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How to Make Money by Helping Others — 6 Comments

  1. You’re perfectly correct that ‘The more you give, the more you get’. However, I don’t know that there’s anything new in this concept. I think though that in the past businesses didn’t realise just how important of this side of the business was. Now they do.
    Yes, you are also right that building trust is the key here. If you help people, they will trust and like you more. If they like you and trust you – they will be more inclined to buy from you.

    • Hi Eoinmc,
      There is nothing more important than trust when doing any sort of business 🙂
      Perhaps, being natural with our attitude can attract our own unique audience.
      One should do is to keep helping others and being sincere. Success sure will come!

  2. Hi, Edy

    Awesome post on making money by helping others 🙂 I think once you discover how to help people earn an online income and love what you do, you not only become happy and satisfied, but you also find your purpose!

    Thanks for shring the steps, and this will benefit thousands of people. Neil

    • You’re welcome Neil.
      I personally love helping others and make things as a win-win situation.
      This holds true in the 21th centruy business. The more you give, the more you will recieve 🙂

  3. Dear Edy,

    I do have a passion for helping others. I like teaching others what I have learned and how they can built up from there. I also like offering suggestions and tips on how they can improve their content or layout of their websites. 🙂 As far as how your website is structured, it is very appealing, content pretty easy to grasp, and great use of images throughout. 🙂


    • Very awesome Angel.
      If you have a passion teaching others, you are assured to have online success.
      Now it’s all about helping folks out there and lead them to the right path. Be yourself and give more, then you shall receive 🙂
      As for my website, I’m glad that you find it appealing and easy to grasp. I will improve this in the future!

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