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Is CB Passive Income 3.0 a Scam? – Read My Full Review Here — 20 Comments

  1. Wow! It sounds like this program is taking a lot of money from people. I wonder if people are actually making any money with CB Passive Income, and if they are, I don’t know how it could be a long-term business promoting just a landing page. In addition, to make a full-time income without a website they would probably need to write/copy like 70 articles a day! I think I would prefer putting the content on my site, which is what WA teaches.

    Thanks for the heads up on CB Passive Income,


    • You are right Travis. CB Passive Income 3.0 doesn’t really teach the right way of doing online business. The owner is focusing thing on him instead of his members. Too many false promises given by Patric Chan. The reality, you get crappy program that can be learnt easily on Google.

  2. Great Review. So glad to see people out there telling the truth about these online scams.

    I know what you mean about these price structures being misleading. To many times your told “$97 dollars gets you full access!” Only to find out when you do get access that you must purchase this or that to make it actually work!

    Oh, and wait! There’s more! If you would like our special one on one training instead of a premade website that you have no clue how to operate, then buy now at the discounted rate of…

    And so go’s the story.

    • Wow, two Travis here. Awesome.
      Anyway, this CB Passive Income has a bad reputation with its upsells. When you buy something that is promised to be one time and lifetime access, the so called guru will bombard you with another opportunity after your 1st purchase. I have seen this trick so many time and it mean NO good to the vitcim.
      Too many distraction and it will confuse a newbie!

  3. Wow, you really sound passionate about exposing online scams! It’s good that someone is protecting people from getting ripped off online.

    • Yes Ana. I was in the same shoe as many others. Tons of misleading information out there. The tricks are pretty similar for most of them. Upsells and Downsells after the first investment. A no-no sign for beginners.

    • Absolutely Keye, WA is a clean place for newbie without any cost to taste. I highly recommend people to try for free so that they can learn without being rushy and be able to leave anytime if it is not suitable.

  4. I always say that – if it’s too good to be true than it’s probably not true…
    There are way too many offers to make money without actually doing something, this always turns to be some kind of fraud, when someone already found his way of making money without actually doing something – why should work on trying to sell it to you ha? SCAM!

    • I have tested the program. They always say it is going to be easy, automated and little work involved. Heck! The reality, you get into more trouble to this crappy program. You are actually need to do a lot of work. This is what I called it as MISLEADING GURU. In most cases, this platfrom provides lame support and engagement to the members.

  5. Wow! I’m glad I came across this review. I was looking into the program, but I can see it would be better to avoid CB Passive Income. Thanks Edy!

    • This program has been around and I bumped to it few months ago. Hey, a new version came out shortly. CB Passivle income 3.0 License program? It is the same as the previous one which is CRAPPY!. It is much better to avoid this.

  6. Thanks for writing this review. It’s so easy for people to be pulled into these type of rip-off programs. People need to be told the truth to protect themselves from so-called gurus.

    • That’s right Teresa. Too many fake gurus out there are manipulating newbie for their own benefit. They pitch something that is misleading and little value to people. I really want to help them, because I was in the same shoes before.

  7. hello Edy…
    I want to buy this product but after seeing this type of review i have confused…..what am i doing……..CB Passive income 3.0 License program is secure ……or not……

  8. Hi there,

    I was reading your post, normally these kind of headlines to me are quite Fishy just to capture the audience attention.

    When someone states something is scam, he needs to buy it , TEST it and then based on the results … it can be good or Bad, being SCAM or not.

    In this post i did not see any case study where you direct your subscribers to the offer of this program and consequently seeing the results of it.

    This program is done to help you to make affiliate sales, so you don´t need to create Ebooks to offer, Squeeze page, do split testing , create a funnel. You have all of that hands down. You just need to Send traffic, to offer from that point the funnel will work.

    There is the bright side and the “dark side” – What is good is that you need only to think to deliver leads to the program and then will start receive affiliate income since they promote multiple offers.

    Now you need to think that is required to deliver highly targeted leads, and not crappy ones. I have tested this offer 2 days ago with 2 solo Ads.

    The first one that was a long version of squeeze page i got 30% of optins and Sales in the Frontend, that make to get 85% of ROI only in the front end.

    The second Solo i have used a short version of the squeeze page and it converted on 50% of optins.

    So i can affirm the Squeeze page were optimized or else i could NEVER get an optin ratio of 50%. This brings us back to the Squeeze page A/B testing and the investment that you will require. I know this because i had to do it about a year ago the optimization of a Squeeze page and i can affirm, that at the time i have spent at least $1000 optimizing the squeeze page, and i could never convert it to 50%.

    I cannot post here images, but if required i can send you a copy of my Solo and the corresponding Clickbank commissions.

    Then stating that ALL clickbank products are crap and from scammers, will make me think that you didn´t do your homework. Sure its right to say there are many products that are pure CRAP, but I can say based on my own experience that i have bought a couple of Clickbank products that offer your premium content.

    So Clickbank products are not SCAM or CRAP is generally speaking.

    To conclude my opinion about this program, is not about being a scam, at least to me is working,


    • Hi Morg,
      Some Clickbank products are indeed lame. So we as the consumer MUST understand how to spot a good one. Unfortunately for newbies, they tend to fall victim because of the gimmicks. CB Passive Income was created by Patric Chan, and it leads to clickbank offer. Usually this type opportunity has mediocre support. Anyway, it seems you have problems with your stuff, and I hope you can improve your existing business to better. 🙂


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