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Learn how to profit from a blog and make consistent passive income with it. You have probably had the idea of creating a brand new website or already having one. Well, it doesn’t matter! Here I am going to give you an overview toward promoting things for your visitors. So please bare with me until the very end alright. 🙂

How to Profit from a Blog

4 Ways to Profit from a Blog

There are currently 4 different ways you can earn money from your blog. But bare in mind, you should only choose one if you want to maximize your conversion. It is like a double-edge sword. So be sure to test which of the method that is more profitable for you. Okay, let’s see what they are:

1. Your own product or service.

2. Affiliate Program.

3. Banner Ads.

4. E-mail list.

I will give more details about each of them below. Now, as for a newbie, I assume that you haven’t had Online Marketing background which is completely fine! Trust me..the information won’t hurt your brain cells at all. I will be as gentle as possible.


1. Your Own Product or Service

profit from a blog your own serviceThis first method is for those who own an existence small business such as Dog Training, Piano Lessons, or even an e-book on How to dance with one leg. Basically everything that you can sell is perfect to tie into your blog!

Perhaps you have a private consultation session about self-improvement. You can then lead people into a specific page of your website, and call you.

There are also plugins that show your visitors of your small business location(Google Map in your Page), contact number, and services you provide. Ex: You have a small restaurant and your service is delivering fine dining locally. Then what you can do is, promoting your location for people to come and eat at the restaurant, OR you can ask your blog visitors to order some meal packages through your blog.

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2. Affiliate Program

If you don’t know what is Affiliate Program, it simply means promoting other people product or service. This might be the best option to do within a blog. I am personally doing it as well. Why? Because you do NOT need to purchase a product and store it. Also, you won’t run through headache of creating products. Just get your affiliate links from somewhere and tie it into your blog.

Here’s HOW it works. Let’s say that you are blogging about Watches. You then can become Amazon affiliate, and start promoting a plethora of branded Watches. The way you do this is by giving your opinion about a particular brand, and tell your visitors which one you recommend the most. This will lead to sales.

how to profit from a blog about watches

Assuming 10% commissions for a $450 Watch. So you will earn $45 on each person who bought from your affiliate link. 100 People buy from you in a month? You have already generated full-time income online. 🙂

Not enough with Watches? Let’s see a video about Shoes then:

That’s just an example. There are tons of things that you can talk about within your blog. My advice is, be consistent. You should know your audience! You don’t want to be promoting Bikinis for people who are searching for Watches right? So make sure to choose a specific topic for yourself.


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3. Banner Ads

banners to profit from a blogI am sure you have seen Banner Ads somewhere. Guess how much a blog owner gets once you click on it? Only few cents. But it depends on the advertiser. A classic example is Google Adwords.

So let’s say Mr. Bob pays $1 to Google for displaying his Ads on your blog, then you would get 0.68 dollar(68 cents) per click. That’s right..You get paid by Google to put relevant advertising on your page, 68% to be precise.

Do you know who is Mr. Bob? He’s an affiliate who sell Watches from Amazon as we talked earlier. So actually, you are helping Bob to make sales. Who is earning more money? I don’t know. But I personally would prefer becoming an affiliate rather than putting Banner Ads into my blog. To be honest, there is NO perfect formula. You should try out different things! Do a split-test if necessary.


4. E-mail List

Have you heard the term “Money is in the List“? This means collecting your visitors email address and promote things to them in the future! Again, your offer should be relevant to your list. Remember what we ran through about Bikinis and Watches? So, make sure NOT to blindly send the offer, or else it won’t convert into sales.

Capturing someone’s emails is not easy. You have to provide a FREE item for them in order to give up their email addresses. Usually it is in a form of E-book. Ex: Subscribe to read my Secret Book on Choosing the Best Watches. Or you can simply say, subscribe for my fresh daily blog about Watches. But, giving away a FREE e-book has proven to be more successful in capturing email addresses!

Once you get your list, you want to build a relationship with them. How? You can do this through Email Autoresponder. This service allows you to create a series of messages to your list. What I would suggest is sending 3 emails every week about your Watches insight. When the right time comes, you simply tie in an affiliate link to buy Watches. OR you can do a SWAP LIST with another bloggers that are talking about Watches as well. Either way, you can make money $$.


