The answer on how to make money in Affiliate Marketing is simple but yet profound. One reason why most people fail is the misconception taught by fake gurus out there! You can make hundreds of thosand dollar in a week or millions in a month and so on. This kind of hook is what make people buy into a trash program that doesn’t work.

Here you will learn the very basic to what is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work. Starting from empty handed and zero experience to hero achievement! You also need to REMEMBER that success takes dedication and hard work. If anyone say otherwise, they are lying to you!

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Understanding The Meaning of Affiliate Marketing

People often time get confused of what Affiliate Marketing is. Below is the simplest definiton to explain for a newbie. It is really not a complicated term!

How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing

Now you know what is the meaning of Affiliate Marketing. However, there are still a simple question you want to know, which is “How to make money in Affiliate Marketing?”. The obvious answer is to start promoting the product to people and get a comission! Maybe you start changing your question to “How to get People to see the product?”. BAAAM! You’re a smart person!


How to Build An Affiliate Marketing Site

Many people use wrong approach when it comes to promoting an affiliate product. What they usually do is spamming on other famous people comments, forums, chat rooms, and other funky stuff. They think that by doing this method, there will be someone click on the their affiliate links. THERE IS NO WAY it will happen and become profitable! They are just wasting their time and energy.

The proven method to do an affiliate marketing is by having YOUR own website. It is like a store, your OWN store that you have full control of it. Now, building a website is not that difficult, you can quickly set it up within 10 minutes. When you have set it up, you are one step ahead than most people.

To be honest, there are many approaches to affiliate marketing, but building a website is the most fundamental one. As you get more experience and revenue using your own website, you can move to another advanced methods. But still, your site can be the main source of income and receive tons of organic traffic(visitors) via blogging and seo techniques. As a result, more opportunity of sales will be made!

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How to Grow an Affiliate Marketing Site

People like to overcomplicate things when it comes to growing a website. It doesn’t have to! The thing you need is only content within your site. That’s pretty much it. You need several pages in your site and posting an article regularly. By doing this, Google will get notified of your website presence. Now, if you provide a quality content(information) to your readers, you can get ranked on the 1st page of Google with specific keywords. When you get 1st rank, you will automatically get more exposure to people searching your product and it is equal to money opportunity!

What most newbies are scared of is writting content. There is a magic words that will change your perspective on this: Writing is simply Communicating“. When you are approached by your friend asking about something, how would you answer them? That’s how you write a content, which a solution for other people questions.


You have to choose an affiliate product that you will love to talk about. With this, you can easily create a new content within your site in a consistent basis. (You don’t want to talk about football when you like cooking and never watch a football match before)


Getting Ranked and Visitors = Money!

affiliate marketing moneyWhen you are constantly adding contents within your site, Google and other search engine will love you more and more. As the right time comes(you will never know it coming), your content is on the first page. And people who are searching for help or opinion will land on your site. They will read all your personal experience and knowledge about particular product.

Let’s say you are promoting a rise cooker. You give your audience things that you love about it and point them to your affiliate product. It can be from Walmart or Amazon product. Then, when they purchase from your unique link, you get a commission!

There are so much to talk about within this page. However, I will not leave you questioning tons of unimportant insight about Affiliate Marketing as it can be overwhelming.

I would recommend an absolutely free platform for you to try without any credit card required. There you will be learning step-by-step guide on how to create a successful affiliate marketing business. The tutorials are easy to understand and implement for a newbie.


Check out My #1 Recommendation Platform for Making Money in Affiliate Marketing here!


Feel free to share this information and comment below for your thoughts :). I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Your friend,

Edy Chandra


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  1. Well said.I will remember “Writing is simply Communicating” , it will help when I have writing blocking time.


    • Thanks Septiana 🙂
      Sometime wirting can be a daunting task.
      Just remember this words will help us keep moving forward.


  2. I like that, content is simple another word for being yourself, people want to see the person being the curtain not wizard representing the person. Just be you.

    • Hi Nathan,
      Be unique and be yourself..That’s the only way to attract your own audience with your own brand and style.
      I’m glad that you like it 🙂


  3. Hi Edy!
    Very easy to understand post.
    I agree that choosing something that you’re passionate about is very important.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome Sylvia!
      Yes indeed. We need to be comfortable building an online business. If without having the right choice of what to promote, it will be hard to keep moving forward simply because we don’t know much about it.
      Making money in affiliate marketing is not that difficult since there are tons of different audience we can target, and tons of diverse product/service we can promote within our websites 🙂

    • Hi Heather,
      Thanks for your feedback here. I appreciate it!
      Affiliate marketing is wonderful a way to earn passive income when it is built properly. 🙂

  4. Hi Edy,
    Superb many people try with Blogging but after sometime they leave because sometimes they won’t get ads and sometime no revenues even after doing very hard job, they must read this article so that they come to know Adsense ads are not the only way to get earned via blog, this is superb info, I admire.

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