Learn How to Select Keyword for an Article or a blogpost here. I will show you the proper way to choose keywords for your online marketing campaign. This sometime, is ignored by many marketers, as the result they suffer from sale conversions. So make sure that you read until the end and understand the process alright.

How to Select Keyword for an Article

Keyword Selection for An Article

Before selecting your keywords and put it into an article or blogpost, you need to do a keyword research. It is very important that we come up with several ideas so that we can easily choose them. Previously, I have talked about Doing a Keyword Research where you use several mediums to get keyword ideas.

There are also few rules that you need to bare in mind for choosing a keyword. I would give you 4 rules here. They are given respectively step 1 to step 4 as follow:

  1. Does The Keyword Make Human Sense?
  2. How many monthly searches are there for this keyword?
  3. How many competitors we need to be aware of?
  4. Is this keyword worth targeting?


Those 4 are VITAL when it comes to keyword selection. Let’s talk about them in more details below.


1. Keywords That Make Human Sense

Sometime people, like to type weird keywords to search engines, but you as a professional online marketer. You should NOT target an improper keyword structure. This can cause confusion to the readers. And you are probably not getting as many clicks as a proper keyword does.

Now, let’s take a look at several keywords from Jaaxy. I have put the main keyword “how to lose weight drinking water” then it expands to other related keywords for me. We will focus on the given keyword. The goal here is to prove that improper keyword can give you wrong data in term of its monthly search volume and competitiors.

lose weight drinking water keyword selection


As you see above, the keyword “How to Lose Weight Drinking Water” has an average monthly searches of 2942, and there are currently 59 competitors (QSR). If you think this is proper keyword, then you are WRONG! Check out the proper one here:

the real competition of related keyword selection


Did you notice the difference here? Yes! The proper keyword is “How to Lose Weight by Drinking Water”. We missed out the word “by”. And now you can observe the AVG and QSR. They have changed! The monthly searches volume has dropped, and the real competitors is doubled!

How crazy is that? Imagine, if the competition is well above 300. But you don’t know it since you think the first keyword is proper. YOU will have a hard time ranking it! So, make sure to have a proper keyword. I know sometime it is not easy to do, but just be aware of this. As long as it makes sense to you after you pronounce it twice, then you are good to go.


2. Keyword Monthly Searches

At this second step to properly select a keyword for an article, you need to know how many people are searching for it. Normally, we want something above 50 monthly searches. Do NOT, I repeat do NOT get misled by the huge number of searches. Usually, those search terms are incredibly hard to rank for. It can take you years or not forever. I will talk more about this on the third step.

Let’s test your keyword lust here:

competitive keywords for an article

So the rule here, is above 50 monthly searches. But sometime, when there is a hot topic coming out and the tool indicates <10 monthly searches, you still can go for it. When a new hot product released, there are not many people searching it. You know what, in fact, the best action is to keep our eyes on new product and write content around it. Once it becomes viral, guess who in the first position? YOU!


3. Competitors Awareness

If you choose a keyword without knowing its real competition, then you are most likely NOT going to rank well. You need to be SMART! Don’t follow the crowd and target a highly competitive keyword. You will never rank on that search terms. EVER!

There are some measurements to how much competitors is too much. Ideally,  you want to target QSR below 300. If you just have a new website, I will suggest below 150. Once your website gets older and more autoritative, you can go for 150 – 300. Beyond that is super hard to rank.

select a low competition keyword


All of those keywords are awesome. Another way to see is by looking at the KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator). Green means great, Yellow means Okay, Red means Hard. Usually, long tail keywords have more green light, but short tail keywords are more competitive.

Let’s take a look at short-tail and medium-tail keywords below:

selecting short tail keywords for an article


4. Worth Targeting Keywords

If you follow the 3 steps above closely, then that keyword is definitely worth targeting! You will have a better chance to get ranked on search engines. It will take much lesser time, then those marketers who never do this research. I do have articles or blogposts that rank pratically overnight in the first page of Google. But there is another technique to do this.

Anyway, I used Jaaxy Keyword tool because it is awesome and has saved me tons of time. If you want, you can check out my review about it below.

Alright.That’s all I have for you on How to Select Keyword for an article or blogpost. Please share this information if it helps, and comment below for your opinion. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂


Your friend,

Edy Chandra


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How to Select Keyword for an Article — 8 Comments

  1. I use the Jaaxy tool myself and have been for years. I love it. But I don’t think I could explain it to others as well as you did. This training on how to select a keyword for an article was excellent. Great Job. ~Wendy

    • Hi Wendy,
      Glad to know that you have been using jaaxy for a long time. I am sure you love the tool so much, if otherwise you won’t be using it for years. Well, all I can say is, Jaaxy keyword tool makes everything efficient and effective.

  2. A really great article on the correct usage of jaaxy. I had to take a few minutes and make sure I’ve been using it correctly! You also brought up some great points to remember when choosing keywords worth targeting. Bookmarked!


    • Hello Marant,
      Selecting a proper keyword sometime can be neglected by many marketers. Little do they know, this is a big seed to big revenue or NO revenue in the future. One should really understand the importance of it, or else they will suffer from ranking.

  3. Wow, thanks for spelling this out for me so well. Keywords are so important and using the right tool helps a TON. I’m gonna check out Jaaxy, the others I’ve been using aren’t so great. Thanks man!

    • Hi Brian,
      Yes indeed. Keywords are vital toward our online marketing campaign. If you are not aware to the actual data, you can potentially harm the business going forward. This means that the real competition within a proper keyword could exceed above 300 which very hard to rank for!

  4. Hi Edy,
    Picking the right keyword for a post is important. If you select a keyword with too much competition your article will probably never be seen. Finding those low competition keywords, using Jaaxy, is really easy and your great article highlights the important things to look out for.
    Thanks, Peter

    • That’s absolutely right Peter!
      If we compete against too many sites that have authority, we have nearly zero chance to get ranked on search engines. The worst part of it? No revenue is made. So, it is critical to choose the right keyword for our article or blogpost!

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