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Learn How to Succeed with Affiliate Marketing and get yourself apart from the crowd! As for someone that know the power of Today’s technology, we can leverage this to become more financially free as an online marketer.

One thing that most people fail to realize is that online marketing can be done by anybody. Whether you are a student, employee, self-employed, businessman or just a home stayed mom. None of that matters! As long as we are passionate to eventually reach the point of financial freedom, we will do whatever it takes for that particular goal 🙂

how to succeed with affiliate marketing

Understand How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate Marketing simply means that promoting someone else’ product/service to the targeted audience and earn a commission when someone buy through your unique affiliate link.

A very simple example is Tony has a broken TV and wants a new one for his living room, he then heads to Google and search for a brand new LED TV that cost around $500.

After doing his research, he found an awesome TV from Amazon and decided to buy it. The company then ship the TV to Tony’s house.

Where do you come as an affiliate marketer comes in? It is when Tony visited a website that is owned by you. Before Tony bought from your site, you have registered for Amazon affiliate program and listing its product on your website with your own given unique link.

So when Tony bought that TV, you received a commission from Amazon! The percentage will be different from one product to another. If let say Amazon gave you 10%, you then will get $50 just for 1 sale. Imagine how many people around the world that wants to buy new TV online? You can easily make $500 a day just for 1 page of site promotion alone.

how bad do you want it for freedom

The Best Way to Succeed with Affiliate Marketing

There are tons of misconception and wrong approach to affiliate marketing. So don’t be shocked when you hear 9 out 10 online marketer has failed to achieve their financial freedom.

In order to promote an affiliate product/service successfully, we only need to follow the 4 big concepts that will never go wrong!


Concept #1: Choose Your Niche

A niche is an audience. What kind of audience you want to promote to? Is it about healthcare, weight loss, skin care, making money, motivation, travelling, clothing, gaming, ANYTHING!

One thing you MUST be aware of: Know your passion! What kind of things you like to talk about. You will never enjoy the journey moving forward if you choose something that you are not comfortable with.


Concept #2: Build A Website

This is the core of your online business. It is also the hardest part among all of the concepts. However, it is not impossible to build a successful website. It takes time and dedication. You don’t have to worry about this as I have a wonderful platform that I will recommend you to take a look for FREE.

Having a website is like a store for you to place everything in one place. This store is way cheaper than traditional store, which one of the reason most people are doing online marketing. It only cost you around $10/year. Not cheap? You’re CRAZY my friend!


Concept #3: Get Ranking & Visitors

Did I mention building website is the hardest part? It is because of the RANKING! Just think about it, there are tons of competitive websites that want the same opportunity as you. The beauty is, only few of them that are actually make it to the top. Why? Because most people use the wrong approach to rank on search engines.

Many affiliate marketer has given misleading information on how to improve ranking using SEO. This where they absolutely kill the chances of ranking. And some of them get ranked for a while, but banned from Google forever due to some malicious activities. So be sure to learn something from the trusted source!

If we use the proper techniques of ranking, we will get ranked on the 1st page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. As a result, our website will gain more exposure to worldwide audiences.


Concept #4: Earn Revenue and Scale Up

affiliate marketing moneyAfter having many visitors/traffic to our website, we will see some sales are happening and it will keep growing exponentially! Exciting feeling starts hitting your heart 🙂

As for the last concept, it is where your journey has been floating with some fun stuff. You will need to test your site conversion and change it if any improvements required. You can also do some advanced trainings here such as PPC, Adwords, Personal product and many more things to multiplied your revenue.

Some people try to jump off too fast. As a result they ended up overwhelmed.

Please DO IT SLOWLY! You will succeed eventually. Do Not rush yourself! I’ve seen many people move from one opportunity to another, simply because they want to get rich quick. It doesn’t exist nor it will work.

There are many scam artists out there that promise get rich quick scheme and improper methods to succeed in affiliate marketing. You mention them, I’ve heard them all!

Look no further!

Check Out My #1 Recommendation Platform for Proper Affiliate Marketing Training and Build a Successful Online Business Now!


Please share this if it helps and comment below for your thoughts. I’d be more than happy to connect with you 🙂

Your friend,

Edy Chandra


How to Succeed with Affiliate Marketing — 10 Comments

  1. This is a good post. AM is a new thing for me so as a novice i’ve been absorbing information from lots of sorces and this broke it down really well into simple terms.

    • Hello Chris,
      I’m glad that you can learn Affiliate Marketing the easy way within my site 🙂
      The process is quite simple and profound, however one should not underestimate the challange ahead!

  2. Personally, I think you offer some really valid advice! You have to actually attract visitors to ever make any kind of MONEY! Right? Affiliate links are a great way to rack in some dough, but you have to make an effort to actually have people keep coming back, ya know?
    Thanks for the great post!
    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • Absolutely Matt!
      No customer means no Business. I’m sure you have heard that term 🙂
      It is the matter of hard work, patient, and BAAM! Money will come by itself.

  3. great eye-opener about affiliate marketing! what a great opportunity for this kind of business. I’m interested and definitely need to learn more of this. Thanks!

    • Excellent Christian! Keep learning and implement all the method learnt from Affiliate Marketing. I’m sure that your result is around the corner!

    • Thanks Keye.
      The concpets of AM is not that difficult to follow. All you need is a platfrom that help you structure those steps and succeed eventually 🙂
      Having to join a community within a platfrom is on of the most valuable aspect in online business, so make sure to choose the best one out there. Well, I will recommend Wealthy Affiliate in this case!

  4. You are damn right edy, if anyone that is into Internet Marketing could follow the rudiments of Affiliate Marketing, they can go no wrong. Thanks for sharing this helpful post.

    • You’re welcome nnamdi. Affiliate Marketing is the fundamental of online marketing as it has low start up cost. BUT, it is NOT taught properly in CB Passive Income 3.0

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