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How to Promote Ebay ItemsThere are many people searching on “How to Promote Ebay Items”. Unfortunately people are often think it is going to be difficult to promote them. Well, not really! Just a little bit of knowledge and hands-on experience will make you expert on promoting Ebay items.

how to promote ebay items

4 Easy Steps to Promote Ebay Items


Choose the type of product(s) you want to promote! In this case, we can become E-bay affiliate marketer. We should choose the one that we think it is most wanted product or product we like to review. Ex : Hair Dryer, Books, Toys, and so on. It can be anything! We will earn a small percentage of the sales’ commissions depending on the products.



Build a website! A website is like a frenchise. You are representing Ebay, So You have to have one in order to promote any product from Ebay. Some people think that building a website is complicated. No its NOT.. ( Create a Website under 30 seconds )



Get Rankings & Visitors! After you have built your website, it is time to get ranking to be at least in the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo. But how? Here where most people fail to succeed. They follow the misleading method to rank on Google. They think they need to be a good writer or hire some experts to help them rank on Google. WRONG! My English is terrible. Here’s the secret, “Writing is simply Communicating“. You will love to write when you know the secret. Believe me my friend. One more thing is “keyword research”, you have to find low competition keyword in order to rank high. I personally using Keyword tool at WealthyAffiliate. It is a magnificent tool compare to google keyword research.



This is the best part. Earn Revenue! When you have chosen what you want to promote, have your website set up, and there are visitors going to your website. You will earn some money my friend. Imagine 1000 people visit your site monthly and 300 of them buy your products. Lets say you sell awesome hair-dryer for $160. And the comission is 10%. So you get $16 per sell. 300 x $16 = $4800/month! Impossible? Yes, if you just sit there and do nothing.


There we go, I just can show you a quick overview of how to promote e-bay items and what is possible. If you want to learn more about it, just create a free account with WealthyAffiliate. You will be taught by the founder Kyle&Carson on how to do so. No credit card required. If you are serious on how to build a full-time busines online, you can upgrade anytime to premium and there is no obligation. It is totally up to you. [ Create a FREE Account Now ]

Please comment below for a feedback, thank you for reading my post. Peace!

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