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Here is my pure experience and review for MTTB or MyTopTierBusiness. Whether is MTTB a scam or worth considering? Lets dig down deeper into the 21 steps program from the owner Matt Llyod. I assume that you are already in it or you are thinking of purchasing it at this moment. I know that he bets $500 if you dont make any sale within 30 days after completing the 21 steps. I will explain to you why this will disadvantage you and you will never get that $500 bet.


MTTB – MyTopTierBusiness Review

my top tier business or MTTBName : MTTB – MyTopTierBusiness
Website :
Price : $49 with more hidden upsells
Owners : Matt Llyod
Overall Rank : 40 out of 100


MTTB Product Overview

MyTopTierBusiness (MTTB) is one of Matt Llyod top selling products. This is also called front end sales funnel where we will be given 21 steps with a coach. When I first started, he kept reminding me to call the coach and start the program. The coach’s task is to make sure that we understand each step and actually buy the rest of Matt Llyod’s products! Another thing that you will notice is the coach actually does the phone sales as well. There are tens of coaches that work for Matt Llyod to make sure we purchase the product from the people who send us to the front end funnel.

One of the reasons why we cant get the $500 bet is because we will never complete the 21 steps. The only way to complete the 21 steps is to purchase all Matt Llyod hidden products that you can find below later on.. So keep reading!

Here is the screenshot I took from my MTTB member login, as you see my name there Edy Chandra. (Click on the image to see clearly)

MyTopTierBusiness Review


And here is the full length of screenshot showing all the 21 steps videos: w

The Good & The Bad

The Good

  • The videos he created are good education to an online marketing world. The concepts are quite shocking when I first watched them.
  • It shows you how a franchise system works and compare with the one you try to create.
  • It educates you on how to get traffic with different methods, build a funnel, and make conversion. (Those are just theories)
  • There is a blogtalk radio by JT DeBolt, this is mostly motivation radio broadcasting.


The Bad

  • In those steps, you are actually to get 6 steps only. Step 7 is opened by your coach when you have made a purchase to other Matt Llyod products.
  • The coach is not that good, all they do is trying to make sure you do your task and watch all the videos from step 1 to 6. This will make you have the mindset of purchasing later on.
  • The support system sucks. You need to send a ticket via email to ask for help. And when you actually buy for more expensive product, you will get invited to their Facebook group.
  • The products are insanely expensive, and the conversion rate is very small. You might be spending thousands of dollar before making any sales or no sale at all. (Read the MTTB income Disclaimer)


Who is MTTB for?

It is for someone who want to learn the process of getting people into the sales funnel and build a business with giving an information which has expensive prices. It might work to newbie but Do NOT risk youself into this. You could have run out of cash before making a sale. As you can see, those people at the top are experienced marketers. They keep having results because they have done it previously. Imagine what will happen to the very bottom people you recruit in the future? I’m sure they will suffer. I just cant do this type of business. It is misleading and not fair for everyone at the bottom.


Tools & Training

Tools and Training for MTTB is not as good as it seems! All you get for $49 is just Matt Llyod general knowledge that can be learnt anywhere for no cost. The coach will try to pitch you with its program at the end of steps 6. So be careful! When you made the purchase, you will need to go all in. That means more upsells are going to bombard you!



Matt Llyod has a terrible support system. The only way you can get real help is by joining his Home Business SUMMIT that would cost $99/month. Really ridiculous price for just a support and community assistance. You can get way more cheaper deal in Wealthy Affiliate and start building a real online business. Here what you can compare to my #1 recommendation online platform :



Here are the Hidden Prices you will find inside MTTB 21 steps :

MLR (MOBE License Right – $1997) – including all the $297 products with Traffic Master Academy

MLR Mobe License Right



My Email Marketing Empire ($297 value)

My email marketing empire


How To Build A Funded Proposal ($297 value)

How To Build A Funded Proposal


Affiliate Bonus Domination ($297 value)

affiliate bonus domination


The O.P.T. Formula ($297 value)

The O.P.T. Formula


MOBE Licensing Kit ($297 value)

MLR Mobe Licensing Kit


Traffic Master Academy ($297 value)

mobe traffic academy master


Home Business Summit ($99/Month)

home business summit


Titanium Mastermind ($199/Month)

titanium mastermind subscription


Platinum Mastermind ($299/Month)

platinum mastermind subscription


My Final Opinion to MTTB

What do you think this is going? CRASH! As you can see, only people at the top that make more money. It will come to the end when people at the very bottom spend ten thousands of dollar and wont get profit. I really dont recommend this program to people as it is basically an information sharing product about online marketing. The prices are ridiculous as hell! Not worth it.




fraud alertI hope you get the idea of whether is MTTB a scam from my review. Please share this as it will help more people and leave your comment below as well. I’d love to hear from your point of view. Wish you luck with your online business and succeed eventually!

Your friend,

Edy Chandra



Is MTTB a Scam? – My Pure Review — 6 Comments

  1. This is really an awesome review of the MTTB program. I should have read it a long time ago.In fact, while researching for this review, I encountered with a legit free to try programme called Wealthy Affiliate.Keep up the good work Edy by helping people to avoid the scam program 🙂

    • Thanks Azlan 🙂 Yeah, you are lucky to finally find Wealthy Affiliate. It is so far the only free-to-taste platform out there without credit card required. I was sicked of money back guaranteed promises by other gurus. The thing is their platforms are lame and costly. Most of the trainings and support systems are out-dated as well. Cant stress enough how excellent Wealthy Affiliate is compare to MTTB and other platforms.

  2. Had Started Matt Lloyds Top Tier Business’ can see what you mean. He goes on and on with things that don’t make much sense, for someone getting into marketing. It helps me look at life realistically seeing your evaluation. I will probably finish up to step six for my own interest but I can not thank you enough for your honesty. I will go back to looking for a nursing job at the VA. This is one more step in the learning journey. Thanks Edy truly a friend of the seekers.

  3. Im only starting in MTTB,but i Can make login in mytoptierbusiness,when i open in this site ,they appear this site is Dangerous site,i try many time to open ,one time i make it ,and i make login,but i can’t see the Video of Matt loyd,1 to 21 to be watch asking my Coach to see first the 1 to 2 step , it is really this is a ascam.?when i make payment ,the ,they said to me no need to pay anything ,no buy or what ,and if i don’t like to finish this ,they back to me 49usd,i pay for,im the first step ,but thank-you to your advice too.i must be careful too.

    • Hi Editha,
      MTTB is not really a scam in a sence that they take your money and run away.
      But most of their trainings focus on promoting the products within one roof. Also, those products/services are overprice as compare to the general market. Make sure you make an adequate decision before buying any of Matt Llyod’s high ticket products. See whether you can benefit from it.

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