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is National Wealth Center Legit? 100% Pyramid Scheme — 28 Comments

  1. Wow, this seems like the one of those typical scams. It promises the world, but what it actually does, is stealing you money from your pocket. And the prices seem to be really huge.
    Thanks for sharing this review. If I ever come across this product, I’ll know what to do !

    • Hi Rolandas,

      This type of opportunity won’t do anything good for ordinary people. It is actually banned by some countries because of its unethical technique to deceit innocent folks out there. I personally would go for something more newbie-friendly with a real training. Also, I am much more happy to get referrals by providing value that is useful and affordable for them.

  2. I have to say I have not come across this National Wealth Center Scam, but I have come across many other worthless. ones. I wish I would have read some of your reviews before I doled out money for nothing a few times. We, as consumers need to be kept aware of these scams. I will take a recommendation from you and check out the ones you say are legit. I have been searching for an honest business to teach me what I need to know to have a successful online business. Avoiding the scams is a
    24/7 job but your reasons to look out for make a lot of sense. I love how you noticed the same computer was used in the making of this video for this company. You are very observant. Thanks for keeping us informed..

    • Hi Kitty,

      I agree with you. Avoiding scams can be a full-time job for us. Every second there are new deceitful programs emerging on all over the web. It’s my job as well to warn people from the idea of “getting rich quick” with little or no effort. The fact that, it involves a lot of work. If someone comes and says it is easy and 100% automated, then they are lying to you!

      I have seen tons of products pitching worthless services that are not as good as they say. Just a bunch of B.S. bombarding from their mouths, but the reality is, those scammers are just trying to bait our money to buy more expensive products.

  3. National wealth centre is definitely a pyramid scheme as you have mentioned. To have so many different levels where the business owner eventually pay thousands of dollars is just ridiculous. If i signed up to a program and found out there is a $7500 level, it would be a red flag for me to go ahead with the ‘so-called’ business. Thanks for sharing this review!

    • That’s right Teresa!

      Everyone should know that those levels indicate that it’s a pyramid scheme. Who on earth would pay for $7500 level anyway? Maybe some over-excited folks that are completely innocent to business world. Don’t get me wrong! The first time I met this type of opportunity, I was like WOW! But the truth speaks itself that it wasn’t appropriate to sign up for any pyramid shceme. I’d rather find a legitimate program to grow my business, and I don’t want to lead people into the same hole.

  4. It is pretty much 100% autopilot though. All I do is add my name to the list. I watch my name slowly (2 weeks) go to the top of the list. Once my name is at the top, I get the next incoming sale. I then get a email from the payment processor. My name is then taken off the list. I then go in and add my name to the list again. I’m allowed to add my name once per week.

    • It is not an appropriate business model Pat. Sure you might make some sweet money in the beginning, but it won’t be sustainable for the long run. I encourage you to refrain from NWC’s gimmick. That’s my advice! At the end of the day, YOU are the one who determines your own success. I am just trying to help and lead people based on what I have experienced 🙂

  5. This is great the way you outed this scam artists I think many people will thank you for enlightenment in some of these scams that you have found out. It’s great for someone to find new scams that none has heard of yet to give them fair warning when they come around. Once agin this site is really good very pleased to visit.

    • Thanks Nigel,

      I will always help innocent folks avoiding thinggs that contribute NOTHING but merely a scam. I myself had been to many deceitful programs before, many of those are just a bait toward fake value. Why would you join National Wealth Center and promote the same damn thing over and over again? It doesn’t make any sense. This is a badass business model. I advice to refrain from its opportunity!

  6. Here we go! Yet ANOTHER Wealthy Affiliate member BASHING EVERY opportunity out there in order to make themselves look like some sort of an expert and Wealthy Affiliate look like some divine invention direct from Heaven! I’m not a member of NWC, nor any of the other things that you Wealthy Affiliate members continually and endlessly bash! Just get ON with your WA business, instead of running around bashing everything and everybody who doesn’t agree with you or do as YOU say! Oh! And I’ll lay a bet that this DOESN’T get published! Why? Because I’m not agreeing with you!

    • Hi Lynda,
      Why wouldn’t I publish it? I have nothing to hide. I had tasted a lot of opportunities out there, and I definitely know my audience’s feeling from getting scammed by some mediocre programs promising get rich quick. The thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that the owners never bombard you will upsells nor try to rip off their members. They provide pure education which WORKS! Don’t get yourself too ignorance of your own incapability. Proves things yourself and follow your own path to success. I give my readers something that can improve their situation!

      • Hi Edy,

        Just curious. If National Wealth Center

        was a scam as you put it…why would 1000’s of merchants

        the travel industry included…work with them?

        • Hi Andre,
          I have no idea how you get those numbers.
          Anyway, it will eventually depends on the system. Will the training be beneficial to you? If so, feel free to stay.

  7. Sooo, I read all your help for the innocents, and I go to your endorsement of Wealthy Affiliate, and instantly find to big, juicy RED flags: 1)Owners don’t even have last names? 2) You make NO mention of how much YOU are paid when someone upgrades to the Premium level, or even that YOU ARE PAID. Sooo, your credibility takes a swift kick in the nerts. Thanks for all your “help”.

