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Is Copy Trade Profit a Scam? Read My Review Before You Join! — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Edy, thank God for people like you out there acting as a voice of reason and warning people away from things like Copy Trade Profit. Something like Online Marketing looks like a much more promising way to make some cash online.

    Thanks for the information!
    Cheers, Tony.

    • Hi Tony,
      That’s right! Doing online marketing is much safer and low cost. People often get trapped by the exaggerate claim of trader, and they forget the risk of losing everything. This is a very sad situation if one did fall victim to it. Sometime, online marketing does have same issue, where fake gurus try to scam you. So, it is important to do further research before purchasing anything online!

  2. Yes you are correct on the fake trading platforms that they have to lure in to get you to spend the 200 or 250 to take a risk to lose your hard earned money in their software. I was never in that case or situation before because I know a bit of the investments you are taking a risk if you think you are going to make money every time. I hope this review information on the Copy Trade Profit saves some people for joining. I get an email from these guys about every second day.

    • Yes Willie,
      The software is too good to be true. There is no way on earth you can make money that fast with 98% success rate. What a total B.S.! People often get trapped by the exaggerated claim, but soon they will know what’s reality looks like ahead once they lost their entire investment.

    • You’re welcome Joe!
      I’m glad to help others avoiding nasty program or software that doesn’t do anything but empty promise.

  3. wow what a scam ! I was actually looking at this program and they were even filling up my inbox but luckily i was never persuaded into taking action. I’m glad there’s people like you raising awareness on the internet.

    • Hello Yunier,
      Most brokers will ask for your phone number, this is where they will do the pitch and pull you to invest $250 with them. Glad that you never persuaded this type of fake software. Better be safe than sorry!

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