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Learn How I Rank My Business on Google with simple step-by-step proven method. All you need to do is copy them and do the same for you own business. Whatever your product or service is, it always requires traffic(visitors). Without ranking well on Google, it is almost impossible to get any lead that might convert into sale. So, bare with me as I will show you the steps below to rise your business greatly on search engines!

How to Rank My Business on Google

If you find all of this new, don’t worry as I will give you one resource of a free fantastic training to all of this from zero. You can be completely newbie to online marketing world. It’s fine! You still can make use of my #1 recommendation platform at the bottom later. Okay, now lets talk about some basic first.


Google Ranking Strategy

The strategy that I am using to rank my business is called SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a FREE approach to obtain organic traffic on Google. There is another strategy called PPC(Pay-Per-Click) where you use Adwords and pay whenever someone click on your ads. We’re not talking about paid one here, so just to let you know that there is fast alternative to attain exposure. Anyway, let’s just focus on SEO – the free but takes time method.

how to attract more customers using seo servicesNow, the simplified meaning of Search Engine Optimization is “A technique to optimize your chance on getting ranked on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing” but you need a website to do this. If you haven’t had one, you can learn how to create a free website for business on my last article.


What Kills Your Google Ranking

Before jumping into the steps, I want to warn you that there are few things will kill you google ranking down the road. Being aware of them will definitely help you to achieve success in your online business. So here are the lists : 

  • Buying Backlinks. (Many people will try to sell you a service that sends backlinks to your website and improve its ranking. It used to work, but Google has ignored it moving forward because many people try to cheat on getting ranked) So, please do NOT buy any backlink!
  • Keywords stuffing. Do NOT write for a google robot where you repeat the same keywords all the time, just be natural in writing. At the end of the day, it is real HUMAN that reads your content. But there is a technique I will give you later which doesn’t cross this rule.
  • Being too lazy. Do NOT stop learning and applying the lessons learnt every single day. Many people quit too soon, little do they know that success is just fingertips away. STOP PROCASTINATING!


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STEPS to Successful Ranking on Google

Finally! Let me walk you through the steps on How you can Rank your Business on Google. I will try to give easy to understand words here, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed 🙂

steps to rank a business on google


As I mentioned before, you need a website to run your business online. It is like a virtual store if you wish. Now, whatever you are offering within your business, you have the ability to expose its awesome advantage globally. You can always visit my recommendation platform below to learn more about it.


Set up your website with SEO ready plugins. You also need to create few pages like about you or your company. Then contact page, privacy policy and few other features that your business have. Again, this training is all included within my recommended platform.


Start creating CONTENT! This means that you need to write a blogpost or article for your website in order to rank it on Google. Is it hard? NO! Writing is simply communicating, write as you talk 1-on-1 with your friend. No body wants to read a lame academic writing. People don’t like scientific writing, they prefer to read something that is personal.  (You can always outsource this once your business is running well. You can pay a virtual assistant to write for you. BUT, you need to understand the writing process by yourself first)

There are certain rules to writing such as where to insert the keyword properly, in post title, meta description and much more. You can read more in my previous page about 10 Simple and Effective Steps to Improve SEO Ranking.


Tracking and Analyzing. Once you ranked well on the first page of google and have traffic coming to your site, you can track them using Google Analytics Tool. This gives you the ability to know where your visitors are coming from. (From which country, are they using PC or mobile, and so on) Check Out my Google Analytics example image below:

google analytics for ranking a business

Step four is really about scaling up your business. You need to analyze the data and focus more on what is working and leave what don’t. Very important step toward your online business success.


My Recommendation to You

I know that is a lot of information to learn, it took me few weeks to understand all of them. Of course I don’t expect you to do the same just in one day. So I have this alternative solution for your business where you can learn and apply things easily within the comfort of home. Here I want you to give my #1 recommendation online marketing platform a try.

It is totally FREE without credit card required. Consider yourself lucky that this free-trial was not availabe in many places. Anyway, you can read my review and get to know more about this awesome platform. The link is given below, but please do me a favor by sharing this information if it helps, and comment below for your opinion. I’d love to connect with you 🙂


Your friend,

Edy Chandra


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How to Rank My Business on Google – Discover The Secret Now — 14 Comments

  1. hi Edy!
    I use Google Analytics for my site and I love it. It provides so many details about visitors. Yes someone can check it compulsively but I check it maybe 2 times a day. It seems like it has recently improved as it now provides you with day to day comparisons. Either way, it is a great tool! And I fully agree with language used in posts. Keep it casual, as though you are having a conversation with the reader. Otherwise, no one will read until the end….

    • Hi Emily,
      That’s right! Google Analytics is very useful in tracking visitors data. So, when the visitors is dropping that means there are something wrong within our content. Speaking about content, being personal is the best way to attract our audience. Well, it really depends on your niche. If you are in a serious business, the professionality is required. Anyway, just put yourself as your visitor will greatly help your online business moving forward 🙂

  2. I’ve been following your website for since I’ve first started in WA, I can really say I enjoy reading almost all of your posts 🙂

    Google ranking is indeed key to why we are working on our websites and you gave some really good information for people to understand it and how to get started with it!

    Keep up the good work! Cheers!

    • Hello Martin,
      I’m glad that you enjoy reading my posts here. Hope that you can pick up something to learn. As for Google ranking, the more you experiment with your site the better your knowledge would be when moving forward. This will keep increasing until you reach the point of knowing what works, and what doesn’t. Very powerful skill as for online marketer!

    • That’s right Melinda. Most online marketing platform don’t have free trial as what my #1 recommendation does!

  3. very well said man. I had no idea that buying backlinks is actually bad. Funny the things you learn when you read lol. Very well done on the post. Keep them coming 🙂


    • Hi AJ, buying backlinks will do almost nothing to help google ranking for your online business. It is just a waste of money and time. One story that I heard, a website is completely removed by Google due to poor backlinking where people try to fool Google. Now they feel its wrath. Better be safe than sorry 🙂

  4. Hello Edy, this is really what every website owner and those that want to become website owners should learn/know about. I did learn one or two things in your post, great job. Keep it coming man.

    • Hello Nnamdi,
      I am glad that you learn something new within my post. Hope you are having great time with your site rank lately 🙂

  5. I really enjoyed your article Ed! internet marketing is not complicated at all. the reality is that once you get started and you are surrounded by well informed people such as WA members, the process flows naturally!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Stefan, thanks for stopping by.

      Yes indeed Internet Marketing is not hard at all. You need some time to absorb the information and take action. The result will definitely be there. Glad that you have joined WA platform. It is by far the best Affiliate Marketing training that I have found. Cheers to your success my friend!

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