    • This is like asking myself how to thank my own mother after bearing me. lol. Why don’t you ask yourself how many times you have failed? Why you keep chasing shiny objects that don’t work? Why would you recruit people to sell the same damn things? NO VALUE given at all if you decide to stay in a Pyramid Scheme opportunity!

  8. What a vacuous reply! Drop the specious righteousness and, pray, TELL the good people how much YOU ARE PAID. Would that not be warranted in the spirit of FULL disclosure?

  9. Personally, I think national wealth center flawed in someways but the company isnt a scam.

    You could actually make money with this as long you get the proper training on how to generate sales. No business opportunity is perfect, not even Wealthy Affiliate.

    Ther are things I like about WA and dislike. Same goes for National Wealth Center

    • Yes indeed Tomas.
      You can always make money with every opportunity. But as for National Wealth Center, they have too many upsells which are not necessary. It will eventually boil down to the users. If they find the whole scheme is valuable, they will stay longer. 🙂

  10. Im sorry but i honestly have to disagree with what you call a pyramid scheme because honestly that video that was created from someone doesnt mean your 100% correct, your definition of a pyramid scheme is correct for some companies and also incorrect towards other companies, the true definition of a pyramid schem is:
    Is a company that does not have any product or value to it and tells you to sign up for a extremely high price! and you will make a lot of money and in all reality you wont make a dime in the company because theres nothing to show for that company yes you invest money into the company and you could make a great amount of money each month more than you invested into it could take time and some companies promise the success so fast you get to excited its not something you can get rich quick but it is something we all work together to help eachother reach the next goal, yea there are pyramid schemes out there and yea you have to watch out for them but not every home MLM is a pyramid scheme. Most pyramid schemes are those people who say give me $200 and ill give you $2000 people that right there s a serious pyramid scheme but if you actually invest your money and spend time working with a great company that has fantastic products and has a great opportunity behind it and if you Too share the great opportunity you could make money. Now its totally up to you to make that decision. Its like i always say you call a company a pyramid scheme because you have to take your own money and invest into the company and some people have reached success and some have not, its just like college ! Think about it: you invest thousands and thousands of dollars to go to college to get a degree and spend years doing it and at the end you graduate! Well congratulations! You did it, whats the next step now go and see if you can find the job you went to college for WICH IT IS NOT GAURENTEED! and work for someone to make money to pay for what?? your COLLEGE loans!
    MLM is not same way you take your time share the opportunity Invest into the company wich you could make money Theres a difference, when you invest your money its not something you have to pay for the rest of your life! You can stop paying whenever you want your not in lock down! Your debt free and could actually make money doing it and helping the next person do that same ! and just enjoying a fantastic product your sharing around the world just like EVERY BUSINESS WE KNOW! If you can tell me one business right now that is not what you call a “pyramid scheme” please let me know ! Email me please because im so tired of people bringing down people who say these companies are pyramid scheme when they are not phyramid schemes because the money you are making the COMPANY IS PAYING YOU its just like the CIRCLE OF LIFE ! Honestly think about it if you disagree with me email me WHY you disagree with me! And if you AGREE with me email me also i would love to hear from you but people its 2015 there are legit companies out there !

    Again email me i want to hear your responses:

    • Hi Anthony,
      I do understand your feeling here and that’s exactly what I mean.
      MLM is completely different from Pyramid Scheme. Because MLM does have existing product and real value to the customers which they are willing to spend. In general, the product must be relevant to general public and consumable. Don’t get me wrong. I have been to MLM companies before, and I know what I am talking about. At the end of the day, it depends on the people who taste the product. Is it worth the money? Let them decide.

      As for me personally, I don’t want to waste my money on something that is just information based product. Especially when they indicate the level and overprice tag. Those aren’t necessary and I strongly believe that not many people willing to spend on the overall service within NWC.

  11. As I can see from your review of National Wealth Center the program is just another program trying to empty our pockets before we even understand what is going on. The package that will cost you $7500 is the first and the last sign for me to understand that this program is not going to make me rich. These programs copy each other and don’t even take an effort to realize that there are already thousands of similar programs and people are not stupid. Hopefully, people will find your review before they find this national shame center.

    • Yes Rufat..

      Those upsells are not necessary. The company focuses more in making money out of their member in one roof. I don’t see good benefits on the amount of money you spend. There are much more value all over the web that will not cost near to what they are advertising.

  12. Some of yall folks need to understand MLM law and that will kill all the noise. If its only RECRUIT RECRUIT and no product to retail then its pyramid. If its to much recruiting and not enough RETAILING then the FTC will classify it as a pyramid. Would the average person purchase the product WITHOUT a pay plan attached? If not….then its a pyramid. I like to stick to nutritional companies. Thats ME. But those can also fall into the pyramid scheme if the owner doesnt have the companies ducks lined up correctly.

    If anybody on here is looking for a real MLM, with real products of value thats not a pyramid, feel free to hit me up at And for the record I dont hide behind the internet so be prepared to leave me your number if you want to talk. I keep it 100 and dont like fake people. But on the real, some of yall need to understand what a legit MLM is vs an illegal pyramid. I am a straight shooter and some cant deal with that. Dont shoot the messenger lol

  13. I’m often shocked at the amount of times I come across a known pyramid scheme online these days – I’m sure about two years ago there were a few laws created to stop them in their tracks? I suppose it’s clever marketing from the owners – always some way around the crime and getting people’s money, shame really!

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