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I will show you WHY is Automated Wealth Network a Scam within my review. At first, I thought this program is good, but I was completely WRONG and get myself deeper into the hole. The thing that draws us to the program is its free promise to the system and $500 bet. I believe you were intrigued too. Now, below is the review with reasons why you should avoid this program:


Automated Wealth Network Review

is automated wealth network a scamProduct Name : Automated Wealth Network (AWN)
Website :
Price : $0 + Upsells + Deceitful Offers
Owners : Tim Chesonis & Michael Cocan
Overall Ranking : 45 Out of 100


AWN Overview

AWN system setupHere we go. When you enter the website, Tim promises you the system that he had working for over 10 years. So what is that? He called it as Incentive Marketing. This means sending traffic to a free offer and get paid when they do actually interested in it. The guy claimed to you it is completely free, but there is something you don’t know about. Bare with me as it might shock you later!

As you know that AWN is partnering with MyCashFreebis where its your first assignment before unlocking to other trainings. You might as well notice that there are upsells in the future. But you still have no idea how much it costs. Don’t worry because it doesn’t matter at all.


The Good & The Bad

The Good

There are few good things that I like about this platform:

  • Less hype and no “get rich quick scheme” promise.
  • Tim explained the strategy of online marketing quite well, so it gives the general idea of what you can do in the future.
  • There is no upfront cost.
  • He does guided people step-by-step


The Bad

And there are many things that I dislike about AWN:

  • It requires a lot of investment and it is risky if you are a beginner.
  • Tim doesn’t keep his words and not being 100% honest. In his sale video, he said he was broke, then he said he had a pilot job. How the heck can a pilot be broke? Liar Detected!
  • He himself is actually doing an affiliate marketing. Actually, incentive marketing is almost the same as affiliate marketing. Guess who referred me? Affiliate Marketer!

referred by someone network

This proves that Tim is a deceitful person!

  • He never give you the future upsells pricing overview. Who knows it’s going to be affordable or just a big fat borderline scam? How do I know there is future training upsells? See the screenshot below taken from Tim’s sale video:

reinvest in more training with automated wealth network

  • You need to fill in your details such us phone number. I wasn’t pleased of this because you are probably being called all the time.
  • If you remember that AWN is partnering with MyCash Freebies which has bad reputable platform, where people feel like being scammed all the time. The offers within the platform mostly require your credit card information. Now, if you are not careful, you will often end up with multiple credit card charges and an overwhelming amount of contact from marketers and salespeople.
  • The worst part of MyCash Freebies? You can be charged before the free-trial ends!


Final Opinion of AWN

In the beginning, everything seems to be okay and works fine. However, there are tricky techniques used by Tim Chesonis & Michael Cocan to get their hands on you, especially to those newbie in online marketing world. I’m sure there are complaints within the platform as well.

You should definitely AVOID Automated Wealth Network! It is a deceitful program that will probably suck your money in and out through MyCash Freebies. Please be careful my friend, don’t you ever put your credit card information into something that you are not familiar with!


My Advice to You

If you really want to learn about online marketing legitimately, I have the right place for you that is scam free. You will never risk your credit card without understanding the process of making money online. Don’t worry, I have tasted it and it works!

Before giving you the full review for My Top #1 Recommendation Online marketing platform, please share this information if it helps you determine whether is Automated Wealth Network a Scam. Do comment below as well for your opinion. I’d love to hear from you 🙂


Your friend,

Edy Chandra


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is Automated Wealth Network a Scam? — 12 Comments

  1. There are so many scams out there that it’s just ridiculous. Sadly it makes the good communities look like scams as well… I agree with you, when your are being told it’s a free program but require to type your credit card information to use any feature or tools, it’s a good indicator to see what the owner’s is after: your money. Without any warranty to achieve your financial goals it’s just not right. Thanks for this review

    • Hi Carolyn,
      That’s true. Nobody wants to risk their credit card without understanding the real process of making money online. Some gurus said it is free, but why the heck they need our credit card information. A bad sign for those who don’t understand the potential scam. I would never advice someone to try something for free but require their credit card. That’s just not right!

  2. hi Edy
    I can certainly appreciate your advice. I almost got caught into one of those scams (because that is what they are….). I gave my credit card number for an intro package to be sent to me. Once I got it and realized it was crap (vague,no details, tons of pictures I do not know), I called to cancel. Actually had to change my credit card number to make sure they would not use it again. So it was a hassle! We really have to be careful with promises of online money. People do your research first!

    • Hi Emily,
      I’m glad that you haven’t get charged by a random company. You need to be extra careful. Sometime, we buy into a hype and believe it’s true, but the reality it’s not. AWN doesn’t state the whole picture clearly. And with association with MyCash Freebies, things got even worse than ever!

  3. Thanks for the review of Automated Wealth Network. I’ll be sure to avoid their program. Whenever anyone claims that they can automate the process of making money, it’s time to run. There’s no such thing as easy money. It takes time, effort, and creativity to be successful. There are no shortcuts. I checked out your recommended review for Wealthy Affiliate. This sounds like a better idea, since Wealthy Affiliate is offering training, not some automated system.

    • Yup, that’s right Peter!
      A true online business require hard work and patient. If someone says otherwise, it is a complete SCAM.
      I personally had fallen to many fake program out there that promise easy money with automated system. The reality is I made $0 and spend over $100.
      Since then, I promise to be realistic on making money online, then I start to see results. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I have made huge progression toward my financial success.

  4. Thanks for the info Edy! I was actually about to test it out, today. I am so glad that I decided to do a search on it, finding this page. I know that there have got to be ways to be able to make money, no, not on auto pilot, but for someone with no experience in this, and that has 3 kids to feed leaving nothing to gamble on. Does something like that really exist? Every which way you go, you get scammed, and I just have no clue where to look for real opportunities, well, affordable real opportunities.

    • Hi Miranda.

      This opportunity cannot be good as you learn little things about real Internet Marketing skills. The company might come and go easily, thus everything you have put into it would disappear overnight. It’s best to avoid Automated Wealthy Network in my opinion. But you can give it a try if you want.

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