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If you are wondering whether is DS Domination legit or a scam, I would like to give you my personal review here. After reading it, you should be able to make decision on WHY you might want to join the program or leave it altogether. So bare with me as I am going to walk you through the process below.


DS Domination Review

is DS Domination legitProgram Name : DS Domination (DSD)
Website :
Owner : Roger Langille (I heard he had left)
Price : $19.95/mo + many hidden upsells
Overall Ranking : 30 Out of 100


What is DS Domination All About?

Okay. If you are here, I know you get referred by someone to join DSD. That’s the only way you can sign-up for this MLM program. How do I know? I have been in your shoes. Here I will HELP you by giving the information that your referral never tell you about DS Domination before!

As you might already know, DSD program teaches you on how to do drop shipping. So, what is that? Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

how to do drop shippy ebay by ds domination

Let me give you the steps of drop shipping using DS Domination way:

Step 1: YOU (the retailer) go to the Amazon or Walmart, then see which product that has good reviews or a product that you would like to copy. Let’s say Nike shoes which costs $50.

Step 2: YOU copy the product Title, Image and Description, and paste in on your Ebay listing for higher price. Let’s say $70 for that Nike shoes.

Step 3: I damaged my shoes and thinking of buying new Nike shoes. I then go to Ebay to see the available Nike shoes. Luckily for YOU, I see your listings on Ebay. I then made a $70 purchase from you and give you my shipping address.

Step 4: You go order from Amazon only for $50 and you enter my shipping address. Once, I receive my Nike shoes, you then get your $20 profit because I paid you $70.

Imagine not only you have me as a buyer, but you get 10 other people looking for the same product. Thus, you can potentially make good money. BUT..don’t be happy yet! There is a catch which you should be aware of.


The Pros and Cons of DSD

The Pros

  1. The sale video is not overhype.
  2. Some trainings are okay.


The Cons

  1. You have little information about the product.
  2. There are many hidden upsells! You NEVER know this upon joining. Do you?


Here are the upsells:

  • $99/mo – Elite Level
  • $244.99 one-time payment – Unleashe Training
  • $499 one-time payment – Monopoly Training
  • $9.96/mo to make sales and receieve payment (additional cost for affiliates)
  • $199 one-time payment – Market Extreme (additional cost for affiliates)


3. 10 tiers MLM structure of exaggerate claim.

4. More upsells will bombard you in the future. I just discover a new one added. It is called Option Domination which has 3 types of membership:

  • option domination account typeInheritance – $49.95/mo
  • Enterprise – $149.95/mo
  • Legacy – $399.95/mo


5. Bad Support System and it sucks!


DS Domination Complaints

There are tons of complaints within DS Domination program. This is a red flag for you to join the program. All of the investment you made, and get no response when you are stuck? I can’t imagine how long you can survive in there!

Check out the complaints chat from Facebook Fanpage below:

DS Domination Team complaints

As you can read. People are having tough times to get helped from DSD program. Some members are stuck and couldn’t move on. This proves the support inside is lame and not responsive.


My Final Opinion toward DSD

DS Domination is NOT legit! You join the program without knowing the actual pricings. This is a bad technique to teach people making money online. I personally hate being scammed, and trust me there are tons of them out there.


One more thing I want to discuss about DSD, is the the MLM structure. Now if you think this will benefit you, then you are WRONG! I had been to MLM company before. Although some companies are good, but over 90% is deceitful. Be sure to see the value in it. If you don’t see any value staying. I advice you to leave!

Think it this way. How long do you think the members inside will stay when they are having trouble to get helped? Sooner or later, people will run away and move to another opportunity. DS Domination is an unethical program. They don’t indicate any pricing within the main website. So, I encourage you to stay away from this deceitful way to make money online!


My Recommendation

I completely understand your feeling now. It is hard to find a legitimate program online. I myself get scammed couple of times in the past. Those fake gurus always claim that you can make easy money and bla bla bla. But once you join? SH*T! You face multiple upsells that will suck your pocket dry.

Here what I promise you my friend. I am going to recommend my #1 online marketing platform. This program is 100% ethical and FREE to taste. Now if you ask me, does it have multiple expensive upsells? NO! There is only two memberships. Free or $47/mo. That’s it.

Why I call it Top #1? It is because the owners are presence within membership area, the community is helpful, you can get helped in 24/7 live chat, and the training is easy to follow. Don’t believe me? Give a try for FREE (no credit card required). Nothing to lose! Again, don’t take my words. Prove it yourself. 🙂 You can learn more on my #1 recommendation review below.


Click Here to Read More about My #1 Recommendation Platform!


That’s all the information I have. I hope you can determine whether is DS Domination legit or not. Please help me share this if it helps, and comment below for your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!


Your friend,

Edy Chandra



Is DS Domination Legit? Find out What It is All About Now — 4 Comments

    • Hello Mr.Margossian,
      I am glad that you find my content is great. I would love to help others succeeding online and avoid unethical program to make money through online marketing. Thanks for the encouragement!

  1. Hi Edy
    This is what happens when unscrupulous individuals take advantage of unsuspecting individuals. So here you have people parting with their hard earned cash, thinking that they are making a legitimate investment in a work at home business, only to find out that they’re being scammed.

    I am sure those are not the only two complaints about DS Domination. People should definitely stay away from this and what’s with all those up-sells? When I read these sort of things, it just makes me angry. But I have to say, I have never fallen for this type of thing, to me it just doesn’t make any kind of sense what so ever.

    I’ll hope your visitors take your advice and stay far away, from that program, as I am sure you can recommend something far better than DS Domination.

    • Hi Vanessa,
      I can relate your feelings here. Many people fall to this deceitful program that promised low entry cost. BUT as soon as you are inside, you are going to be bombarded with many expensive upsells. And the saddest part of all, you never know the full pricings that are coming toward you. You might think after buying the first and second products is the end of the story, unfortunately 3rd, 4th, 5th and MORE will dry your pocket. I can’t stress enough to encourage people to AVOID DS Domination altogether!

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