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How to Create A Long Term Success Plan – 5 Simple Steps — 3 Comments

  1. Great article full of great information – I can relate deeply to all these steps you have covered here!
    For me, step 4 seems the most important ( although many will not agree with me! ). I find failure a perfect springboard to success as it gives me that boost to succeed a second time around!

    • Hi Chris,

      I actually agree with you! Failures do make us stronger. We can’t expect to succeed all the time with things we want to accomplish. But as long as we persevere, there will be a way to win. Depending on your end result, if the reward is bigger than the risk, I am sure it is worth fighting for. Just make sure to create a long term plan, and stick to it. 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for this information, its eaxactly what im looking for trying to make a online business is frustrating and sometimes disheartening.

    I need to find that long term motivator as simply wanting money isnt strong enough.

    so ive decided I am sick of making everyone else rich whilst i struggle to eat and that will never change it unless i change it.

    thank you so much for the long term success tips

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