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How to Improve SEO Ranking – 10 Simple and Effective Steps — 14 Comments

  1. Great post Edy! You mentioned very crucial aspects that impact our website rankings. Especially, comments are very important because it’s the comments that give search engines a hint that our websites get engagement which gives some boost in rankings. I would also add one more point, such as adding a keyword to a title of your post and possibly to the first paragraph and then write naturally. And also a post should contain 1000 words at least to be able to rank well.

    • Thank you Rufat. Yes, comment engagement is one of the most important keys for improving seo ranking. This also applies to the targeted keywords for the post title and the first 150 words of the within our contents.

    • Thank you Alen. I will keep helping others to eventually succeed online. It will be great when seeing people are successful because of our little help 🙂

  2. I would say that these are really great tips on how to improve one SEO ranking. You spelled it out clearly with the relevant images. This article really helps in guiding me in the right direction of getting ranked. Also, save me time from googling around to find an efficient method to get SEO ranking. Thanks again Edy.

    • You’re welcome Azlan. I am happy that you can be benefited from my article about improving SEO ranking :). I get your point that some time we need to go back and forth gathering any information necessary from Google, and it takes tons of time. What is normally happened is that we get overwhelmed. So I just try my best to share the information as simple as possible. And thanks to a person called Jay, I actually learn this from him. He is a great man that teaches many internet marketing related skills for many folks out there.

  3. Thanks for this! Clear and to the point, keeping you focused and moving you from point to point. I’m going to save this to keep me on track for later.


    • Excellent Matt!
      Glad to know that you find it easy to follow 🙂
      By having these 10 simple and effective steps, you should move forward checking on them to improve your SEO ranking.
      Good luck and wish you succeed eventually!


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