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Do you want to start an online business with no inventory and generate passive income? I have the easiest solution for you within this post.  So please bear with me until the end as I am going to walk you through briefly on how it works!

how to start an online business with no inventory

Why Start An Online Business?

First let’s touch on your reason as to why online business is so important nowadays. Well I think the primary benefit of this milestone is the “affordability“. Anyone can take advantage of creating a strong presence using the internet. Whether it be a brand, product, or service. No matter what you are trying to promote, anything might turn into good money down the road!

And I encourage you to have solid motivation in this business because it will be challenging sometime. But anyway, since we are not dealing with an inventory, not really a big deal right? Yes of course, it will remove the heavy lifting for us. However, there are so much to learn. Here is just an overview to the overall system.


The 3 Steps to Start

You only need 3 steps to kickstart the business without an inventory. They are essential to implement so that you get the best results possible. Without further ado.. Here we go:

Step #1: Find / Create An Offer

You have two options. one is creating your virtual product which can be frustrating. OR you can find other people stuff to sell. There are actually many programs out there that give you the ability just to promote, and don’t worry about the shipping, customer support, and other technical issue. This is what we want! Wait.. the downside is that you get commissions instead of making 100% profit.

Let’s take Amazon Watches as an example:

start watches online business without inventory

Taking 15% Commission. The Pebble Steel Smartwatch can reward you $16 per sale. Then $2 + $22 for the second and third item. Of course there are more, I just took three to put it into perspective. So if you are able to sell them all just 1x, it would be in total of $40! Not bad.. By the way, all you have to do is getting unique links on each item, then get eyeballs to them. And the best place for insert your affiliate links would be in a website.


Step #2: Setup A Website

Having a website is critical in any online business. Within it, you can give information to your potential buyers and educate them about something. When they like your content, whatever product or service that you are promoting, can be successful. Bear that in mind.

Now assuming that you are passionate about watches. What you should do to attract people buying stuff from your unique link, is through high quality content. This simply means writing a post that give away information. You can also review any product available, and direct them to it. Just imagine your website as an online store for people to look on something that they might be interested.


Step #3: Generate Traffic

the right audience to succeed in an online businessTraffic means visitors. Without them, no business can survive. This is actually the main concern of your overall system. To get eyeballs into the offer is not easy. There are certain procedures need to be followed.

You can find many strategies to get traffic ranging from free to paid version. However, I highly recommend trying the free one first before putting your money in risk.

The free technique is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. This allows your content to get ranked on Google, Yahoo and Bing. So whenever someone type a certain keyword into the search bar, your website might show up. Thus they visit your site, read the content, and possibly buy anything that you are promoting inside. 🙂



Let’s recap what we have learnt from the three steps above. First, find an offer that maintain everything for you and left us just to promote through a unique link. Amazon can be a good starting point to open an online business. Simply type on Google “Amazon Affiliate Program” and you are ready to go!

Second, build a website to monetize the product. This is where you want to insert the link. The idea is to get people visit your site and make them click through the unique link. Once the purchase is made, you get the commission instantly.

Lastly. Get visitor to your website through creating content. Write things that help or educate your audience. They will automatically get indexed on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is the best long term strategy when it comes to traffic generation!


Do You Need Help?

There are many things to learn and implement. I suggest you to take a program that gives full training on setting up everything as well as teaching you the right method in building a successful online business. If you are not sure where to find, I have my #1 Recommendation platform. It has free-trial so you can see it yourself and decide to be a paid member or not. Anyway, you should read more in my review page.

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That’s all the information I have for you. I hope it is simple enough to understand. Starting an online business without inventory would be fantastic for you because more people are buying stuff through the internet. Wish you good luck and succeed eventually! One more thing, please share this post if it is helpful, and comment below for your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂



Your friend,

Edy Chandra




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