Becoming aware on How to Succeed in an Online Business is critical. Most people do not understand the steps required for their profitable campaigns. So instead of making profits, they lose money and have no idea what have gone wrong. Here I am going to walk you through some key elements which I discovered from many successful entrepreneurs.

How to Succeed in an Online Business

Your Online Business Value

In order to build a successful online business, one must know the value of it. First of all, you must be confident that your product or service can solve people’s problems. To qualify from this measurement, you need to have prior experience. For example, you had Acne (Skin Problem) when you were young. Then what you can do, is offering valuable information on how to solve Acne breakout and reduce the scars left. This will build trust from your audience because they know that the owner had run through the same pain as they do.

I often see new business enthusiast follows the crowd and chase only profitable market. This can lead to failure if they are not careful, especially without prior experience. Whatever topic you jump into Online world CAN be lucrative as long as you know your value. What I would recommend is, choosing something that you really enjoy. It can be a passion or hobby. But again, any product that could relate into your past is excellent. By doing this way, it will trigger connection between you and your potential customers!


Reaching The Right Audience

the right audience to succeed in an online businessFocusing on the right audience is something that many business owners neglect. They keep thinking that the more the better. But you have to understand, quality wins over quantity!

It doesn’t matter how much people notice about the existence of your product. You want to reach prospects who understand the solution you have. I see some folks advertise their campaigns on a totally different audience. Although the visitors might take a look at it, but they will not convert into sales.

Take some time to perform a research on your potential customers. Here are some questions to ask yourself about the audience:

  • How they are going to find me?
  • What gender are they? Does it matter?
  • In what range of ages can my product work best?


Those three are handy for you to think about. If let’s say you are in video games niche, so Youtube would be the best platform to reach your audience. Perhaps you can do a quick video on how your creation can be played for fun. Just make sure to know where your potential customer are actively engaged online. Google is a great place for people to find solution for their problems.

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Be Genuine, Do NOT be Pushy!

It is tempting to blast all your product benefits on the potential customer’s face. But that is going to turn them off. People don’t like to be pushed. Just imagine yourself searching for information that suddenly someone run to you and hard selling their products. How do you feel about it? I am sure the answer is “unpleasant”. This applies to online business too! You have to be as transparent as possible in order to succeed with your product.

Subtle approach to get the attention of your prospects is a big key in the twenty first century. You want to build somewhat relationship that connects with your product. As I mentioned earlier, having related past experience would be perfect. People nowadays tend to believe their peers who suffered the same condition previously. Now, if you can incorporate this into your campaign, investing for Online Business would be a very successful career! What can be more rewarding other than making a lot of cash through internet and help people who had been in your shoes before? This is certainly simple, but yet require some effort and dedication.


Seek for Help – Find A mentor

ask for mentors to succeed in online businessTalking about effort and dedication, what make life easier is finding someone who know your pain. In this case, you have to seek for a mentor. And of course I am talking about a genuine mentor that never scam your hard earn money.

Believe me or not, there are programs out there which cost up to $35,000 just for their knowledge. That’s a huge investment! So you need to be careful on this. I personally have my own mentors who have over 25 years of Online Marketing experience combined. (You can find them in My #1 Recommendation Platform)

Getting help from people who walk back from the future is amazing to think about. They certainly know what kind of hurdles you will be facing, you can cut short the learning curves and mistakes. What a stupid move would be, is putting the puzzle by yourself. It might takes years to see positive ROI – Return On Investment on your online business. There is nothing more powerful than having someone who you trust, and point you in the path of success.

Another thing I want to mention about seeking for help is a community. This is another form of mentoring, but with large number of folks along with different level of understanding. They can also assist you in your campaign, and asking for opinion would be great to refine the overall product you own.


My Final Thoughts

You should really start thinking on how your product can solve people’s problems. Once you determine this, do some research to where your potential customers reside. Take some notes and ideas toward your online business campaigns. Also remember not to be pushy on the information given. Help first before you sell anything. And lastly, go get some trainings from trusted mentors. If you want me to recommend you, Wealthy Affiliate would be great!

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate are focusing on building a solid online business based on your passion. You can certainly network with them without spending a lot of money. There is a FREE membership available which you can give it a shot. Besides, the training, tool, and support are marvelous. I highly recommend it for anyone who are serious to succeed in online business for the long run.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the information here. Please do me a favor by sharing it, and comment below for you opinion. I would be more than happy to connect with you! 🙂



Your friend,

Edy Chandra


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How to Succeed in an Online Business – My Secret Exposed — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Edy,

    I couldn’t agree more with the contents of your article.
    If we are to do this, our efforts should come from the mindset of helping or offer some sort of benefit in order to reap the reward. In other words, offer value.

    Then the selling comes naturally.

    Thank you for this highly informative article. I will make sure to come back for more

    • Hi George,

      I am glad to provide insightful information for you. Going forward, we as an Online Marketer need to start focusing on the value first before money. What I notice most people have done wrong is the mindset they adopt. Every successful business always comes from the idea to help, reach, then rich. 🙂

      As for the selling part, you are right that this indeed will happen naturally. The best technique to maximize conversions is to build relationship with your audience, try to relate your personal experience on your product. Trust me, it can be very powerful. People now are more likely to spend their money on someone they trust! Not some faceless companies. To learn more about all this, Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect place!

  2. HI Edy

    Thank you for sharing how to success in an online business with my secret. That is great article. My brain was overflowing with ideas now.I also read your article how to escape having a job you hate fire the boss soon. I totally agree Edy, we need money to continue our life, but it is better to make money online that get salary every month. SO, go and fire your boss now. Thanks

    • Yes Christian!

      Having to slave for a job is not a solution. It is much better to own online businesses. We get to market to people all over the world with literally anything you are good at. This is a true milestone that one must not miss.

  3. Dear Ady,
    I would like to know how to proceed with internet trading. If you are in Singapore we could meet. When you reply I will give you my number

    • Hi Benny,
      I don’t do online trading. I used to in the past in a while, but found it hard.
      Now I am focusing on Internet Marketing. I can definitely help you with that.

  4. Hi, Edy.

    I liked the two parts when you talked about being genuine, not pushy and finding a mentor. It’s totally true because providing value and helping other people always leads to success, doing something with some kind of agenda in mind (making a sale without caring for the customer) will always send the readers aways from your blog. And having an excellent mentor can only help you move forward and expand your business.

    Great post. Keep up the good work.

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