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Is MTTB a Scam? – My Pure Review — 9 Comments

  1. This is really an awesome review of the MTTB program. I should have read it a long time ago.In fact, while researching for this review, I encountered with a legit free to try programme called Wealthy Affiliate.Keep up the good work Edy by helping people to avoid the scam program 🙂

    • Thanks Azlan 🙂 Yeah, you are lucky to finally find Wealthy Affiliate. It is so far the only free-to-taste platform out there without credit card required. I was sicked of money back guaranteed promises by other gurus. The thing is their platforms are lame and costly. Most of the trainings and support systems are out-dated as well. Cant stress enough how excellent Wealthy Affiliate is compare to MTTB and other platforms.

  2. Had Started Matt Lloyds Top Tier Business’ can see what you mean. He goes on and on with things that don’t make much sense, for someone getting into marketing. It helps me look at life realistically seeing your evaluation. I will probably finish up to step six for my own interest but I can not thank you enough for your honesty. I will go back to looking for a nursing job at the VA. This is one more step in the learning journey. Thanks Edy truly a friend of the seekers.

  3. Im only starting in MTTB,but i Can make login in mytoptierbusiness,when i open in this site ,they appear this site is Dangerous site,i try many time to open ,one time i make it ,and i make login,but i can’t see the Video of Matt loyd,1 to 21 to be watch asking my Coach to see first the 1 to 2 step , it is really this is a ascam.?when i make payment ,the ,they said to me no need to pay anything ,no buy or what ,and if i don’t like to finish this ,they back to me 49usd,i pay for,im the first step ,but thank-you to your advice too.i must be careful too.

    • Hi Editha,
      MTTB is not really a scam in a sence that they take your money and run away.
      But most of their trainings focus on promoting the products within one roof. Also, those products/services are overprice as compare to the general market. Make sure you make an adequate decision before buying any of Matt Llyod’s high ticket products. See whether you can benefit from it.

  4. I just joined 5 days ago and had my initial first 15 minute coach call. When I couldn’t find how to login to the 21 step program, I went searching and found this page and am so happy I did. I will email right now asking for the $49 refund.

  5. I can tell thid is a very “clear to the point mttb mobe review” very simple for the simple people, for the newbies and everybody with the right ethics. Believe me, it is all true, matt lloyd mttb mobe monster (a shrinking monster) is a huge fraud running and ruinning the lives of so many people who have paid litteraly thousands of US$DOLLARS with no guarantee at all, 99% of the recruited people FAIL undoutedly, because their products are bad (you can actually get much better training for $50 dollars and serious support if you search the internet) the so called “stellar products” they offer and push people to buy, are just overexpensive and unnecessary meetings with “gurus” in luxurious resorts (to succeed you do not need shaking a guru’s hand, what you need is information) they do not care about you at all, the mttb mibe coaches are just salesmen who have rve mission of getting you purchasing the stellar high tickets and many more things I could tell since I have actually been there, this is just as a shameless stinking fox still running like a plague some points of the net, please beware do not fall for the false gold they try to put in your eyes, remember, to make money you need reliable information, period.

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