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Finding a good product to sell on your website can be challenging. Most people end up stuck while doing their research. And because of that, I am going to walk you through the easiest way to pick the best offer for yourself, then make a ton of money with it down the road. So please bear with me until the end.

How to Find A Product to Sell on My Website

3 Steps to Find An Excellent Product

In order to select the best product possible for your future promotion, you need to understand the 3 steps that I am about to show you.

These steps are very crucial in Affiliate Marketing world. If you make a wrong move, it means either you will earn little money or nothing at all. So please pay close attention to them below.


#1. Knowing your Audience

knowing your audience to sell a product on a websiteThe first thing about rule no.1 is asking yourself whether the audience buy stuff on a specific topic. For example weight loss. People do spend money regularly to find a solution to their problem which is cutting down the weight or fat.

This is called a proven market that can be profitable.

But wait.. Before chasing the profitable market itself, you must have some knowledge on that area too. If not, how you are going to tap into the audience mind right? It makes perfect sense. You cannot communicate with people who are playing football when the fact that you hate sports.

So the keys here are to have passion on a specific market, and knowing it is already proven to buy on a regular basis. Take your time to generate several ideas on what you are good at on a piece of paper. Then imagine whether you can leverage your current interest for a product selection.


#2. Irresistible Sales Page

Once you have several topic ideas that are profitable, it’s time to check on the sales page. There are tons of programs out there that have a lame monetization’s site. You don’t want to send traffic to this page because chances are, the conversion rate will be very low.

Assuming you spend $80 and send 100 targeted visitors to a low quality sales page. With the conversion of 2% of $27 product. You will only get $54 in return. This is a bad! You always want to get at least 5% conversion rate on a sales page. It will give positive return on investment. Which means profits.

Some affiliate networks do give you data on the average conversion rate. But if you can’t find it, it would be best to walk through the sales page yourself. See whether the offer have a strong magnet to pull your credit card and buy. If yes, then so will the traffic.:)


#3. Valuable & Profitable

After step 1 & 2 are done, you need to make sure that the offer you are promoting is valuable. Do NOT send your visitors to something that is unethical or potentially harmful. You might get into trouble.

Next, look at the service inside the product. Ask yourself is it a one time offer or monthly recurring? If you can find a membership type of promotion, go for it because the money can accumulate over time. Also, look at the funnel system, meaning that the site have multiple products after the first purchased at the front. See the example below!

how to tell if a business is a scam hidden upsells

This type of funnel can bring in more money instead of one time offer. Be sure to contact the product owner for his information. Who knows he has a killing back end system.


Where to Get One?

There are lots of Affiliate Networks that might consist of the best product to promote in your website. I would recommend to focus on the top 20. But 5 should be more than enough. Here “mthink” has the TOP 20 list. Simply go to either one of them, and search for your desired product. *Remember the 3 steps above!

find a product to promote in my website affiliate networks


A Training to Promote the Offer

When you have the product, it is time to promote the sales page to your audience. There are many ways to do this either free or paid method. If you are brand new, I would recommend doing free one because there is financial risk involve.

To get trainings on this matter, Wealthy Affiliate is the best place. You will get step-by-step video tutorials + 24/7 support, and much more. Here you can read My #1 Recommendation if you want some honest opinion from myself.


=> Proceed to My #1 Recommendation Review..


That’s all from me on how to find a good product to promote in your website. Please share the information if it is helpful, and comment below for your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂



Your friend,

Edy Chandra



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