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is BitGold A Scam? My Review and Thoughts on it! — 8 Comments

  1. I loved the concept so thought I would dabble in Bitgold. The first test was of course was: could I get my gold? I opened an account and deposited funds. Cutting a long painful story short it too me over one month to receive my 10grams of gold. And I still haven’t received my change. Lots of emails, verifications and excuses. It was horrible experience and I recommend that if anybody wants to buy gold they wander down to their nearest bullion dealer. I was left with no doubt that if TEOTWAWKI comes along that it would be almost impossible to get either gold or money out of BitGold.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience here with BitGold, Rob.
      Yes they are a bit strict and require lots of verification. Anyway, I hope you get the best out of what you’ve invested. 🙂

  2. No, this is completly a SCAM, when you have a lot of gold on your account they close your account and stole all your money, they said: You break our terms of service.

    AND NO 1 TERM OF SERVICE broken, they never answer me the emails.

    They owe me 1000$

    • It can be that way where a company comes and goes.

      Your best bet is to check their legitimacy and warranty on things you invest with them. Don’t blindly put everything in one basket. Thanks for bringing this up.

  3. Bitgold behaves as a scam becuase:
    1. Roy Sebag and Josh Crumb (funders) do not have a technology background and neither their team has the expertise to implement a system as the required.
    2. Its Website is not reliable, it is not compatible with mayor browsers (only Google they say). The verification system does not work and the Affiliate system is “collapsed”.
    2. Roy Sebag and Josh Crumb do have experience in the financial market, so instead of focusing in the operation of the business they made a PR campaign to get funds using their user base as a “bait” to make public the company as soon as possible. However the average user deposits are US100.00 so they are not trading but testing.

    I really do not guess how you give the company 80 of 100 unless you had been paid for it.

    • Hi Lola,

      No I didn’t receive any payments from Bitgold. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. 🙂
      I hope others can make an informed decision.

  4. This post didn’t age well.

    I received a notification that my account has been CLOSED due to inactivity and a ZERO BALANCE. Even though I only have ONE purchase transaction and I’ve never made a withdrawal.

    In one email, the said:

    // Your existing BitGold Personal account has simply become a Goldmoney Personal account. You will experience no interruptions or changes to your account, gold balance, settings or tools – they all remain secured as-is. Our changes are meant to convey the new and improved Goldmoney customer experience. //

    Well, that turned out NOT to be true as my account is now “suspended” due to ZERO balance.

    Avoid these criminals at all costs.

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