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Let’s find out whether is Facebeast a scam or legit program to sign up for. Within my review, I will show you the smart way to identify one product or service credibility. And this perhaps tells you what you should do for Facebeast’s Facebook money making machine! Is it real or too good to be true? Bare with me as I will walk you through everything below!


FaceBeast Review

is facebeast a scamProduct Name : FaceBeast
Website :
Owner : William Moore
Price : $97 and $197 with hidden upsells + downsells
Overall Ranking : 30 Out of 100


What is FaceBeast?

FaceBeast is a digital product that is created by William Moore to generate income through Facebook. He will show you how he can earn up to $12,092 a month just by using the top number one social media platform today. Now, does it work? That’s the real question to ask here! But the sad truth is that the guy never explains to you the overview process of what you are going to learn within his sale page. (one red flag)

When the owner does not dare to show his system outlines, there must be something he is trying to hide from us. This type of opportunity usually has a catch once you signed up for the program. And you know what? YES there is! I will prove it to you later.


The Good & The Bad

The Good

There are few things that I like about FaceBeast compare to most online making money opportunity out there:

  • facebeast special legit coachingYou could have special coaching through phone call. Really?
  • The earnings shown are not exaggerated, which is totally attainable to think of for me as an online marketer.
  • I like the Beast. It is a cool blue beast which replicate the color of Facebook. (just my personal taste)



The Bad

Despite its cool monster, few things I really don’t like about the program:

  • Again, not clear toward what you’re going to purchase. So far, you just know that the guy makes money from Facebook. But how? Is it Facebook Ads marketing, spamming people or what sort of strategy.
  • The testimonials are surely fake. Those people are seen before when I did review on other online making money opportunity. Gotcha! You can get one testimonial video for 5 buck on
  •  The program is a clickbank product which has some poor rating depending on the programs. But often time, I find many trashy ones out there.
  • UPSELLS + DOWNSELLS! This is one of the reasons why the owner never explains to you the full story of his program. You actually need to pay more in order to know more!

facebeast affiliate program review

That’s the commissions someone get when they refer you to FaceBeast. It means that you will get bombarded by more than one purchase. Who knows that in the future you will get more and more new product/service offer! Now, I hope you understand why I don’t like clickbank product.

Watch my video walkthorugh here!

FaceBeast Support

The support system is most probably via email or Facebook group. This is not a great way to learn making money online. You need an instant respond when it comes to help. Most platforms failed to fulfill this need. Anytime down the road, you will meet obstacles. Without proper guidance, you can either make nothing or lose money.

I’m not sure what’s the FaceBeast support system looks like, but I don’t care since the program is too secretive. You don’t know how much you need to pay until you get the value to finally earn you some cash.





My Recommendation

I had been to several online marketing platforms before, and all I can say that most of them are not worth to invest in. Some teaches unethical method to generate income online, while others try to fool innocent people where they promised them to get rich quick by a push of button software.

However, I do have one Top #1 Recommendation platform for you to start an online business based on your passion. Yes, you can make sustainable revenue in the long term through your hobby/ interest, proper training and excellent support. You don’t have to worry about what’s you going to learn because it’s free to create an account. See my review about this on the other page by clicking the link below.


Check Out My #1 Recommendation Platform Here!


That’s all the information I have for you whether is Facebeast a scam. What I will suggest you is to AVOID it, because there is many upsells and downsells. Moreover, the product is too secretive. Please share this review if it helps, and comment below for your opinion. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂


Your friend,

Edy Chandra



Is FaceBeast A Scam or Legit? Read My Shocking Review Here! — 10 Comments

  1. This is a very informational website! It really drew me in. Your layout, content, and framework is all very well made. You are on a very good track and your website is coming along very well. I enjoyed your content a lot and I’m looking forward to reading more articles in the future. Thank you and keep up the great work!

    • Hello Hagop Margossian,
      Thanks for stopping by to my website. I am glad that you find it informational. Sure I will write more helpful content for my reader in the future. Feel free to revisit my site again!


  2. this looks like another one of those extremely dodgy ( yet well put together ) scams based on upsell commissions. Great review – glad I stopped by here first before coming across this little nasty!

    • Hello Chris Evans,
      That’s right! There must be a catch within the members area. If people are not careful enough, they could get into the hole deeper and deeper. Glad that my review helps you to avoid Facebeast program. Be sure to perform adequate research before joining any program in the future 🙂

    • Hello Keye,
      I would recommend you to try Wealthy Affiliate using a free account, and see whether the training suits you. There is no catch within the platform. It is just two type of membership, starter and premium that’s it. Starter Account is $0 without credit card required, Premium is $47/mo. This includes everything from unlimited training, support, tool, website, hosting. Well, I highly recommend folks out there to try it for free, and they can upgrade anytime they want. Really Nothing to lose at all 🙂

  3. Hi, you just saved me.
    FaceBeast looked a bit scammy to me, but I wasn’t sure. The other thing was the first site that showed up in the search said it was not a scam, but when I read the article, I thought clearly they are affiliates and just want to make money for getting someone to sign up for FaceBeast.
    This review is more honest and more in line with what I was thinking – it should have been at the top.

    • Hi Linda, thanks for trusting my review here.

      Yes those people at the top are not being honest. They just want to make quick bucks. Although I am in the same situation too, but I tried to give genuine post to my visitors, not merely to make money out of them.

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