Learn How to Write a Good Blog Post Title and draw your visitors with easy steps shown below. As an online marketer who promote a service or product or even a piece of information, we want to capture the attention of our readers. That’s why we need to know the best way on writing a post title!

Here you will be learning the very simple step-by-step from arranging your words to actually beautify it and catch the eyes’ of your audiences. So when they type in the sentence on search engines(Google, Yahoo or Bing). Your wording can be irresistible to click 🙂


3 Simple Steps to Write a Good Blog Post Title

How to Write a Blog Post Title

Step 1: Arranging Your Words

You should already have a keywords for your post title. Using that particular keywords, one thing we MUST pay attention to. Does the words make human sense? Be remembered that our intention is to write for human, NOT search engines! So make sure your words or keywords makes sense to read without an error.

Example of “Proper Words” VS “Improper Words” :

  • How to Make A Delicious Cake From Home (Proper Words)
  • How to Delicious Making Cake From Home (Improper Words)

It will all go back to the correct English structure. Here is the trick! Try to pronounce the post title words as you want to use them. See whether it sounds natural and suitable for your audiences’ question that they might type on Google search bar.


Step 2: Test Your Keywords Popularity and Competition

Now, if your first step was just for an idea to write a post and you have NOT had a keywords for SEO, I will suggest you to take a look at its monthly searches and competitions. What’s the point creating a blog post title without knowing how many people are actually looking for it.

Let’s say the words : “How to Make a Declicious Cake From Home” has 590 monthly searches. Versus. The word “How to Make a Pancake from Home” with only 89 monthly searches.

Which one will you choose?

Of course the one with 590 monthly searches! Because more people are going to find your blog post.

However, here is the twist comes in. When we actually see the competition of those two keywords. The one with 590 monthly searches has over 300 competitions, whereas the one with 89 monthly searches has only 20 competitions.

It is pointless to write a post for a keywords that has so much competitors. Although it has high volume of searches, you will never get a slice of them since your competitions are too many ahead.

The best keywords you should go after is the one with lower competition! It’s fine if the audiences are little, but the good side is we can rank easily on search engines 🙂 The wisest way to accumulate the traffic to your site, is by creating more blog post regularly and targeting low competition keywords.

keywords testing for how to write post title

Step 3: Beautify Your Post Title

After the steps above have done, you have two choices.

  1. Use your keywords as the post title. Ex: “How to Create a Successful Website Using WordPress”. You can copy that exact words to your post title, but again it has to make human sense 🙂
  2. Add an eyes cathing words. It means to catch our audience eyes when they see your title appearing on search engines. Make it to be enticing as possibly can.


What you can do to attract people visiting your site is by putting extra words to your keywords. You can put anything that your audience might want to click it and can be irresitible.

Here are some examples:

  • How to Make Money – Get Rich with This!
  • How to Bake a Cake – Anyone Can Do It
  • Is Kissing An Animal Healthy? – The Truth is Here
  • Play Rock Guitar and Become Expert Fast
  • Burn Your Belly Fat – The Profound Formula

Those extra words are bolded. Are they look more attractive to click on? YES they are! You can also see the example on this page title. ( How to Write a Blog Post Title – The Easy Steps ).

REMEMBER! Your post title has words limit about 60 characters. So try not to exceed it. IF you have a long tail keywords, don’t use the eyes catching words.

How?Is this AWESOME? Great!

That’s all you need to write a blog post title. Simple and easy steps up there 🙂

Please share this page if it helps and comment below for your thoughts. I’d be happy to connect with you.

Your friend,

Edy Chandra


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How to Write a Good Blog Post Title – The Easy Steps — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Edy,

    Great advice here about how to select the keywords that you should be looking to target. You are so right about targeting keywords that have low competition as this is going to help drive the traffic you need to your site.

    • Absolutely Mark,
      With low competition keywords, we can rank easier and faster. We can’t target high competitive keywords as it takes forever to rank. The smartest move is writing a blog post or a page with low targeting keywords. Recommended is below 100 competition for a new website. As we gain more authority, we then can advance to more challenging keywords 🙂

    • It is COOL Sarah.. Take your step one in a step. Learning How to Write a Good Blog Post Title will surely help your site and rank better in the future. Just remember that your effort will pay off later 🙂

  2. I think these are some amazing steps to getting your blog post prepared, but it’s also important to write good content too you know 😉

    Also I heard that you can put your keywords in the first paragraph of your post too! Just something I learned once!
    Great article!
    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • Yes Matt,
      putting a blog post title in the first paragraph will help your SEO 🙂
      Writing a good Blog Post Title alone is not enough, but this is a very fundamental step.

    • Hi Juilian,
      I’m glad that it helps you out 🙂
      Good Luck with you next post and let me know your progress later on!

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