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Is Euro Millionaire System a Scam? — 8 Comments

  1. Good Review. I am always suspicious of guaranteed money schemes and without any experience, I’d be hesitant to jump on board with trading. I like the online marketing idea much more, that sounds quite interesting and a lot less risky.

    • Hello Keely,
      Trading takes a lot of time to learn before trying to trade using your real money. If we don’t have the proper skill in place, we can lose it all. Doing Online Marketing, however, is much easier and less risk. You can set your own time and not worrying about the stock market going up or down. It is really hard to predict!

    • Trading can be fun if we know what we are doing, but again it is risky for a newbie 🙂 No system can really eliminate the learning curve. Most of them are just a bait to invest for some mysterious brokers.

  2. Another fine review, mate.
    I, personally, hate trading.
    I joined a program similar to this one and ended losing about $500.
    I would never recommend anything like this to people who know nothing about earning online.
    But yeah, great post, Edy.

    • I’m sorry to hear that you lost $500 Julian.
      Hope that it can be a lesson for you. I personally almost had the same tragic experience as well. But I managed to pull myself out and join venture in Online Marketing. Now I feel much comfortable without worrying to lose all my money.

  3. Hi Edy, thanks for sharing this information on Euro Millionaire System.
    The Internet is plague with many Scams of any forms. One must be very careful and do their due diligence to do research first.

    • That’s right Edmund!
      Investigating the presence of one platfrom is crucial, especially when you need to invest certain amount of money. See whether the platform is legit or not. Don’t just solely depend on the fake proofs. Research what others may say, can be important as well.

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