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How to Create Success OnlineSuccess is not given. It is Earned! This is the fact on how to create success online. I believe every single successful person in the world has earned what they deserve, because they worked on it. There are no such thing as easy money without putting an investment and effort. Before the information Age has risen, it is nearly impossible to be successful. Everything is manual. Lucky for Today’s technology, having a business online is much more affordable and achievable.

The Profound Formula to Succeed Online

The only story that you’ve heard so far for people who are successful online is an online marketer. Internet has a tremendous impact on the aspect of marketing now. The majority of markerters and non-marketers have chosen to immerse themselves from offline to online strategy. They used to prospect people at general public, chasing friends and family. Now, when internet marketing was born. Things really change dramatically.

There are many ways to become successful online. Well, they must be suitable for the ones who desire to learn about them. It can be Video Marketing for people who are comfortable in front of the video-roller, Blogging for those who love to write, E-mail Marketing for the ones who like to send love letters when they were young, Information Marketing for those who like to share knowledge to the world. And many more.


Is Online Marketing for Everyone ?

YES if you want to be financially free in the next decade! People are generally slaved for their bosses and building their wealth. Why dont you mind your own business? It is because we were taught so. We were taught to go to school, get good grades and secure a job, then live life by paycheck after paycheck. It is time to search a new resolution! Be your own boss. Thats why people are often search “how to make money online”. Because they believe there are ways to escape from the current situation or just simply want to have more money to be able to spend more time with families.


Things to Know in order to be Successful Online

  • Financial Intelligence. Be smart on every decision you make. There will always be risk in Online world. Set some amount of money that you can afford to invest. Remember, it is an investment. It will return, and multiplied perhaps.
  • Risk Management. Although there are risks, we have to reduce it as much as possible. Do not take high risk for something that is new to us! Go big when you have educated yourself. Some people invest thousands of dollar online without having a solid foundation. It is financial suicide. One out of ten made it, the rest failed. The best option is to learn with low investment first.
  • Time Management. Time is priceless. However, it is worth to spend time for our own success. Think it this way. Work 9-5 for 40 years OR additional 7-9 for 4 years. It is possible with 2 hours a day to commit minding our successful dreams. To become an online entrepreneur, at least 2 hours is required to be productive. Lets take 1 years to build the knowledge and entire system. The other 3 years will be piece of cake.
  • Mental Management. This is the hardest part to become successful either offline or online. In life, there will always be obstacles that hit your mentality. We are forced to give up our dreams. No it doesnt work. Well, nothing works if we just do the same thing over and over again. Patience is the key. Progress as it is required. However, we can change the method we approach when there is really no improvement. Set a time period to try one method, diversify if necessary. Ex: I will try do a blog. Okay I will try for 6 months. If there is still no sign of going on. I will switch to E-mail marketing or whatever I want.


That’s all basically the formula my friend. You need it before making a decision. It is VITAL! If you think you have what it takes to become successful, go ahead read my Best Online Marketing Strategy Post.

Thank you for reading my post. Feel free to share this post and drop a comment below. I hope you learn something here. All the best to your success!

Your Friend,

Edy Chandra


How to Create Success Online – Discover the Profound Formula — 6 Comments

  1. Great read. I really enjoyed it. I too believe success is earned not given to you. I like the of words on the old statement about respect.

  2. You touched upon very good points here. Time is priceless and if someone wants to be successful online and quit their boss they need to put in the work. Instead of working for someone else you can work for your own future, just spend 2,3 hours a day within 1 year and it will reward you.

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