read My Review Before Taking Action — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Edy,
    Great review – very informative. I have signed up for some of his platforms before and although they are okay, it always seems to leave out the one thing needed….I’m not sure if that is the case with this one, but I really wasn’t impressed with his earlier efforts. And you are right, it is a very bumpy ride to get money back from this company. I also did not get any support whatsoever, but lets hope he has learned since then and has done a better job with something so horrifically expensive! Does he really think any newbie can afford this?
    Great information, thanks for writing!

    • They are too costly for newbies. The mentality hit by the journey to succeed online can be devastating because of the big investment. The best way to start business online is by taking affordable course and advance to more pricey one when we have more experience on it. That’s why I always recommend people to start at Wealthy Affiliate which is affordable and provides full support 🙂

    • Yes indeed, Marc. People will need to learn first and make money eventually. However, it doesnt really have to be that costly.

    • Hi Niggel,
      Affordable and supportive platform is all we need. Of course with some great tools, step-by-step tutorials, and action-based courses will be the best way to start business online.
      Wealthy Affiliate is so far the only platform providing all of them, nothing else I can find out there.

  2. Great product review. I am skeptical regarding the money back guarantee offered by this product. I agree when you mentioned “the money back guarantee is not a smooth process”.


    • Hi Azlan,
      Yes indeed..I have some experience on this as well.
      There are some gurus claim that they will bet you $500 if you dont make money within a certain period of time.
      The fact that they will never keep their words. The most they could do is to refund our initial investment.
      I always recommend people to a free taste online platform that require no credit card to join.
      That’s the best thing they can try and take a look whether it fits them 🙂

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