Find out the 7 effective ways on How to Write a Contet for SEO and get better ranking with it. These are the latest techniques and still will hold true for many years to come! If you are serious in getting a content optimized for search engines, don’t miss them and keep reading till the end 🙂


7 Effective Ways on How to Write a Contet for SEO

Instead of saying them as ways, I will prefer to call them as rules. The important ones! Rules for both newbie and successful online marketer to consider when writing a content. P.S. I am using wordpress for this information, but I think it should not be any issue for you to learn.

Below are the rules organized step-by-step and hopefully easy to implement:

7 Effective Ways on How to Write a Contet for SEO

Set Up Your SEO Plugin (I’m using All in One SEO)

If you have already had other SEO plugin, you can skip this step.

Now If you haven’t had any SEO plugin and are using WordPress, I highly recommend to use All in One SEO plugin for you. The advantages of it are simple to use, suitable for beginners, and it is a powerful plug-in!

Just go to Plugins => Add New => Search for All in One SEO => Install it => Activate it.

There is only few things you need to change in All in One SEO General Setting. Enabled the “Use Original Title” and fill up your Home Title & Description. As for Home Keywords (Optional) it won’t affect rankings, and don’t fill it too many as it can be considered as spamming. See the image below:

General Settings

Just follow this and you are good to go 🙂

After you have done with them. Just go to the top of it and click Update Option.


Keywords in the Post/Page Title

I assume you have known what is keywords and had some of them in your hand. If you have not done so, please go to How to find Best Keywords for SEO.

Now you have your keywords. Excellent! The next thing you want to do is putting your keywords in a post/page title everytime you create a new blog post or page. With this, you tell search engines clearly what is your post/page is about.

Two example here for a keyword : “How to Make Money Online”

1. How to Make Money Online

2. How to Make Money Online – FREE and Automated

The first example is just a plain keywords, whereas the second one is added with “eyes catching words”. Which one is better? I’d say the 2nd one. But it has nothing to do with ranking. It is just for your audience reference.

Below is an example for Post/Page Title will look like:

How To Make Money Online Without Any Investment - Google Search-min


Keywords in Meta Description

This is another important way to tell search engines of what your post/page is all about. Try to have your keywords in the first 145 words. Please make it as natural as humanly possible and also make it attractive as well. This will give you extra benefits from being clicked more often!

How To Make Money Online Without Any Investment-min


Keywords in Alt Text of an Image

Having an Alt Text in an image will tell search engines’ crawl robots about what is your image about. This is often neglected by most people. So now you can take advantage of it. It will help boost your SEO 🙂

Keywords at least one in Alt Text of an Image

As you can see, my keywords “how to make full time money online” is inserted in Alt Text.


Insert Internal Links

This is what search engines love the most especially Google. You need to have at least one internal link in your content. Can you spot an internal link in this page? Go ahead and find it. 

Have you found it? I hope so. Here is my internal link in this page:

Internal Link

IMPORTANT: Your internal link must be related to your words. In this case, I highlight the word “How to find Best Keywords for SEO” and link it to my other relevant page.


Social Sharing and Comment

Make sure you also have a social sharing plugin. This will help boosting your SEO. The more people share your content, the higher it will rank on search engines. One thing you can do as in the early stage, is to share your own content! Just share it on Google+, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. (Your priority is to Share on Google+ first, because Google will love you)

A quick video I did along with case studies:


(Bonus) Do Not Do This anymore!

I notice some people are still stuffing keywords in the Meta tags. Do NOT waste your time! It doesn’t affect your SEO on Google. If you’ve visited my internal link, you should have watched the video from Matt Cutts – Google Webmaster Engineer, where he talks about the unnecessary meta tags.

That’s all I have here, please share this if it helps and comment below as well. I’d love to hear from your thoughts about create a content :).

One more thing..

If you are keen to know more about writing a content for SEO and profit from it using the proper methods, I will recommend you Wealthy Affiliate platform for doing so. There are tons of training and live weekly webinars talking about creating content, get it ranked on Google, and make money from it.


Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate – My #1 Recommendation for Successful Online Business here!



Thank you for reading. Your friend,

Edy Chandra



How to Write a Content for SEO — 6 Comments

  1. Hey Edy,

    Those are some very good tips for ranking well in the search engines, I had known most of them before but the keyword in the alt tags of images seemed to have slipped through some how. I will be going back and making sure I do have them in or changing them.

    Thank you for that

    • I’m glad you find this helpful Marlon 🙂
      Sure you can go back and add your keywords in images Alt text, but make sure NOT to add too many within a post/page as it can be considered spamming by Crawl robots. This can be leveraged more using ( keywords + additional words ). Example: “How to Make Money Online using an image”, with additional words “using an image” in Alt Text, it will not be considered as spamming because you don’t have a repeat sentence.

    • Thanks Angus. I hope you can make full use of it 🙂
      Yes indeed that ranking is our source of traffic and this will equate to more opportunity to make money. Without proper SEO techniques, it is hard to rank on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  2. This was VERY helpful! I’m still new to SEO and the buttons and technical words are a bit overwhelming @_@
    Thank you for breaking this down so simply Edy!


    • You’re welcome Rabbit!
      I’m glad that it helps you out the simplest way possible 🙂
      Good luck to you in building a great SEO content.

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