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Let’s find out whether is Get Paid Taking Picture a Scam here or a legit opportunity for you to consider. I recently stumbled upon something strange and guess what? Uploading a Picture and earn $3,647?

Bare with me as I am going to show you a deceitful trick this product has to offer. You will love it my friend 🙂


Get Paid Taking Pictures SCAM!

is Get Paid Taking Pictures a scamProduct Name : Get Paid Taking Pictures [GPTP]
Website :
Owner: Michael Davis
Price : $77 or $37 or $27 or $19 ???
Overall Ranking : 30 Out of 100


GPTP Overview

The system of Get Paid Taking Pictures is teaching you how to earn money just by uploading pictures. For me, it was absolutely mind-blowing. NOT the product, but the way Michael Davis explain things in his sale video. Ex Walmart employee made $3,647 in one week? Do you believe that?

Secret to make money just by taking picture

If you are new to this online marketing world, then you would have probably bought to this stuff. Now, does it work just by uploading pictures? NO! It won’t work for you. Trust me.. I have seen all online B.S. from making $1,000 to $30,000 a day. Those things aren’t real. I will proof it to you!


GPTP Deceitful Trick Exposed!

You might not know the trick of most scammers out there. Here I tell you “They Keep Lowering the Price!“. When you are on the sale page, try to refresh the page. You will see few different pricings. AND you know what’s the worst thing? They try to direct you to other programs!

As for Get Paid Taking Pictures, you will notice the price keep discounting itself when you try to leave or refresh the page. First, the original price is $77, then lowered to $37, $27, finally $19. What’s NEXT? It directs you to Paid Survey Authority which is completely off the site! See the mindmap below that I’ve created for you:

get paid taking pictures deceitful trick

You can try this if don’t believe me, and come back here to continue reading. Now, this is a badass trick to suck innocent people money. They will keep offering you product after product. Little that you know, you’ve spend thousands of dollar and don’t make a dime!

I have been through all this, you are not alone! In fact, I have lost hundreds of dollar to programs that are really unethical and give no value at all. It was disheartening. I learnt my lesson and promise myself to help others to avoid wrong product/service to make money online.


My Suggestion to You

In the journey of finding legitimate program that really works and suitable for anybody, I have finally found one. This is so far the best platform for you to learn about Online Marketing and build a long-term revenue out of your passion.

Yes, your Passion! Most gurus out there instead manipulate innocent people to promote their own products, but my Top #1 Recommendation does a complete different approach to build your online business and perhaps your freedom.

If you ask me how much does it cost, the answer is that you can try it for FREE. There is no obligation, no credit card required, and no overhype promise. I think this is fair for everybody. Who wants to pay if we don’t know what we are doing right?

Before I give you my Top 1 Recommended program, please help other folks by sharing this information about deceitful Get Paid Taking Pictures, and comment below for your opinion. Do you think it is a scam? I’d love to hear from you!


Your friend,

Edy Chandra


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Is Get Paid Taking Pictures a Scam? — 6 Comments

  1. I really wonder how all this crap appears on the internet. I review products almost every day and come across different “amazing” products but this one, i.e. GPTP is really something new for me. The program smells like a complete BS. Anyone who has some experience in internet marketing knows very well that the idea of making a few thousands of dollars just for uploading pictures is not realistic. I think with all these endless scams online the only solution is a proper education.

    • Hi Rufat,
      I was amazed by the claim that uploading a picture can lead to thousands of dollar revenue. This guru is not explaining the system in the sale video. All he does is pitching the low cost entry product, and bombard more in the future. A real opportunity will give the overview on how the process works to make money. The moment he mentioned “Secret”, I know this is a poor program to join.

  2. Thanks for the information. I like you have experienced the same tactic – something that starts at one price (I have seen discounts go from $197 to $7). The scam to me seems to be go low enough such that people start saying to themselves “its only ____, that is not much.”. We need to ask if we find ourselves in this situation, how can they afford to discount the cost so much if the product is actually as good as claimed. The answer is they can’t and they only get away with bit because the product is worthless and cost them nothing to support.

    • That’s absolutely right Jaks!
      Why would they keep lowering the cost if the system is so darn good. The answer, is that they are afraid to lose money from someone who are about to leave the page. I really don’t recommend buying this product. What would happen to innocent people that don’t know the discounting trick. I am sure they will get pissed off when they know this trick.

  3. Dear Edy,

    I can easily relate to you on online scams, its not cool to have your hard earned cash go towards something that won’t help you but rather it helps those who are behind the online scams more. I have run into that same scenario where I paid some $97 one time fee to try Home Internet Careers out, and when I refreshed their page, the price went down to $77. I was like: what is going on? Am I seeing things or is this just pure imagination? I tried them out for few days, but quit since I was literally on my own, and I couldn’t get any online support with the questions I had from them. I hope to seek a way to warn others of the signs that could be a scam or not so they don’t fall into doing the same mistakes I did and be trapped.


    • That’s right Angel. There are tons of fake program that don’t work. I personally have tasted most of them. The problem lays on the support system and tricky pricing. Very bad sign for a newbie to online marketing. They will keep doing this to innocent people online, That’s WHY I will try my best to help those folks make an adequate dicision toward their online success!

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