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In my review, I will show you whether is Paid Survey Authority a scam. Michelle McAllister has claimed to make you money by just doing a survey. Really? Will her method work to you and can you make a full-time income solely on answering big company question? Find out the whole story below.


Paid Survey Authority Review

is Paid Survey Authority a scamProduct Name : Paid Survey Authority
Website :
Owner : Michelle McAllister
Price : $97, $37, or $27
Overall Ranking : 20 Out of 100


Paid Survey Authority Overview

This product is basically telling you to do an online survey and make money tens of dollar. When you do it many times in a day, it can potentially give you a full-time income. One young lady named Michelle McAllister has a secret that will allow you to access $20-$45 surveys or even $75 according to her sale video.

$20 to $45 per survey for paid survey authority

Is there really a company that wants to pay this much for just an opinion? NO! I myself have experienced online survey. The highest one I have seen in my life was $5. And that took me around 30 minutes to complete. In fact, most of the online surveys can’t be done if you do not satisfy the requirements.

In my Research, here’s the problem with Paid Survey Authority product:

  1. It is overhyped.
  2. The owner herself never shows her face on the video.
  3. Fake Video Testimonials can be made for only $5 on
  4. Most Clickbank products are poor rated and exaggerated!
  5. There could be upsells and downsells once you joined the program.


I have seen tons of scam program out there which pitch you with trashy system. They often claim you can make money online by doing little to no work. I mean Just think about it. If it is real, my grandmother would be rich by now!


Hidden Discount Trick

If you are new to this, you might have missed the discount part when you are trying to leave the page or refresh it. Apparently, you can have a discount from the actual value of $93. Then when you are about to buy, you see it is already discounted to be $37, but go ahead and try refreshing the page. You will be asked to stay and purchase the program just for $27.

Watch the quick video walkthrough below:

Don’t believe me? Experiment it yourself, and you will know the truth. Done? Now, why would these people like to lower a price if the product is so darn good? Little do you know, those people are just trying to make money out of us. In real online business, we need effort to earn big bucks NOT a overhyped system that can be done easily.

Just look at the easy work you need to do:

paid survey 6 minute $33

$33 for 6 minute survey? Which company would do that? It DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!


My Advice to You

You should avoid this product, and get a refund if you have bought it. Just be honest, how has it worked for you? I bet it does nothing to your financial issue. You MUST stop thinking that get rich quick schemes exist. They never do!

If you really want to learn make make money online and build a long-term business. I would recommend you to consider doing online marketing. Now I won’t promise you that it can make you rich overnight, but it will provide a sustainable passive income IF you put in the effort and understand the process of it.

I have one platform that teaches the foundation to online marketing. This is my Top #1 Recommendation, so it can be trusted! You can try it for FREE! There is no obligation, no credit card required, and no overhyped system like Paid Survey Authority.

Before giving you my recommendation program review, please help other folks by sharing this information, and comment below for your opinion. I’d love to hear from you 🙂


Your friend,

Edy Chandra


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Is Paid Survey Authority a Scam? – Read My Full Review — 18 Comments

  1. Yeah you’ve hit the nail on the head there mate – I’ve come across this product before and I was less than impressed by it’s features. Earning online takes hard work and dedication – this push button software is just a cheap commission trick.

    • Absolutely Chris!
      The system seems to good to be true. In reality, it won’t work that way. Imagine if investing $27 to earn over thosands of dollar in a month is possible, everybody would have done it and will not share this secret. 100% fake or deceitful program!

  2. glad we decided to check out your site before we did something stupid ,as being retired we have a little free time on our hands. Thank You for your review of the PSA junksite. take care, bill n,.

  3. U know, for once I was happy that I have found something to rely on but thank God for your information.
    Am just going to check out your information

    • Hi, I am glad to help 🙂
      Stay away from this product, it is just a bait toward something that doesn’t work.

      • Hi Ed!!

        Thank you soooo much!!!whew! Am from the Philippines and I was about to deposit to my paypal for payment. Tsk…

        • Hi Charisse!
          I am glad to help you out. Don’t waste your money, effort and time on something that doesn’t work. 🙂

  4. The problem is many survey sites out there pay too little or do not surveys available frequently enough. The survey websites that have paid offers and referral systems tend to be unsuccessful and generally do not pay fairly. People tend to have success with the survey related site surveyhomebeginnings(dot)org but the payouts vary from person to person based mainly on time spent. I hope people don’t expect to make hundreds a day but enough to at least be considered supplemental income.

    • Yes indeed Matthew!
      Surveys won’t lead you to make full-time income. The claim from Paid Survey Authority is just exaggerated. So stay away from the gimmicks.

  5. Hi and so true sadly I purchased the thing. Any how every bit is true it didn’t help me at all of what they said on getting big bucks . By any chance do you know how to get a refund?

    • It is impossible that a company would pay you that much. But anyway, lesson learnt. 🙂
      For refund, you should contact the owner or their desk support. Hope it helps.

      • Hi EDY,
        Thanks for your advice, i was about to pay to this website but you saved me from this scam. Edy, iam located in india,could you suggest me some online work from home options. i would really appreciate if you can suggest me something

        • You’re most welcome Pankaj!
          Doing surveys can’t be good as they consume a lot of time and you earn only a little. It is truly tough to find a good place to earn substantial income. Now depending on your goal in mind, there are many ways you can work from home and still make handsome money. Here I have done a blog post that might help you choose the right platform to settle. => Click Here

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