Which ONE is the Best then?

I don’t know. Different people have different results. Some are good at the 4th, some 1st, some the 2nd, or even 3rd. The only way to know which one suit you the most, is by testing it out. But as for me, I do the third one. The reason is because Affiliate Program has little steps and headache over others. Just get your affiliate link, tie into your blog and your are pretty much done!

which one is the best to have a profitable blog

If you go for placing your affiliate link, I’d recommend put it in the bottom. This way will help your readers understand your intention. Putting the link too early can be tempting, but just try to have it at the end, or in the middle, or even both. Test. Test. Test!


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Blogging involve a lot of things. If you do this alone without proper guidance and support, I am afraid that you will fail to have a profitable blog as most people do. But the good news is, I have found an excellent Online Marketing platform that teaches you everything to turn your blog into a full-time online business. The support is 24/7 available from many experience members.

Anyway, you can find out my TOP #1 Recommendation Platform to help you amplify your blog within my review page. Don’t worry, it has FREE trial as well. But before that, please share this information on How to Profit from a Blog, and comment below for your opinion. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂



Your friend,

Edy Chandra


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How to Profit from a Blog – 4 Cool Ways to Make Money — 7 Comments

  1. Edy,

    Thanks for this post on how to make money with a blog. I actually have a few small niche websites that I run.

    I currently collect emails and use affiliate marketing and banner ads to make money, but I don’t really make any money through my email list.

    I’ve thought about putting out my own product a few times and just haven’t got around to it.

    Do you know any good training systems that teach you how to create your own product and market it?

    I’ve never done it before and think I’d need some help!



    • Hi Brok,

      Maybe your email list is expecting different things from your offer, or you haven’t built warm relationship yet with them. But anyway, you can keep your list for future reference.

      As for Product Launching, I do have a platform to market your product, it’s called Product Launch Formula. I’m not sure for the pricing, you can check it out though. But I think Wealthy Affiliate has a training about regarding this. You can just type Product Development in the search bar. The training is created by Carson!

  2. Hi Edy,

    I foud this article about making money with a blog very informative. affiliate programs,selling products and banners ads are used by so many people. One should combine all the 3 for maximum benefits.

    In my opinion, email marketing is the best. One has to create a bond with potential customers so that thy may trust you. Believe me, as an affiliate, you can promote anything to them for a commission.


    • Hi Tony,
      Combining the three together sure can be very powerful. However, one should master one method first before jumping to another. I personally would focus on Affiliate Program in the beginning, and then I would go for creating my own products. We need to understand the process of making money ins and outs, soon enough things are predictable to scale up our businesses 🙂

  3. Hi Edy – Really good post with some very useful information on. Your absolutely right about one thing, there is no definitive way to make an income online. It is, as you say, a matter of finding what works for you.
    All 4 methods are profitable in their own right.
    I do however like the way you have tied every one together by using the same product all the way through
    Great job

    • Hi Mark,

      I am glad that you found my post is informative. It is true about finding what works for you best. We will never know the strentgh of our skills until we perform some split tests. I have seen people who make a lot of money from a blog. I also notice some are good at Youtube video. Either way, as long as you are comfortable with what you do, things are going to be profitable. Just follow the rule and monetize ethically!

      The power of internet has surpassed many difficulties in doing business. You can now reach global audience relatively easy and cheap. Heck, many online marketers have hit full-time mark solely on this industry, but only a few of them know how to build a profitable website. That’s why I highly recommend folks out there to find out my #1 recommendation for in-depth training, instant support and friendly community. By doing this , you will absorb case studies from people who succeed and refine from those who fail.

  4. Hello, Edy.

    Informative article. You’ve covered all the essential tools I can think of monetizing our websites. The first one I can think of putting some banners on the site, like AdSense or Chitika and as your start seeing a steady amount of traffic, an optin form is the best way to go. And of course, promoting affiliate products or your own products is where the real work begins.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    P.S. The pop-up form was bothering my reading experience because I couldn’t get rid of it to have a look at the rest of the article.


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