Learning how to earn passive income online will be a great idea for anybody who wants to be financially free in the future. It takes time, but it is worth fighting for. Just think about it. Would you sacrifice your two years working hard and then live with its passive income for twenty years? The sane choice is YES.

how to make passive income online

People often think that getting rich quick is possible today, the reality it is just a bait to scam you and suck your money it and out. There are tons of the fake programs out there that promise you to generate passive income in a push of button. It does NOT exist and it will never will. So, here I will be giving you the legitimate method or process to build wealth in the long run!


What is Passive Income?

Before going to the process of making passive income online, we have to fully understand what it means and how it is going to benefit you. Here are what passive income can offer :

  1. Passive income will feed you even you are not working on it anymore!
  2. it can also be added up quickly.
  3. It is sustainable but takes time to grow.
  4. Pontentially makes your dream comes true.

Those four are the common advantages of having online passive income one should know. I hope you get the idea here. Now, how can we make these benefits come to our way?


Online Passive Income Opportunities

work required to do for making online passive incomeThere are many ways to build passive income ranging from easy to difficult level of work you are required to do. Some of them are:

  • Sell a Book or E-book Online
  • Build a website and Offer something within it.
  • Make a Video on Youtube
  • Create your Product and Promote it online (Toys, Clothes, anything that is physical)
  • MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) Company


Those 5 are the most popular opportunities all around the internet for passive income. Perhaps, one of the easiest one is sell a book or E-book online. BUT, you don’t have the fundamentals of writing good article. This can only be learnt by building a website and creating quality content. That way, you are more comfortable to write an excellent book and make money with it.

In this particular page, I will touch on building a website since it is the fundamental of all passive income. Trust me, it is the basic one and you can expand this easily when you get some success with it.


How Does Website Relate to Passive Income

disabled power to work at home jobsYou have probably familiar with a website nowadays as you visit them quite often to find information. Have you ever wondered how much they make passive income from it? Let me tell you that less than 20% are making good money. The rest don’t make a full time source of income. Why? Because they are not doing it right!

Build a website takes time and it can be very profitable. In most cases, at least $50-$150 a day. You might think that it is hard. NO, it just take patient, dedication and proper approach. It is doable for anybody. Most people make the mistake when they create a website with money mentality, not hobby or interest. You should have your own passion in daily life and blast it out on your website. By doing so, it will not affect your guts to give up easily.

To be perfectly open to you. I don’t quite enjoy writing, but it is fun sometime as it will pay off later and it will my friend!


How to Get Started?

Started your path to success now has never been easy than before. You can start a building a website for $0. The best of all, you can get all the training necessary from choosing the best keywords, writing a good blog post to ranking high on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

How to make money online for teensThat way, you can get as many organic traffic as you can. Imagine 1,000 daily visitors with just $1 promotion within your website. That’s $1,000/day with 100% conversion rate.

Although if it is just 10% you still get to earn $100/day and potentially full time passive income in a month. Remember, this will add so quickly and excite you to the sky! I’m NOT joking. There are many people have accomplished this with excellent training and proper guidance by the experts.

As I mention early, there are ocean of scams out there and steer you to the wrong path. I am here to help you with my top #1 Recommendation platform that is totally FREE to taste. You can learn many valuable lessons about building a website for $0 as for starter account.


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That’s all I have for learning how to earn passive income online. I will try to write more for the rest. By then, please share this if it is awesome and comment below as well. I’d love to hear from your opinion.

Your friend,

Edy Chandra



How to Earn Passive Income Online — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Edy,
    I really love the idea of passive income, it’s like doing the work once and getting paid time and time again for it! But there are so many scams out there its hard to decide. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

    • Hello Marant,
      So many folks out there including me have experienced fake programs that promise empty result. I really want to help as many others as possible to be on the right path of online success 🙂

  2. I dream of making a passive income online. I’m building a site and I want to sell eBooks. But getting traffic is the challenging part. Nice post.

    • Thank you Richard.

      Yes it can be challenging to get traffic, especially organic one. But if done right, this business can give you good passive income in the long run. 🙂

  3. yah i really thinks this is very good for people like ho are really in need. for example me am not a righter can you help on ebooks? and am not really good on computer i just wanna have a possive in come sie edy.. hope you can help

  4. Online income facilities are getting bigger day by day and therefore, most of the small business organizations are taking advantage of online income. Online marketers and online entrepreneurs are opening opportunities to earn more through online and this will definitely bring a revolutionary change in the online and e-commerce world. People are going digitally day by day and therefore entrepreneurs are getting a good advantage and create a suitable business in the online world.

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