Learn the step-by-step guide on How to invest in Online Business based on your Passion. I personally had run through this process, and here you will discover my plan to create a successful home-based business from scratch. So please bare with me as I am going to give you interesting tips below!How to invest in Online Business based on YOUR Passion

Why Online Business?

The advanced technology Today is very powerful. Just think of the way we communicate without an internet connection. Sure it will be tough. Fortunately, as this interaction gets easier, we have the chance to reach global audience. And the best thing of all, having an online business is affordable compare to traditional one. It will not cost more than $50 per month to get started, how cool is that? I myself started it when I was still a college student, and I really wanted to be successful.

In order to succeed in online business, you have to understand your WHY! There is no point learning something that you don’t intend to stick on. But if you are just curious, then it’s fine. As you might already know that more and more people are buying stuff online, so capitalizing on this opportunity is a HUGE milestone for anybody. Sadly, there is a repetitive mistake I see newbie keeps making. This often leads to burnout.

Beginners always think that jumping into the online business world must be in a perfect Niche. They want a market that can potentially make good money but yet they don’t like it. Trust me..This kind of mindset will lead to failure. They stand no chance to build a sustainable business simply because the market are NOT their passionate topic.


Knowing your Passion is Important!

how to invest in online business by knowing your passionWhat I have learnt from people who achieve great success is that they LOVE doing the business! They give everything sincerely all by heart and focus on what they are good at.

This doesn’t mean that you have no ability. YOU DO HAVE VALUE! I remember that one day I paid for a short video presentation about the secret to be rich which cost $10. I was so excited to know it. And guess what is the video content?


It doesn’t matter how bad you think your capability on a specific topic, just spread your OWN voice to the universe. Let people know your story! It can be any topic ranging from Wealth, Health, Relationship, Gaming, or even a hobby.

As long as you know that there are a group of people(niche) in the world that share the same passion, you CAN start investing into an online business. Even if you teach people how to train a dog, it could be very successful too. Just make sure that you have prior experience on your chosen topic. This way you can share it to your visitors or clients.


My #1 Recommendation Platform Focus on Building an Online Business Out of Your Passion!


Your Action Plan

invest in online business action planOnce you understand your WHY, and know your passion, it’s time to write down an action plan. This is a tricky part of investing into online business.

One must know the cost and time investment required to stay in the right path. Knowing these two would help you prepare for the consequences if things go wrong in the future. But still, it won’t be doomsday. So don’t worry too much! 🙂


Cost Investment

As I have mentioned earlier, starting an online business by yourself would be affordable. I personally know this because I myself didn’t spend over $50/month to get started. Of course with the condition that you find the right platform. Warning: There are plenty of deceitful programs all over the web which cost thousands of dollars. I had been through one situation that someone tried to sell me hidden products up to $15,000.

Time Investment

If someone comes to you and say online business can be built within a month, then you are probably running into a scam. I often see people fall victim to this “get rich quick scheme”. Well, it doesn’t exist! A real business may take months or not years before it is off and running! It would always be better to set one full year expectation. Again, you need to do what you love. This will keep you sticking on the business!

I advice you to write down your plan. Just answer this two questions:

  • How much can I afford to spend in monthly basis? (for myself, $50/month)
  • How long do I expect to generate full-time passive income? (I personally aim for 2 years)


You should map out this on a notebook. Keep in mind that it is a real business based on your passion! Our main goal is to achieve freedom. There is no point making millions of dollars online but you hate what you’re doing. Besides, you hardly can start if choose not to follow your passion.


My Short Story

earn a living online from home obstacleI myself didn’t know what kind of niche I want to reside on. But I do know that I love helping people solving their problems only when they are ready to listen. I don’t bother to talk to someone that have negative mindset. I believe that everything comes from your belief to succeed first!

Guess what is my passion? It is a mixture of online marketing + motivation. Did I have a marketing background? NO! In fact, I hated business and assume that entrepreneurs are just a bunch of greedy people. But I was WRONG! I realize that my life would be stuck on a dead-end job if I don’t act toward financial freedom. That’s why I have chosen a new path investing on online business.


Invest into the Right Platfrom

Based on my experience, there are only two things that will lead to online success:

1. YOU

2. The right supportive Platform

You have to understand the process of online marketing. This will give you tremendous insight which then can be leveraged on your own or other people product. I had tasted many online business platforms out there but most of them are lame. Responsive support and easy-to-follow trainings are the key.

Here I have found My Top #1 Recommendation Platform that offer 24/7 Live Chat assistance, and lots of trainings about building an online business. Trust me, there is nothing worse than feeling stuck. Thus, I pick things carefully.

Anyway, there is a free-trial available within my #1 recommendation platform. You can learn more about it within my review page. The link is given below. But before that, please share this information on How to invest in Online Business , and comment below for your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂



Your friend,

Edy Chandra


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How to Invest in Online Business based on YOUR Passion — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Edy,

    You have outlined some very important points about online business and your post gives an accurate account of what to do when starting out. The right platform for training is obviously one of the most important things because you need to get the right information from the start.

    Your recommended platform is one that can definitely be described as getting the right information. Thanks for a detailed informative post.


    • Hi Rob,

      Choosing the right niche and platform is very critical when it comes to online business. Wrong move can lead to failure in the future. I have seen this over and over again where people reside on a bad program. I personally think that an excellent platform would provide step-by-step trainings and 24/7 support. This can be found in my #1 recommendation. 🙂 There is free-trial available as well, so I am glad to let people give it a shot!

  2. The internet is a great place to make an investment to start a business. It’s actually quite affordable and the return on the investment will come if a person stays committed to what they are doing.

    Like you said it does take time, but if you put a plan together and know your why it can be quite lucrative. There are so many people doing it today.

    • Hello Evie,

      You have the right point here! The return on investment sure would be rewarding as long as that person dedicated some time to work on the online business. Too often I see beginners quit when they see no result in their first month. What kind of business that can grow that fast if not a scam? Real internet-based career involve some effort and time which later can turn into FREEDOM.

  3. Greeting.

    This is really interesting and helpful blog especially for me. I’m just new in online marketing and things are still overwhelming but your blog is very clear and help which help me. You talk about Time Investment and many people give up so early because they just want to be rich over night, consistency is the key to success.

    I wish you best of luck. God bless you!

  4. Hi Edy,

    I’m from Montreal, Canada and basically I’m working on two (2) new opportunities:

    1) Jeunesse Global – where I do sells locally and I’m planning to extend my business on the binary compensation plan too.

    Great US based company, will be launched next year in Canada

    2) Keller Williams – I’m a real estate agent too and I’m planning to focus on recruitment only, since is a big opportunity to benefit the company’s profit sharing system.

    Biggest real estate agency in US, brand new in Canada

    Since you have a lot of experience on the on-line business and MLM fields..I would like to know, if Wealthyaffiliate is the right system for me, in order to develop two (2) websites for my oncoming businesses, generate leads and have a decent internet traffic.

    Or can you recommend me some other reliable system?

    For the moment I’m at my research step…

    Thank you in advance,

    Best regards

    • Hi Sergiu,
      Wealthy Affiliate is more towards Online Trainings. You can learn how to get leads organically through search engines by having a website. The website must consist some content in order to rank well and visible to your prospects.

      There are also some tutorials about paid traffic that WA covers. It is by far the most reliable platform for me personally.

  5. I have recently started my own website. I am filling it with quality posts that come straight from the heart. I have found that using my passion for my niche has greatly helped me. I have a multitude of ideas in my head about what to write and I can write quite freely. I do though have to research a bit but I can write quite easily. So yeah writing with passion is the best approach to use.

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