Learn How to Purchase a Domain Name with Namecheap step-by-step here. I’m also going to walk you through in a video tutorial and successfully own a domain. Now, if you don’t know the cost for a paid domain name, it’s around $11/year for .com suffix which is what I will suggest you to do. BUT it is up to you. Anyway, Let’s get into the business!


Why NameCheap?

Before giving you the steps, it is important to understand the advantage between different providers to own a domain name. The reason why I choose Namecheap over others like Godaddy, simply because Namecheap doesn’t have annoying ads and it is more protected in term of users login.

How to Purchase a Domain Name with Namecheap

By now you should already have few domain name ideas which can be elaborate later on. If you don’t have at least 3 ideas, please come up with them first before proceeding. Tips: Think of something that is easy to remember and no longer than 20 characters. Then write them down somewhere!

Below are the steps, and video at the end to show you how EASY it is to purchase a domain name 🙂 Please use the link provided here to help me make a future tutorial for you!



Go to >>www.Namecheap.com<< and enter your domain name idea. Example of mine: OnlineMarketingFuture

Then click on Search!

Online Marketing Future Domain Name


Choose which suffix or Top-Level-Domain (TLD) you want, and make sure it is available! Examples:

  • .com (recommended)
  • .org
  • .net

Next, click on the cart button, and then click on View Cart when done.

step 2 to purchase domain name


Set your payment preference (1 year) and improving site feature. I normally turn on auto renew because I will be using it more than a year. As for the WhoisGuard, I advice to turn it on too. This can protect your personal information from hackers or sellers that might spam your site. Then just click Confirm Order! As for the Coupon code, you can ignore it because the discount is very small.

purchase namecheap and domain name


Below are optional features that you can buy, but it is not that important as for now.

Add Namecheap’s award-winning hosting for $9.88

Web hosting from Namecheap costs less than a domain name. Add their Value Hosting package and get cPanel, WordPress and more on their secure hosting platform.
*First year is discounted, hosting renewals at $38.88/year

Secure your site with PositiveSSL for just $1.99 for the first year

It’s issued and setup in minutes and has 128/256 bit encryption level, 99.3% browser compatibility, FREE static Site Seal, $10,000 warranty.

Get 2 months FREE private email

Their private cloud is a secure, reliable, ad-free solution for all your email needs. Includes plenty of storage and spam protection. Try it free!

Build and host a mobile-friendly one page website for $39.95/year!

In an easy-to-use interface create a beautiful website with maps, e-commerce, custom forms, email newsletters and SEO, just to name a few.



Create your free account with Namecheap if you haven’t had one. Then do the payment via Credit Card or Paypal. DONE!!! Now you have owned your domain name 🙂




Here is My Video

Sorry for the sound quality, because I wasn’t using a microphone. Hope you understand.

A little Fix: You should turn ON AUTORENEW for both Domain Registration and Whoisguard by clicking on it 🙂

What’s Next?

If you buy a domain name, it is probably that you want to build a website. In order to do so, you need a web hosting. I’m talking about a good one that is reputable and has extra protection from malicious activities or bad hackers. Go to my page and read about How to Find Cheap Hosting Company.

There are few well-known hosting companies out there like Hosgator and BlueHost. But those two sometime have an issue as well. Their hosting packages are affordable, BUT the price does determine the quality. I myself won’t take the risk of getting hacked. Anyway, the choice is yours.

Okay. That’s all the steps to purchase a domain name with Namecheap. Please share this if it helps, and comment below for your opinion. I’d love to hear from you.


Your friend,

Edy Chandra



How to Purchase a Domain Name with Namecheap — 7 Comments

  1. hi Edy
    very clear and well presented info on how to purchase a domain name. The screenshots help the readers follow along and make things easier. It is not a complicated process but there are a few sites one can go to. So it is good to have you share your own experience and the pros and cons of different sites

    • Hello Emily,
      I’m glad that you found it clear and well presented. I tried my best to give easy step-by-step process on how to purchase a domain name with namecheap, so that beginners out there don’t feel confused. Anyway, thanks for your feedback here 🙂

  2. Hi,very nice post. You have gone through step by step with a clear picture of how to go about buying your domain. I was unsure when I bought my first domain. This will be definitely beneficial for those just starting out.

    • Hi Kumar,
      Sometime, the interface can be changed as well, so maybe it is the cause of you NOT remembering it 🙂
      I’m sure this will help for those for are just starting out. Anyway, thanks for visiting by!

  3. Nice tutorial. Previously I never try domain from Namecheap. I will must try in future if wish to establish a new blog. Thanks for the post dear one

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