If you have been wondering How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business, then you are in the right place to learn. You might have heard something that is misleading and advanced out there, and trying to put the puzzle into one piece. Here I will be showing you the process from the start to higher level of online marketing. So bare with me. You will get the quick overview. It is SIMPLE!

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

The 5 Online Marketing Components

Before I explain to you about affiliate marketing business. Let’s understand the 5 critical components to be a professional online marketer. There are some others strategy as well like video marketing, local SEO, and so on. But I will give the most popular and simple ones. These five are listed from where you should focus first, to more broader medium. They MUST be in order! If you jump, you might get things overlapped.

I will quickly run through the 5 core online marketing components/strategies, and explain more details on the first one since you are looking where to start. Don’t worry, I will recommend you an excellent platform that covers everything here with step-by-step training. So, don’t miss it!


1. Building a Successful Website

This is where you should start. If you ask me WHY, the answer is “you will need to practice writing a series of quality content” and “Your website will be an asset once it has generated traffic“. What’s content? It is just a helpful information to your readers. Usually in the form of blogpost, page, or article. Now you are reading a quality content! Do you get that?

There are many reasons to building a website. It is like a skyscrapper foundation. If you don’t have this, your online business will fall hard when you reach a certain level. (I will discuss more about it below)

2. E-mail Marketing

email marketing componentWhen you master a website, you can easily shift to e-mail Marketing strategy. This strategy is simply collecting your audience emails and broadcast to all of them. Then, you have the chance to monetize any product/service. There are techniques to get high conversion sales doing this. And most of them are learnt in the first component.

3. PPC

Pay-per-Click also known as PPC is a mathematical strategy by putting Ads on search engines. It is basically to advertise your service/product for those who are searching it. This is more to a numbers game, where you aim to be profitable. You will be charged whenever someone click on your ads. This is an excellent source of income if you understand the first two components. 🙂

4. Social Media Marketing

Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram are a great source of traffic. This strategy, however, not that important in the beginning. You need to build them and they are mostly not in the buying state. Just think about it, what is in the people’s mind when they are in the social media platform?

5. Mobile Marketing

We shouldn’t underestimate Mobile Marketing now. There are over 50% searches done via mobile, and more interactions happening in it. People tend to get lazier nowadays, so this can be laveraged for your online business.


Starting Affiliate Marketing Business

The process to succeed in Affiliate Marketing business is really simple. All it takes is 4 steps to eventually make serious $$ in the long run. Check out the image below:

steps to make money online for teens

If you want to become a successful affiliate marketer, you should definitely start building a website and get as much traffic as possible by doing SEO. This simply means that you need to get your content ranked high on search engines like Google.

Once most of your content are ranked in the first page of Google, you will have the opportunity to get visitors. As the result, you can promote anything and earn revenue. Now if you think this is not easy, then you are WRONG! Tips for you:

  • You can create a website literally within minutes. (I have a step-by-step training video)
  • Writing is simply Communicating. (It is very important that you promote something you have a knowledge/experience about) – It can be anything really!
  • Getting your content ranked? I have a proven method to this(It also takes patient)
  • Being SUCCESS is really about learning and applying things out. (I will show you a perfect place)


My Recommendation

The information above is just a quick overview to the whole online marketing process. Now, you should not bother too much on them. Think like a baby. Start crawling, walking, and eventually running! Your main focus, is to build a successful website first!

I have a very good platform that is FREE for you to learn building your foundation correctly. It is called Wealthy Affiliate. This place has a very good video trainings and step-by-step affiliate marketing business plan. So you can’t go wrong.

Before giving you my full review about this awesome platform, please do me a favor by sharing my article if it helps, and comment below for your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you 🙂


Your friend,

Edy Chandra


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  1. Thanks a lot for this in dept post,i really want to start affiliate marketing business and see if it can help me quite my day job in the long run.

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