Getting an idea sometime can be tricky. Here I will be sharing on how to get business name ideas that will hopefully put you in the right path to success. And since most of us run into the same issue, let’s solve it together!

have passion in your business name

Understanding Your Business Passion

First thing first before get a business name, is to know your interest! One of the most important thing you should know is YOUR knowledge in particular business. It can be making money online business, dressing business, gaming business, ANYthing that you are comfortable to do in the future! If you have no passion and determination to it, your business will fall hard.

To be honest, I don’t have much passion to what I’m doing, but I believe that it will be a successful business. This is enough to keep my business alive! You might have the same problem as I do, but I hope you’ve made your decision wisely :).

PPT - Potential Popular Trends

Define the PPT(Potential Popular Trends)

In order to get a great business name idea, we have to look at its PPT. Without it, our business cannot be optimized. Just list down what are your major purposes of the business itself. Is it for helping people to avoid scams? Is it tips for a pregnant women to take care of themselves?. Let’s assume these two are the most popular issue in today’ society.

You now can think of a solution to their problems with your business name. For example: Your Trusted Scams Alert or HealthyPregnancy. Something like that. Here is the trick: You must think the way your customers think! Are they feeling comfortable with your business name? Is it trustable?

As you can clearly see that the word Healthy in HealthyPregnancy, gives the comfort to pregnant women to buy your product. They will psychologically assume that your product is healthy for consumption.

Another Key indicator you can find from “Your Trusted Scam Alert” is the word Trusted. This also gives the trust to your customers that your service is reliable and can be trusted! With this sort of business name ideas, we could potentially get many customers and become popular compare to others. Now you have the great start ahead than most of your competitors. Excellent!

REMEMBER: When it comes to PPT, see it from the perspective of your future customers! (Is it comfortable?, can it be trusted?, or Is it okay to consume?)



Asking for Other’s Opinion

ask for other's opinionMost people neglect the great combination here! Do share your business name idea to your friends or family. Ask them what they think about it. Here is the trick again: sometime, great idea can be generated from their opinions. Little as you know this, but it is true!

Just tell them that you have several business name ideas. But before that, you should write them down on a note, let them see and ask for feedback. Some might say great ideas, some might give you a new idea to your business. Take it seriously and change if you agree with them.

If you are a Wealthy Affiliate member, you can simply create a discussion post and talk about it. I highly recommend this because most of WA members are experienced with diverse niches and unique knowedge. I’ve personally learnt lots of new things from them :). Really a #1 Supportive Online Business Community.


Final Decision and Action!

make decision and take actionThis shouldn’t take you weeks or months for a business name ideas. So don’t analyze too deep! It can stop you from taking action. The famous words is “Paralysis by Analysis”. Just do the steps above, you should get a name idea for your business easily. Be adviced that at the end of the day, it is your action that will determine your success within the business, not solely on decision.

Decision is just the foundation to your journey which contributes only 20%. Whereas Action will take 80% for your OWN business with your own BRAND! Be unique, be helpful, and be mindful.


Hope you can apply the method here to your business, and wish you luck taking the path to success! Please share this information to other folks, and don’t forget to comment below as well. I’d be happy to connect with you :).

Your friend,

Edy Chandra


How to Get Business Name Ideas — 8 Comments

  1. Oh man, I was looking all over the internet for an advice how to come up with a business name, and thanks to you, now I know what to do, thank you Edy.

    • Hi Lyubomir,
      I’m glad that you can get the idea for your business name with my article 🙂
      Let me know if you need any further assistance!

  2. Very good article with great advise and nicely lead to the Wealthy Affiliate review. Like the happy banner too. Thanks for the useful suggestions!


    • Hello Magus,
      Thanks for your thoughts here about my article.
      Hope this will benefit many others people who want to start getting their business name ideas.

  3. I like that expression PPT. Yeah, finding a good name that says something about the business is really cool, but it can be hard enough to come up with one at times.
    I used a name once that had absolutely zero to do with the business, but it had a nice ring to it and it sounded like a hedge fund name or one of those mercenary contract company names. Hmmm…what a combination.

    • I made up the PPT term 😛 but it sounds cool right?
      Anyway, getting a business idea is indeed not easy. All we can do is get inspiration around us and follow the rules as I stated above, then your business name should be fine.
      The most important thing is the value we provide to the customers, the name is just a brand. Whatever it is, if your service is good, there is no reason you are not going to be successful.

  4. It is one of the hardest things to come up with a good business name, but it will also be the most rewarding if you get it right. Good information, thanks for posting.

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