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How to Do A Keyword Research — 4 Comments

  1. Great article Edy! It’s really extremely important to get an idea what to write about before you even write anything, or otherwise it could be a waste of time. Because before writing you need to do some research to know what people are searching for on the web and by doing so you can put your final work right in front of them through search engines. And the Jaaxy keyword research tool is really awesome tool because it was created specifically for newbies to make the process of keyword research faster and easier. With Jaaxy you can find the best keywords that drive the most traffic and have low QSR (competition metric), which is another extremely important metric to keep in mind before you even start writing anything. I always use Jaaxy and recommend it to anyone looking for a keyword research tool

    • Yes indeed Rufat, apparently you do enjoy using Jaaxy huh :).. But honestly, it is beyond words. Jaaxy can save us tons of time and search the targeted keywords effeciently. We can save our valuable time to focus on other things such as writing content, website bulding, getting more traffic and bring in more revenue!

  2. Great write up Edy! It is all about the quality content with excellent keywords throughout. I agree withyou and Rufat, Jaxxy is one of the best keyword tools out there. It has helped me immensely!Good tips on QSR.

    • Hello Titus,
      Yep, it will eventually come to quality content and excellent keywords choices.
      Great to know that you enjoy using Jaaxy too 🙂
      Over 100 monthly searches, below 300 QSR. Thats all it takes to get high ranked!

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